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Building a “Future-Ready” Workforce
According to Baron’s, the population of the U.S. is growing faster than the workforce — this has occurred twice during the last century (1948–1967 and 1991–1999) and was accompanied by labor shortages both times. Today’s labor shortage is exacerbated by an education system that produces too few graduates with STEM skills. So, in order to fulfill their workforce needs, many companies are taking the initiative to upskill their own workforces. Among these is Siemens, which is taking a proactive approach to attracting and retaining top talent.
Companies need to not only upgrade their workforces but also upgrade their workplaces. They must build “future-ready” workplaces that are attractive to multiple generations of diverse workers and are located in places that provide a fulfilling lifestyle.

And those who think the workforce shortage will be helped by automation need to think again. Experts say robots and automation will actually create more jobs than they displace. According to a study from the Association for Advancing Automation, “As employers add automation technologies such as robots, job titles and tasks are changing, but the number of jobs continues to rise.” For those workers with the right skills, automation is good news.

Workforce Automation: Scary Threat or Major Opportunity?

Steve Kaelble Steve Kaelble, Staff Editor, Area Development

Despite dire predictions that robots and automation will displace workers, studies predict automation and robotics will actually create more — but different — jobs than they displace.

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Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in the New Normal

Mike Brown Mike Brown, Vice President, Talent Acquisition for the Americas Region, Siemens

Siemens has taken a new proactive approach to fulfilling its labor force needs with revamped recruiting, onboarding, retention, and training programs.

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Florida has the talent for your business

The only thing as impressive as our current workforce of more than 10 million in Florida, is our future one. Our colleges and universities are among the nation’s top performers for R&D and commercialization of technologies. So while we’re helping you succeed with today's talent, we're also preparing tomorrow’s.

Discover what a future in Florida means for your business…

What Is the Future of Work?

Cheryl CranCheryl Cran, Founder, NextMapping

As they look to the future, today’s HR leaders need to quickly adjust to change and technological innovation in the 21st century. In this interview, Cheryl Cran, a “future of work expert,” discusses why companies must build “future-ready” workplaces that are attractive to multiple generations of diverse workers. They also need to locate these workplaces in dynamic communities that will provide the workforce with a fulfilling lifestyle.

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