January 23rd, 2019
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Developers Woo Retail Tenants With Tallest-Ever Warehouses - WSJ

To bring tenants closer to urban consumers, developers in New York, North Carolina and Wisconsin are building four-story warehouses. More »

What distribution centers can learn from high-end offices - JLL

Identifying markets with stronger labor pools, as well as how to attract and retain skilled employees, is what’s keeping supply chain professionals “up at night” these days. More »

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Richmond, Virginia: A Top Destination for Middle-Office Relocation

Companies are moving their mid-level professional jobs to less expensive locations that still provide a talented workforce pipeline and an attractive quality of life.

Learn why Greater Richmond, VA is a top-ranked destination for middle office operations…

Economic Gardening: A Grassroots Alternative to Wooing Amazon - Esri

When Amazon announced in September 2017 that it was looking for a second headquarters location, the news set off a 13-month competition that had 238 cities outbidding each other to woo the internet retail giant with billions in tax and financial incentives. Some observers watched with chagrin. They knew a different way to grow local economies. More »

Tech job growth is shifting from cities to metro regions and the suburban periphery - City Journal

If one looks at data, not press releases, a more nuanced picture emerges, with much of the fastest growth—including in tech—shifting dramatically not to the elite, dense urban centers but to more sprawling regions and the suburban periphery. More »

Toyota North America's CEO: Tariffs, not tech disruption is biggest threat - Dallas News

Toyota North America's CEO: Tariffs, not tech disruption is biggest threat. More »

The secret to success for manufacturers and distributors? Follow the tracks - Railway Age

When a manufacturing or distribution company selects a new location for a facility, which factors are most important? Should the manufacturer listen to the recommendations of HR representatives and utility consultants or the construction controllers and local economic development officials? Opinions are infinite, but meaningful insights can be few and far between. More »

The boss is retiring. The kids don't want to take over. Family-owned manufacturers confront a succession ‘crisis’ - Chicago Tribune

A Chicago nonprofit is leading an effort to match retiring manufacturers whose families aren't interested in continuing the business with entrepreneurs who want to keep the companies running locally. More »

Amazon pushing hard into ocean shipping from China to U.S. - USAToday

Quietly and below the radar, Amazon has been ramping up its ocean shipping service, sending close to 4.7 million cartons of consumers goods from China to the United States over the past year, records show. More »

Berkeley's two-armed robot hints at a new future for warehouses - Axios

eliable robot grabbers are the just-out-of-reach holy grail for e-commerce outfits like Amazon and Walmart, who still rely mainly on human hands for the job. Smart picker-uppers would clear a serious bottleneck in shipping and could change the nature of warehouses entirely. More »

In the age of Amazon there's nowhere to go but up - Building Design + Construction

Multistory warehouses could help speed ecommerce delivery in urban centers. More »

Manufacturing is cool again and it needs skilled workers - Detroit Free Press

For the past several decades, the number of professionals entering manufacturing had decreased as many talented, young professionals have sought work in Silicon Valley and other tech regions. This is no longer the case. More »

How to Offer Flexibility to Your Manufacturing Employees - Manufacturing.net

According to the 2018 Mercer Talent Trends Study, 51 percent of manufacturing employees want their company to offer more flexible work options. Yet only nine percent of HR leaders in the industry say flexible working is visibly present in their organization. More »

Microsoft Pledges $500 Million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area - The New York Times

The Seattle area, home to both Microsoft and Amazon, is a potent symbol of the affordable housing crisis that has followed the explosive growth of tech hubs. More »

State economic development directors bring varied backgrounds to role - SSTI

The 20 new governors elected last November are filling out their appointments, and SSTI’s analysis of those named as state economic development directors reveals an array of backgrounds leading into their new roles. New Republican governors have shown a greater propensity to choose a leader with an industry background, while new Democratic governors have been more likely to appoint  directors with economic development experience. From a former U.S. representative to the owner of a regional pizza chain, here are the highlights of the 16 state economic development directors appointed since November. More »

Tax Reform, Trade Turbulence and More: 5 Real Estate & Construction Predictions for 2019 - BDO

Marked by turbulent trade conditions, a shifting retail landscape, continued fallout over tax reform and the accelerated growth of coworking companies, 2018 has been an eventful year for the real estate and construction industries. More »

How Aging Japan Defied Demographics and Revived Its Economy - WSJ

It encouraged the elderly and women to work and broke a longstanding taboo against immigration More »

Globalization in transition: The future of trade and global value chains - McKinsey

Global value chains are being reshaped by rising demand and new industry capabilities in the developing world as well as a wave of new technologies. More »

Why there’s no bringing coal back - Brookings

uring his campaign, President Trump promised to bring coal back. But is that even possible? In a new paper, Howard Gruenspecht, senior energy economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, says that the answer is almost certainly “no.” More »

Training the Workforce: Accessible Education Keeps Dallas on the Cutting Edge of Innovation - Dallas Innovates

To overcome tech's employment gap, a number of organizations in Dallas are providing free or affordable career training to children, women, and minorities. More »

Top 10 Property Tax Myths: Are you missing an opportunity to reduce your property tax liability? - BDO

Nearly all local taxing jurisdictions, including municipalities, counties, and boards of education, generate tax revenue through the imposition of property tax, which is one of the most substantial sources of local government revenue. For many businesses, property tax is the largest state and local tax obligation, and one of the largest regular operating expenses incurred More »

What if Cities Are No Longer the Land of Opportunity for Low-Skilled Workers? - The New York Times

Dense cities like New York have long promised higher wages, but now that is primarily true for workers with more education, a new analysis finds. More »

Execs Say USMCA Beneficial But Expect Higher Production Costs - IndustryWeek

Forty-one percent believe production costs will increase by 10% over the next three years, and a significant number (26%) believe the increase could be 25% or more. More »

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