More with Nitro, Checklists, New Driver Relaxation, Safety, & Spark Plug Plating
Newsletter No. 8 - Fall/Winter 2013

Happy Holidays from Szabo Publishing!  Links for the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your favorite racer are provided in addition to tips from the tech. department.
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Racers most often settle on a familiar combination of racing parts & practices that are common in their sport.  Money and time limit their efforts to go further, although the knowledge barrier is more often a greater limitation.  However, more and more racers around the world are using our technical books and FI calculator to break the mold.

One example is better tuning with air to fuel ratio.  That is featured thoughout our publications, our website, and one of the highlights of our FI calculator.  A blown Big Block air to fuel ratio of 4.4 to 1 is a value from one drag race combination that was evaluated that would melt pistons.  Knowing that outcome from the air to fuel ratio, the tuner could 'tease the engine' to a close limit such as 4.3 to 1.  That richer amount did not melt pistons.  There is a miniscule difference between the two main bypass jet sizes that detemine which air to fuel ratio for that engine.  The easiest way to tune to that detail is numerical control.   That is especailly the case with air density changes that require jetting compensations.

Holiday Greetings for 2013
Links to valuable gift ideas for the racer:
It is that time of year for the perfect holiday or birthday gift: Links to free gift info for the racer:
Print out one or more of these freebies from our web site and give a printed copy to your racing loved one for free.  Tip: Print on colored paper to jazz it up!

Case Histories with our new Nitro Book
Our new Nitro book is now number one in the world for technical books about nitro racing.  We are also using it to determine fuel amounts for normally aspirated racing engines as well as blown engines.  It can be purchased through our web site (for less than the cost of a few gallons of nitro).   More on the nitro book:
    •       nitro book index of terms
    •       nitro book index of names
    •       nitro book index of illustrations.
New Nitro Book Case History Examples
EXAMPLE 1: A drag racer recently tried out a moderate percentage of nitro in his normally aspirated fuel inj. Big Block V-8.  The drag racecar ET was faster by about 0.6 second. read more

More Info on Pro-Calc 
Canadian and Australian tracks are now featured on Air Density Online. Additionally Pro-Calcs, our on-line FI jetting calculator, was expanded for nitro methanol fuel mixtures. The % of nitro mixture with methanol can be added. The nitro mixture % can be entered by weight or by volume. read more

Checklists (continued from previous newsletter)
As introduced in our previous newsletters, we assembled checklists for tasks & hardware that we would need for racing.  In this Newsletter, checklists are provided for the tow vehicle & trailer.  As we would think of a task or item during preparation, we would add that to one of the checklists.  Every time we forgot a task or item in an outing, we would add that to one of the checklists read more

Driver Relaxation, Pro. & Nost. Top Fuel Clutch & Launch, Safety, & Spark Plug Plating
...Breathing routines are taught in yoga and relaxation training...
...In a drag racing Pro Top Fuel tune-up, a multi-stage clutch, the spark advance, and the fuel system are all adjusted to provide an engine flash to over 8,000 RPM, on the hit, out of the gate... I saw the crew person reach right next to the parachute a moment before the racecar launched...  read more

Thank you for reading and happy holidays to you and your family!