The Light of The Heart: A Community Art Therapy Project is bringing light to all of the dark places in the Aurora, Illinois area.

Let's Bring Them Light.


Dear Amazing You,

Sitting with all of the tragedies that happen in this world, leaves me feeling sad, angry.....very angry and confused. Why do such horrid things have to happen? Why do innocent lives have to be taken? Why does pain even exist? Why do we go through what we go through every day?
I have no answer.
Sure, my mind tells me plenty of logical answers or reasons or halfhearted justifications but my soul and heart are left dumbfounded.  Not only do I question why but I also question how and what. What can we even do to help? What can we do?! How do we stop darkness from taking over our lives and our world?
As I sit with all of those questions, there is a quiet voice inside gently nudging me towards some type of answer. Almost like a child that has simple yet brilliant wisdom pulling at the skirt of humanity; that little voice inside of me whispers ‘...bring them light.’
We cannot escape or hide from darkness, it finds us and shows itself in many forms but what we can do is bring light into our lives…and that is what we do at The Light of The Heart. We bring light to dark places through art therapy. It is that simple and that complex. Life can spiral out of control and like quicksand, consume every part of our being and we have no answers. It is at that moment we need to turn to the child that resides inside all of us and give her the tools she needs to get it out. To get out that anger, the sadness, the confusion- all that we have no words for; that child has brilliant wisdom if only we would listen...

Bring Them Light.
Let's Bring Them Light

We need your help to bring them light. We all read the paper (or try not to) and learn of so many horrible things that happen every day; we are working to balance this darkness with light.

I know there are many amazing organizations in the world that you can give to and do give to.

Why should you give to us?

We are the only nonprofit organization of our kind in the entire nation; there is no other organization doing the work that we are doing. We are a pioneering initiative that is using art and art therapy to bring light to all of the dark places in our community. Not only is it our mission to provide a safe and encouraging environment for individuals to uncover the light of their hearts through the creative process of art making, it is my life mission to bring light to all of the dark places in the world through art therapy. That is a personal guarantee that your contributions will be used towards this end.

We need you to do this work, click below to give your tax deductibe donation today.


Sending love and prayers to all of the dark places in the world today, especially Connecticut; you are in our hearts and prayers.

All of the love and gratitude in the world; together, we will do this.


Melissa Hedlund, MCAT, ATR-BC, LCPC
Executive Director & Co-Founder

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