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We use a fragment from the movie ‘Dada’, directed by Greta Deses in 1969 as a starting point for our production. The fragment shows us a reconstruction of the first Dada performance that took place in 1916, in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, and in which Hugo Ball brought his sound poem Karawane. All the elements which we will use are contained in this short introduction: visual work in decor, masks, costumes, dance, music, rhythm, poetry, confusion (of language) and humor. We reconstruct the scenes from that short movie and this is where our own work finds its roots.’ Stef Kamil Carlens

‘(…) creating a wonderful spectacle’ ‘Stunning!’
Laurent Hoebrechts (Le Vif)

‘their fun was so infectious(…)’
Dirk Steenhaut (Focus Knack)

‘An effervescent crazy dream’
Wim Wilri (De Morgen)

‘(…) defies genres to better transcend them’
Philippe Manche (Le Soir)

Music theater – 5 musicians / 2 dancers (Antwerp BE)

  • Stef Kamil Carlens (vocal, piano, bas, resophonic guitar, accordion, dance), Aarich Jespers (piano, small percussions, percussive guitar, effects, dance), Kapinga Gysel (vocal, piano, keyboards, accordion, dance), Eva Tshiela Gysel (vocal, piano, keyboards, accordion, dance), Wim De Busser (small drum, piano, Korg MS20, effects, dance), Inge Van Bruystegem (dance, vocal, small piano), Misha Downey (dance, vocal, accordion), Luc Schaltin (light design) 
  • COPRODUCTION Wolvin/Zita Swoon GroupKaaitheater WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Flemish Community SPECIAL THANKS TO  Needcompany especially Jan Lauwers, Maarten Seghers & Elke Janssens.
  • Played on Performing Arts Festival Noorderzon Groningen NL, Four Days Contemporary Art FOUR DAYS Prague CZ,
  • conditions 1 day: €4500+transport&travel+per diem&hotel 9 persons+royalties.
  • duration: 75 min No language barrier
  • get-in/montage: the same day
  • contact production rider, video of the performance, dates and invitation:                               Laurence Bourgeois + 32 476 28 55 74

Zita Swoon Group is based in Antwerp, Belgium and worked with Les Ballets C de la B Koen Augustijnen, Toneelgroep Amsterdam Ivo Van Hove, Rosas Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and soon with Troubleyn Jan Fabre.