April 11th, 2019
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The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution - Deloitte Insights

Industry 4.0 holds the promise of a new era of globalization. Yet while our latest survey identifies companies successfully implementing Industry 4.0 technologies, many senior executives remain less prepared than they think they are. More »

Want Big Changes in Rural Policy? Start Working Now - The Aspen Institute

Now that the 2018 farm bill is the law of the land, the US Department of Agriculture has turned its attention to implementation and program delivery. Between now and when the farm bill is up for re-authorization again in 2023, it’s up to the civic, philanthropic and private sectors to develop a smarter, modern policy framework that aligns with 21st Century rural realities. More »

Newsletter Sponsor: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation


Wisconsin’s ideal business climate is the result of many forces: a prime location, a balanced budget, investments in education and training, a strong work ethic and a focus on research and development. And, as a right-to-work state with a fully-funded pension program, ambitious companies who open shop in our state are primed to prosper.

See Why Business is Better in Wisconsin…

How faster deliveries could open the door to on-demand warehousing - JLL Real Views

As the pressure mounts on retailers and logistics companies to meet ever-faster delivery times, the idea of on-demand space within warehouses is gaining traction. More »

Transatlantic business: Germany and USA need to remain attractive locations - Roland Berger

Germany and the USA are strong trading partners. If this is to remain the case, both countries need to start working more closely to create the basis for continued future growth. More »

Help Wanted: New Training Partnerships Give GE Aviation Access To Skilled Welders - GE Reports

At the Greene County Career Center in southwestern Ohio’s Xenia Township, 650 high school students spend half their day in the classroom, learning traditional subjects like math, English, and social studies. The other half of the day, though, is what gets them most excited. More »

CEOs Focusing On Supply Chain Optimization In 2019 - ChiefExecutive.net

The big question CEOs need to answer in the new year will be, “Is your supply chain ready for what lies ahead?” Without adequate supply chain optimization, two problems will result: You will not be able to take advantage of new growth opportunities due to an inability to fulfill orders and deliver on customer expectations and you will not be able to adequately address new challenges and unexpected disruptions that may be on the horizon. More »

Is the continued rise of older Americans in the workforce necessary for future growth? - Brookings

Labor force participation is rising for older workers in the U.S.; therefore, while it is tempting to focus  on prime-age workers to gauge the economy’s health to avoid demographic effects, doing so misses important shifts amongst those over 54 years old.  More »

What is an office for? - strategy+business

The rise of remote working is making companies more focused on the spaces they create to bring people together. More »

How America Can Still Win The Battle For 5G - by Arthur Herman

The news of the last month has not been good for America’s prospects for leading the future of telecommunications. More »

Three Companies Making Construction and Building Operations Smarter and More Efficient - Urban Land Magazine

Like other business sectors, innovative technology is having a disruptive impact on building construction, operations, and management. More »

Why Urban Fulfillment Centers? Adapting Retail Supply Chains - Deloitte US

Some call it the “Amazon Effect.” Others attribute it to the e-commerce mind-set of “See now. Buy now. How fast can I get it?” Still others see it as an extension of the connected consumer’s need for 24/7 engagement. More »

After Amazon: How Cities Can Use Technology Companies to Their Advantage - US News

Technology poses challenges for cities, but it’s here to stay. Here’s how cities can use it to their advantage. More »

Rust Belt Factory Redevelopment - The Real Deal

Post-industrial towns are turning to the risky financing mechanism to help jump-start their economies More »

One Trump Victory: Companies Rethink China - The New York Times

The trade war is nearing a possible truce, but global companies are nevertheless moving to reduce their dependence on Chinese factories to make the world’s goods. More »

Closing the border with Mexico could bring the auto industry to a halt, experts say - NBC News

Roughly 37 percent of the imported parts used on U.S.-made vehicles are imported from Mexico. More »

The most expensive megaprojects ever - MSN

From the Great Wall to the US interstate system: The most expensive megaprojects ever. More »

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