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A Strategic Approach to FDI in the United States
The total stock of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States is valued at $4 trillion, which is the single largest amount in the world for any nation. When it comes to innovation, the U.S. is also ranked first on the Global Entrepreneurship Index and is a recognized leader in R&D. It’s no wonder then that FDI in the U.S. remains unrivaled, according to the SelectUSA team at the Commerce Department.

Of course, when choosing a U.S. location for a new or expanded operation, challenges will occur, but these can be mitigated with the right strategy and the help of state and local economic development organizations. When choosing the property and connecting to utilities, recruiting the workforce, weighing state and local taxes, and complying with regulations, a strong relationship with the local EDO will be of help.

Hiring a team for legal and technical support also helps in making a U.S. FDI decision. For example, technical experts can assist with site development and construction-related matters, and legal experts with real estate issues, determining the form of corporate entity, and incentive-commitment related issues.

The U.S. is currently enjoying the second-longest economic expansion on record, which makes it an ideal time for foreign direct investment. Foreign investors who take the necessary planning steps and seek out help when needed will find the right U.S. location in which to establish a successful operation.

Making a Well-Informed U.S. Location Decision

Scott Kupperman Scott Kupperman, Founder, Kupperman Location Solutions

By properly defining their search and taking advantage of expert help, food and beverage companies can make a well-informed U.S. location decision.

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Six weeks, 1400 new jobs, $285M capital investment

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, AEDC and company officials announced some $285M capital investment, 1400 new jobs in the span of six weeks this spring. Some projects were years in the making, some merely months.

See why more companies across all kinds of industries are choosing to call Arkansas home…

FDI in the USA Remains Unrivaled


Companies choosing to invest in the United States are selecting a market powered by innovation with a diverse, highly skilled workforce and globally renowned educational and research institutions.

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A Site Selector’s Checklist for Locating in the U.S.

Dan Levine Dan Levine, Practice Leader, Location Strategies and Economic Development, Oxford Economics, Inc.

From choosing a property to recruiting workers to navigating tax and regulatory considerations, challenges will occur — but with the right strategy and the help of an EDO, they can be mitigated.

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