Evolution vs Status Quo Tuning in Racing, New Pro Tuning Package
Newsletter No. 15 - Fall 2016

It is the end of another racing season north of the equator!  Our books and smart phone jetting calculator provide tuning science for racing with mechanical fuel injection (MFI) as well as tuning science with different racing fuels.  Our books & smart phone jetting calculator, ProCalc, are popular gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or special events.  Check the links at the end.

Racing Evolution vs Status Quo

Car & Boat Racing Tuning Evolution vs Status Quo Tuning
We studied the evolution of racing over the years and watched dramatic MFI tuning differences over multiple seasons of racing.  Within a short time period, however, MFI tuning was very uniform between most competitors in a given racing class.  A status quo combination emerged almost every year, with tuning information exchanges between rounds, between competitors, as well as between manufacturers.
Status Quo Tuning Limitations in MFI Setups
Participants in racing categories often become expert in the status quo setup.  However, many racers do not ever gain a real understanding of the science to make more power beyond the status quo practices.  That includes tuning practices for various fuels as well as mechanical fuel injection where it is used.  For example, methanol has a dissociation characteristic that few racers are aware of.  Yet, tuning changes can affect power and backfiring from unintended chemical dissociations that occur in methanol fueled racecars and boats.  Experienced racers are often unable to go beyond the status quo setup common within that season.
Many engine builders and tuners are good at 'connecting the dots' for a new combination that is in-between other combinations that are known.  Some are good at 'extrapolating' a combination from one that they experienced.  However, we witnessed some very successful racers who were completely lost on new combinations where 'connecting the dots' or 'extrapolation' did not work.  Some racers are the first to admit little understanding of fuel injection science or racing fuels science.  They often proceed slowly and many times do not go beyond a conservative combination.

Others exaggerate the value of their experience and take blind shots at new combinations.

The myriad number of racing engine failures that occur at just about any racing event around the world are an indication of that frequency.

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New Pro-Tuning Package with ProCalc

We're introducing a new package for 2017 for our online jetting calculator, ProCalc.  We can provide a custom Pro-Tuning Package.  It is a documented setup and racing analysis of your fuel injection system on ProCalc with recommendations for improvements if necessary: 

  • We can use data from your current engine build, dynamometer, flow bench, or race track/course MFI setup
  • For an all new setup, we can develop a recommended MFI jetting & fuel pump size combination that is more precise than setups from most MFI suppliers and service providers.
The Pro Tuning Package includes:
  • ProCalc custom setup to your fuel injection engine
  • email fuel injection setup report
  • one year (renewable) subscription to ProCalc for smart phone or web device access from you, your crew chief, your engine builder, flow bench service, or dynamometer service.
The Pro Tuning Package can be done for MFI competition on land, mud, or water including drag, sprint, circle, tractor pulling, and land speed racing.  The Pro Tuning Package can be done for 4 cycle, 2 cycle, or rotary engines, normally aspirated or blown: Roots or screw blowers.  For turbochargers or centrifugal superchargers with MFI, contact us for more information.  For mechanical fuel injection systems with more than 4 nozzles per cylinder, contact us.  For fuel injection systems with dome loaded bypass valves, such as the DJE / BDK valve or AJ valve, contact us.

Fuels cover methanol,  nitromethane methanol mixtures, ethanol gasoline blends, gasoline, popular hybrid fuels such as M-5.

The Pro Tuning Package can be done for the following MFI systems, blown or unblown: Kinsler, Hilborn, Enderle, Rons, Engler, Belmit, Crower, Algon.
"ProCalc provides you with MFI tuning information way beyond what any engine builder, experienced tuner, flow bench, or dynamometer service provider can deliver without it."  

New Fuel Injection Technical Publication Now Available

Again, the title of our latest publication that is tops for Sprint Car or Boat, drag, top speed, & tractor pulling racing is:

High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel Injection
for Normally (Naturally) Aspirated Racing Engines Running on Methanol
or Other Racing Fuels

including Nitro Methanol Mixtures, Ethanol, E85, & Gasoline

Sample Quote From p. 92 of This Publication
"Note 1: The port velocity subject opens up an entire category of tuning opportunities. At slower engine speeds, both port velocity and fuel injector nozzle velocities slow down.  Velocity differentials change as well.  That could help to explain why one engine runs better than another similar one at different engine speeds.  As the velocity differential goes up or down with RPM, that engine may have behaviors different from another similar engine.  The latter engine with a difference in fuel pressure or intake port flow could exhibit a different behavior from the velocity differential.  One engine may be better at the low end..."

Learn more about this book here.  Email us or call USA (916) 419 6649 to get more info.

Christmas Season is here
Links to valuable gift ideas for the racer:
North of the equator, racing season is over.  South of the equator, racing is underway.  These books and FI calculator can help your favorite participant or racing enthusiast: Links to free gift info for the racer:
Print out one or more of these freebies from our web site and give a printed copy to your partner, buddy, or racing loved one, for free.  Tip: Print on colored paper to jazz it up!


Thank you for reading and have a great holiday season!

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