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House Republicans & Friends Across New Hampshire,

My sincerest congratulations to Representative-Elect Michael Vose who won the Rockingham District 9 Special Election on Tuesday! Michael worked every single day to earn this victory and we are so fortunate to have him returning to the Concord. Michael will be sworn-in within the next few weeks and we look forward to updating you when that happens. 

As a reminder, the deadline for signing off on bill drafts is 10 days once they are made available for review and revision. The easiest and best way to do this is via email: You also may call 271-3435, or go directly to OLS and sign off there. Please remember that your legislation may be withdrawn if you do not meet the 10-day sign-off deadline. 

Finally, committees are scheduling executive sessions and I want to refresh you on our replacement policy. All replacement requests must be made by the ranking member of the committee and the Republican Office must be notified no later than 24 hours prior to the Executive session. Thank you for your understanding. 

Make it a great weekend!

All the best, 

Dick Hinch, House Republican Leader

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Representative-Elect Michael Vose Wins Special Election

On Tuesday this week Representative-Elect Michael Vose of Epping won the Special Election for Rockingham District 9. Vose bested his opponent 880-806 and we are looking forward to having the two-term member of Science, Technology and Energy committee and former Assistant Majority Leader back in Concord. 

Republican Representatives, Governor Raise Funds for Fallen 7 
Last Saturday, Governor Chris Sununu and several Republican representatives attended an arm wrestling tournament in honor of the Fallen 7, those who tragically perished in the Randolph motorcycle crash. 

Representative Harry Bean (R-Gilford) arm wrestles Governor Chris Sununu.

From L to R: Hon. Michael Moffett (R-Loudon), Rep. Michael Sylvia (R-Belmont), Rep. Glen Aldrich (R-Gilford), Senator Bob Guida (R-Warren), Rep. Peter Spanos (R-Laconia), Governor Chris Sununu, Rep. Deanna Jurius (R-Meredith), Rep. Tim Lang (R-Sanbornton), and Rep. Harry Bean.

Governor Presents Ceremonial Checks for Increases in Education and Municipal Funding

Governor Sununu, along with several Republican Representatives, began presenting ceremonial checks to towns in honor of the bipartisan budget compromise passed recently. 


Governor Chris Sununu, along with several Republican members from Derry presented a ceremonial check for $7.7 million in Municipal and Education Aid to their town. You will find coverage of the event at the Eagle Tribune

Governor Sununu along with Representative Charlie Burns (R-Milford), and several other officials present a ceremonial check to the Town of Milford.

Governor Sununu along with Representative Walter Stapleton (R-Claremont), and several other officials present a ceremonial check to the City of Claremont.

Legislative Softball Classic

Last Saturday Representatives from the Republican and Democratic caucuses met for the Annual Legislative Softball Classic. The Republican team defeated the Democrats for the third year in a row by a score of 24-10. Thank you to all who helped put on this event!

Members of the Republican and Democratic caucus at the game. (Photo Credit: Rep. J.P. Marzullo)

The Republican caucus team. (Photo Credit: Rep. J.P. Marzullo)

In Memoriam: Hon. Julie Brown

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of the Honorable Julie Brown of Rochester this week. Julie was a dedicated public servant for over 30 years serving as a City of Rochester as a Selectman, State Representative, and as a Member of the Rochester School Board. Our sincerest condolences go out to Julie's family and we ask that you keep them in your prayers at this time. 

 Foster's Daily Democrat: Julie Brown Mourned, Worked 'For Every Child'.
LSR Preview: Democrat's Undermine Republican Election Integrity Initiatives
Republicans in the legislature in unison with Governor Chris Sununu passed important, common-sense election integrity laws in recent years. Since taking control of the State Legislature, Democrats have been determined to undo all of this important work. Fortunately, Governor Sununu vetoed these bills and House Republicans stood united to support him. Despite this strong push back, Democrats have seemingly filed the exact same legislation for a second year in a row. Rest assured that House Republicans will stand strong against any attempts to undermine the integrity of New Hampshire's elections. Below you will find a list of the LSRs filed by Democrats as well as their prime sponsors. 

2020-2029- relative to domicile residency, voter registration, and investigation of voter verification letters. 
Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Horrigan

2020-2030- relative to the terms resident, inhabitant, residence, and residency. 
Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Horrigan

2020-2405- establishing an independent redistricting commission. 
Sponsor: Rep. Marjorie Smith

2020-2558- allowing voters to vote by absentee ballot. 
Sponsor: Rep. Katherine Rogers

2020-2559- relative to prisoners' voting rights. 
Sponsor: Rep. Andrew Bouldin

2019 Legislative Service Requests Important Dates (LSRs)
The LSR filing period ended this week. Please note the deadline for signing off on LSRs:

Last day to sign off LSRs for 2020 session (4:00 p.m.): Friday, November 1, 2019

Click HERE to see the list of LSRs that have been filed for the 2020 session.

Republicans: 164
Democrats: 233
Libertarians: 1

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