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Critical drivers of the innovation economy
According to a recent report from McKinsey & Company, almost 40 percent of American employers say they cannot find people with the skills they need. Almost 60 percent complain of lack of preparation, even for entry-level jobs.
However, the skills gap takes many different forms — from those just entering the workforce to those in mid-career whose jobs have been eliminated or changed to require more advanced skills. Some companies are stepping up their efforts to “re-skill” their workforces — among them is AT&T. Some 140,000 people at the telecommunications firm are currently retraining through online, certification, and degree programs.
Apprenticeship programs are another vehicle being used for advancing workforce skills, as well as for passing the knowledge of baby-boomers who are retiring onto younger employees who will need to replace them. The apprentice/mentor model allows for a direct transfer of knowledge.
Needless to say, companies have always seen universities as a source of talented workers possessing advanced skills, but now they are also increasingly benefiting from gaining access to university research needed to address specific challenges and improve the company’s business. Specifically, companies are locating in university “innovation zones,” often focused on specific industry sectors. Collaborations between companies and universities have become critical drivers of the innovation economy.

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