January 10th, 2019
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The future of work still requires people - so stop investing in them at your own peril - MIT Technology Review

Automation may cast a dark shadow over low-skill workers, but a new report suggests there’s still hope for humans. More »

The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy - The New York Times

There are 60 million people, almost one in five Americans, living on farms, in hamlets and in small towns across the landscape. For the last quarter century the story of these places has been one of relentless economic decline. More »

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Robots Aren't Yet Killing Off All Our Jobs, World Bank Says - IndustryWeek

The rise of automation has so far had a negligible impact on jobs at a global scale. More »

‘Pay to Move’ Attracts People, Not Employers - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts

For decades, cities and states have tried to create jobs and boost their economies by luring out-of-state employers. Now some areas are trying to attract workers — one worker at a time. More »

Opportunity Industries - Brookings

Exploring the industries that concentrate good and promising jobs in metropolitan America More »

On-Demand Warehouse Space Gains Traction in Tight Real-Estate Market - WSJ

Retailers are turning to ‘pop-up’ warehouses and short-term leases to get more nimble in volatile, uncertain markets. More »

Canada and 5 other nations pull trigger on world’s biggest trade deal — leaving America out in the cold - Financial Post

The world's most radical trade pact has come into force across the Pacific as the U.S. sulks on the sidelines. More »

America's Oil And Gas Reserves Double With Massive New Permian Discovery - Forbes

Nearly one third of the United States’ crude already comes from the Permian, making it the largest shale-oil producing region in the country. More »

Musk, GM weigh fate of Ohio plant Trump wants saved - Reuters

Musk suggested in a Twitter exchange with outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich that he would consider acquiring GM’s Lordstown small-car factory in Warren, Ohio, which GM has signaled it could close next year. More »

Richmond Fed Factory Gauge Falls Most Ever as Shipments Drop - Bloomberg

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s manufacturing gauge fell by a record as shipments and new orders weakened, the fourth district bank factory index to drop this month and the latest evidence that President Donald Trump’s trade war is becoming a greater headwind for U.S. producers. More »

Factory town no more - kenoshanews.com

It’s no surprise that the number of people working in manufacturing in Kenosha County has declined since the closing of the Chrysler Assembly Plant in 1988. Nationally, the manufacturing workforce has declined over the last three decades as some factories moved to lower-cost countries while those production facilities that remained becoming increasingly automated, employing fewer workers. More »

How Manufacturers Will Tackle the Talent Shortage in 2019 - IndustryWeek

The lack of workers is one of manufacturing's most dire situations. The good news is 2019 will be a year the industry attacks it head on. More »

Data Center Geography: What Are the Hot Markets in 2019? - Data Center Frontier

Location has always been the number one criteria for data center buyers, but the nature of this requirement is changing. More »

‘A dirty deal’: wave of Siemens plant closures hits latest victims in the US - The Guardian

Despite Trump’s promises to halt the trend, 125 people will lose their jobs at an Iowa plant, in addition to other closures and offshoring Siemens announced earlier this year More »

5 Questions We Should Be Asking About Automation and Jobs - HBR

We simply don’t know for sure whether automation, algorithms, and AI will ultimately create more jobs than they destroy. Opinions are all over the map. More »

The Mystery of Pittsburgh: How Some Shrinking Cities Are Thriving in the New Economy - The Pew Charitable Trusts

Fewer people are living in Pittsburgh — 95,000 fewer than in 2000. But the remaining residents are growing wealthier even as the Steel City shrinks: Income per capita is up 24 percent during the same period. More »

The savviest will succeed in potential pause year for industrial real estate - JLL

Slowing economy in 2019 means new opportunities—but only for the street-smart armed with the right data; Record-low unemployment and labor shortages are keeping many companies from adding capacity to support further growth. More »

Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley - MIT Technology Review

Shenzhen flooded the world with cheap gadgets. Can it now become what Silicon Valley never did—a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing? More »

Food manufacturing is hungry for workers - Food Dive

As today's job seekers look for an integrative culture and benefits like education, the once-stable industry is struggling to find people and keep them from leaving. More »

Apple Computers Used to Be Built in the U.S. It Was a Mess. - The New York Times

After Apple announced a large new campus in Austin, Tex. — creating as many as 15,000 jobs, none of them expected to be manufacturing — it’s worth looking at the company’s flirtation with advanced manufacturing in Silicon Valley in the 1980s. More »

The future of work in manufacturing - Deloitte Insights

Job rules and the nature of work are changing in what’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We examine what future manufacturing jobs will be like in the digital era. More »

Nashville’s Star Rises as Midsize Cities Break Into Winners and Losers - The New York Times

Nashville and others are thriving thanks to a mix of luck, astute political choices and well-timed investments, while cities like Birmingham, Ala., fall behind. More »

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