New Nitro Book, Checklists, and more
Newsletter No. 7 - Spring/Summer 2013

Lots of new things are happening this summer!  We are excited to announce our newest release, Blown Nitro on a Budget.  This is also the start of a series of "Checklists" to use as reminders.  More information is provided about preparation for a new driver.  With that, information is provided about Hilborn nozzle sizes that relate Hilborn nozzle flow numbers with the approximate nozzle diameter.  We are expanding applications for our online jetting calculator, and adding links to perfect birthday gifts for the summer at the end of this issue.
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Breaking News: Our New Nitro Book is Here!
We are pleased to announce our newest publication about running nitro with a blower for the most horsepower per dollarIt is the first extensive publication on the science of running nitro racing fuel as well as a lot of tuning info about low & high percentages.  More information is in the book, Blown Nitro Racing on a Budget.
This book is a technical manual about taking a blown methanol racing engine and upping the power with nitro starting with a moderate percentage.  Nitro percentage increases were done with great care to reduce the risk of damage.  The book is titled "Blown Nitro Racing on a Budget".   It includes a detailed recap of what we did with our blown altered drag racer to develop 4 different nitro percentage setups with no breakage.  This new publication is over 170 pages filled with photos, tables, illustrations, & drawings with very meaty setup & tuning information about nitro.  Mixing nitro is covered in detail including:

  • volume mixing (English & Metric)
  • weight mixing (with specific gravity).

This publication also includes:

  • tuning for air density corrections
  • horsepower corrections from air density
  • analysis of power increase from various nitro percentages
  • air to fuel ratio as a tuning tool
  • lambda as an ultimate tuning tool.

Lambda is used in electronic fuel injection and in combustion engineering.  Lambda greatly simplifies tuning with different nitro percentages by providing a single reference number that indicates the optimum combination of:

  • the nitro percentage
  • the air to fuel ratio for that percentage. 

We are well into the new racing year.  To help racers, we are offering downloads of text files of two of our organizational checklists.  With these files, the racer can add or delete items from a copy as needed.
Throughout our past racing, we wrote up checklists of tasks as reminders.   That started after oversights in packing or preparation for an outing as those tasks increased in numbers and complexity.  We would add items to the list any time we forgot something else.  As the list grew, new categories of lists were made.  After using the checklists, we were amazed at how often an oversight would be revealed by going through the list prior to an outing.
View packing checklist.
View safety certifications checklist.

New Driver - Part 2
This is a continuation from the last newsletter about relaxation for new drivers.  I am now a professional spectator and I often see new teams with a new driver.  However occasionally I see situations that remind me of what I went through in my early days of racing.  Because of 'new race driver blues' and a lot of racecar infant mortalities, I may have set a record for the longest time that it took to get licensed.  That was a difficult and humbling experience.  From that difficult experience and from subsequent good business experience in technical skilled trades training, I learned a lot of tips that would help if I was just starting up.  I was burdened with the same problems that exist for many.  I was the owner, builder, tuner, and driver.  All of those tasks can bury a new racer in mental detail and result in a lot of oversights and tension on the starting line. Read the rest of this article.


Hilborn Nozzle Size List
Both our Pro-Calcs calculator and our publications illustrate nozzle sizes in diameter.  Hilborn FI nozzles are stamped in flow numbers.  A list is provided showing:

  • Hilborn nozzle flow numbers (times 0.01 equals flow in GPM)
  • approximate nozzle diameter in inches (from Don Enriquez, Hilborn)
  • pressure calibration value called volume area factor or VA factor that relates flow to jet or nozzle area:
Read the rest of this article.

Company News
More about
More US & Canadian racetracks and boat race courses were added to the airdensityonline "Tracks list".  For the US & Canadian racetracks that are listed, racers can look up:

  • the current air density including temp, humidity, baro., air dens., dens. alt., & grains of water.
  • the air density forecast out 3 days including temp, humidity, air dens., dens. alt., & grains of water.

For tuning at other locations around the world, racers can also calculate air density, density altitude, and grains of water for most combinations of racer weather data for air temperature, humidity, and barometer.  That can be entered at free calcs.
More about
More examples are now illustrated including a normally aspirated 410 cubic inch engine in our previous Fall 2012 Newsletter.  We are also working on revisions to the calculator for nitro percentages in addition to the current methanol fuel setup.  That should be out shortly.
It is that time of year for the perfect birthday gift or gift for a special occasion. Tell your loved one that you want a racing technical book or fuel injection jetting calculator.  Here are links to our various gift ideas:
       NEW nitro manual
       fuel injection manual second edition
       methanol racing fuels manual
       fuel injection small block jetting manual
       fuel injection big block jetting manual
       Pro-Calc fuel injection jetting on-line calculator
       motorsports weather corrects manual
Our links to free info:

Thank you for reading and all the best in your racing season.