September 6th, 2019
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A strategist’s guide to upskilling - strategy+business

Companies and local governments can unlock opportunity by working together to raise the quality of talent. More »

America’s future of work - McKinsey

As intelligent machines enter the workplace, some occupations are shrinking. At the same time, the economy is generating new jobs—although they may be different occupations in different locations. What does the future of work hold for places and people across the United States? More »

The challenge: creating a better future of work -

Many fear that artificial intelligence and robots will take over factory floors, warehouses and even white-collar offices, laying waste to millions of low-skill jobs, herding workers into never-ending “upskilling” courses or gig jobs with no benefits. But these negative effects of automation are not inevitable. More »

Fed’s Beige Book Reports Modest Growth Despite Trade Uncertainty - WSJ

Economic activity and employment appeared to grow at a modest pace in August and late July More »

Why Netflix’s 'American Factory' Has China Talking - Bloomberg

“American Factory,” a new Netflix Inc. documentary about a Chinese-owned factory in Ohio isn’t being screened in China. But hundreds of thousands of people have seen it anyway, sparking a debate that delves into the relationship between the world’s two largest economies. More »

Why Many U.S. Companies Have Kept Production In China And Have No Plans Of Moving - NPR

With more tariffs looming in the U.S.-China trade war, American companies are growing more pessimistic about the outlook for doing business in China. But 87% of U.S. firms with operations in China say they still haven't moved production to another country, and they have no plans to do so. That's according to a new survey from the U.S.-China Business Council. To find out why most plan to stay put, we've called up Jay Foreman. He's the CEO of Basic Fun. It's the toy company that makes K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, Cutetitos and Pound Puppies. More »

Where is ‘the Midwest’? Here’s What You Told Us. - CityLab

We surveyed more than 12,000 people (and counting) about the most contentious border question in the U.S. to reveal the true geography of America’s midsection. More »

Robotics in the Warehouse: Changing the Fulfillment Paradigm - Logistics Management

As barriers to entry continue to drop, innovation accelerates, and labor gets harder and harder to come by, the number of warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) deploying robotics is climbing to new heights. More »

Despite Robophobia, Robotics Have Positively Impacted Warehouses - Supply Chain 24/7

The use of robotics in warehousing, manufacturing and other sectors is increasing. Some countries, such as Japan, have long embraced robotics for a variety of uses. At the same time, there has also been a rise in “robophobia,” brought on by science fiction writers and filmmakers. More »

Trump prods GM over jobs, plants in China - Automotive News

President Donald Trump, who is engaged in a trade war with Beijing, said on Friday that the largest U.S. automaker, General Motors Co, should begin moving its operations back to the United States. More »

Parts of America may already be facing recession - The Economist

Even if America avoids a recession, the present slowdown may prove politically consequential. Weakness in some sectors, like retail, is spread fairly evenly across the country. More »

How Amazon’s Shipping Empire Is Challenging UPS and FedEx - WSJ

The e-commerce giant has blanketed the U.S. with warehouses and package-sorting centers, flooded the streets with vans and taken to the sky. More »

Location, Location, Location: 7 Site Factors to Consider for a New Industrial Food Production Facility - Stellar Food for Thought

There are a lot of variables in play when building a new industrial food plant, and site selection is one of the most important decisions you’ll make — so there are several things to keep in mind. More »

Best Buy revs up supply chain ahead of the holiday season - CNBC

Best Buy has three new metro e-commerce centers up and running ahead of the 2019 holiday season. More »

China Finally Snuffs Out a Beacon of Liberal Thought and Democracy - WSJ

Beijing’s Unirule Institute, founded to promote economic liberalization and democracy, set to shut down after a quarter-century, citing government pressure. More »

No sign of slowing down – Warehousing – CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly

As real estate prices continue to climb, warehouse and logistics managers must keep a close eye on comparative costs as well as new market challenges. More »

Manufacturing Employees Still Not Getting Trained - IndustryWeek

A new study finds that 81% of employees believe training makes them feel more engaged at work. More »

Ideas for Pennsylvania Innovation: Examining efforts by competitor states and national leaders - Brookings

Innovation, long a source of economic growth and prosperity for the most successful states, has only grown more important in this era of divergent outcomes and rapid technological change. As such, it is critical for jumpstarting state economies. How this is playing out in Pennsylvania—and what other states are doing to jumpstart innovation—bears a close look now as the nation seeks to accelerate its recently slow productivity growth. More »

Port of Long Beach will study automation's impact on city - FreightWaves

Concern about the “future of work” at ports has sparked several pieces of legislation and studies in California. More »

The Aging of the Manufacturing Workforce: Challenges and Best Practices - Manufacturing Institute

The skills gap and the need to attract and retain a skilled workforce continues to be the number one concern facing manufacturers in the U.S. More »

In drive to increase manufacturing workforce, Sikorsky and Teamsters partner to reach high school students - Hartford Courant

With demand soaring for qualified manufacturing workers in Connecticut, Sikorsky Aircraft and the Teamsters union are ratcheting up an 18-year partnership to train the next generation of aerospace employees, reaching beyond community colleges and vocational schools into high schools. More »

US companies reduce spending in face of growth fears - Financial Times

US companies are watering down their spending plans as the threat of slowing global growth and the trade war sap business confidence. More »

The catalytic co-investor: How Siemens US keeps R&D alive - strategy+business

Barbara Humpton, US CEO of one of the largest and oldest engineering firms in the world, talks about continuous innovation, the future of AI, and the societal aspects of technology. More »

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