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Talking together about race and place

Ko Ranginui e tū nei, ko Papatūānuku e takoto nei, tēnā kōrua. E mihi ana ki te te māunga, ko Wharepapa, tēnā koe. Ki te awa, ko Wangapeka, tēnā koe. Ki ngā mana whenua o te motu, ko Ngāti Kuia koutou ko Ngāti Rārua, ko Ngāti Koata, ko Ngāti Toa Rangatira, ko Ngāti Tama, ko Te Ati Awa, ka tuku mihi ki a koutou. 

This year's Hui was a unique experience, the reverberations of which are sure to be rippling through for some time to come. It struck a deep chord.
Our time together was whole-making on many, many levels - the younger members of the community taking their place in the circle, and courageously leading us all on a journey through the history of Aotearoa, acknowledging the systematic dispossession of Maori people of their land and culture, identifying the uneasy place we all find ourselves in as inheritors of this privilege and this pain, and opening to a wider view that includes it all. 

In this edition of Newsphere you can catch a glimpse of the experience through reviews from Roger Wilde, Jenny Kelso and Elli Yates, as well as a report from the enlivened AGM and report from your trusty BOT. It also includes a tribute to the life of Alan Admore by Rona Spencer, and a request for donations to the Sangha Support Fund 


The Five Stones

Submitted by Shelley Taylor

The five water worn stones I choose
From the river to put
In to my sling are five spiritual aspects of 
Maori community life - 

Arohanui, the love of many.

Manuhiritanga, hospitality to the guest and 

Korero, speech that begets peace and 

Matewa, the night life of the soul. 

Mahi, work undertaken from communal love. 

I do not know what the outcome of 
the battle will be?
My aim may be poor. 
But I think my weapons are well chosen

J.K. Baxter

Tsa Tsa Offerings in the Tara Grove

2020 Hui Reviews

by Roger Wilde 
Tēnā koutou e te iwi
I felt privileged to be part of this special Wangapeka event. Our exploration of this profoundly important kaupapa was facilitated in a well-planned, beautiful way. The leadership and commitment of these rangatahi is heartening - ngā mihi whakaute ki a koutou!

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by Jenny Kelso
Like most Wangapeka gatherings, it was a lovely weekend at a "home away from home" in the beautiful Wangapeka valley.  Irene and I arrived just in time for the initial circle gathering and welcome.  We were invited to share our favourite place at Wangapeka which was interesting.  There was a lovely green soup full of Wangapeka wonder "weeds" and greens from the garden. Yum. A good start.  We were very well nourished all weekend with lots of delicious food thanks to our wonderful cooks.
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by Elli Yates
The moss underfoot was sparkling spongey green, the scent of woodsmoke filled the air, a pot of green Tara soup bubbled on the stove. I remember thinking: oh no, I'm not ready for this; the community’s not ready for this; I wish we’d just decided to have a heart sharing about our love for the land, that would have been so much more relaxing, isn't that what everyone needs right now? It’s a familiar feeling - wanting to backtrack to a place of comfort. The key is to smile at the offended ego, the one who’s worried about appearing incompetent, the one who doesn't want to acknowledge pain.
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Wangapeka AGM 2020

by Kath Mitchell  

The AGM was buoyed by the hui in the days preceeding. It was heartening for the trustees to feel the support of the community, shown in numbers attending and in response to questions raised during the AGM.
The Board of Trustees now has two new members: Elli Yates and Hadleigh Tiddy. Both Elli and Hadleigh have been involved in Wangapeka for many years, Elli since childhood. A very grateful and warm welcome to Elli and Hadleigh.

Karen Harley stepped down from the BOT but remains active on the Programmes Committee. Karen has made a huge contribution to the Wangapeka Educational Trust as a trustee, in particular, building on Faith’s work in Health and Safety. Karen led the WET to upgrade our Health and Safety processes to meet current regulations. She did this with pragmatic skill to ensure we are doing all we can to care for the well-being of all who come to Wangapeka. We appreciate her valuable contributions, calm, kind and methodical approach. Thank you Karen!

The Current Wangapeka Board Trustees:
Shelley Taylor—coordinator
Tim Leyland—secretary
Dave Pooch—treasurer
Louise Petzold
Kath Mitchell
Elli Yates
Hadleigh Tiddy

Read here for the full overview of the AGM by Dave Pooch [link to overview]. You can also access all the BOT annual reports from the AGM here [link to all reports]

Donations to Sangha Support Fund Needed!

We heard at the AGM that the Wangapeka Sangha Support Fund is in need of donations. If you have been fortunate enough to taste the Dharma at Wangapeka, you will understand its potency for positively impacting your own life, as well as the lives of those you come in contact with. At this challenging time it is important to continue offering support and opportunity to those who wish to come to Wangapeka but wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. Please consider making a contribution to this precious fund, any amount is helpful, to keep the flow of generosity and mutual support going. 
You can make a direct deposit to the Wangapeka bank account
03-0703-0156597-03 with "Sangha Support" as a reference.
Thank you! 

In Memory of Alan Admore

by Rona Spencer and Guy Nicholls

Alan Admore died in Longwood, Southland on Monday 3rd August 2020.
Alan first came to Wangapeka on a retreat with Catherine Rathbun in the ‘90s. He continued to visit the Centre and offer his keen interest, energy, practical help and creativity in our special natural environment along with others exploring the mysteries of life. 

The following apt, descriptive words were written by Guy Nicholls (land caretaker) who knew Alan well.
Alan was such an original big hearted operator,
A moody lonesome pirate,
a frustrated wrestler,
a lover of laughter and games and smiles,
blessed we are for the likes of Alan

Invercargill was his home town and latterly he returned there to live in his mother’s old villa. He has friends all around Aotearoa particularly among the many who go to the annual Convergence gathering. The celebration and thanks for his creative and questing life was held at Invercargill Library on Saturday 29th August. 

Read here for the article with more photos.
Hui weekend pics by Jenny Kelso - Clockwise from Top L
Saturday night menu cooked by Ronnie, Ross and Rebecca;
Learning Te Reo Maori to deepen our understanding; 
Shelley and Graham relaxing by the fire 
Land Caretaker Patrick blowing bubbles at the recent
"Every Precious Moment" Retreat

2020 Programme


Dharma & Meditation Retreat

with Jonathan Chambers, 3 – 6 September 2020

Beneath the myriad challenges we face in these ‘unprecedented times’, a call resounds. It echoes in the depth of all our hearts – in the very fabric of the universe. Can you hear what it is saying? “AWAKEN!” Read more.

Transforming our Emotions

Relating Compassionately in the World

with Mark and Kath, 11 – 13 September 2020

Is it possible to harness the intelligence of our emotions so we can connect, relate and live more fully? Emotions can create both difficulty and beauty in our communication – leading to ill feeling and confusion; harmony and mutual understanding. Is it possible to meet all of our emotions, with kindness and interest so as to reveal the wisdom aspect of the emotion to guide us – to bring forward healing and an openness in our communication in new and wholesome ways. Read more.

Sanctuary In Uncertainty

Insight Meditation Retreat

with Jeremy and Kanya, 16 – 20 September 2020

In these unprecedented times of radical change and uncertainty, a new world is being born. Courage and compassionate presence strengthens us to face into the chaos and not turn away. With wisdom and determination, we can move forward together to create a world based on justice, kindness, and shared resources, rather than on greed, hatred and delusion. Read more.

Clear Seeing

The Path of Analytic Meditation

with Keith Rowan, 2 – 9 October 2020
What we see and what we think we are seeing are not necessarily the same thing. We experience a world of ‘things’, believe them to truly exist, judge them desirable or undesirable and act accordingly. Read more.

Coming Down to Earth

At Home in the Body, At Home in the World

with Chani Grieve, 15 – 21 October 2020
Our journey to freedom starts with the body. It offers a down-to-earth and
immediate way to connect with ourselves and align with what is real. Our
bodies show us exactly where we are, and also the next step we need to take along our path. In this retreat we will explore through movement,
meditation, and creative enquiry, the intimate relationship between healing
ourselves and restoring our world. Read more.

Note -- [Fully booked, Wait List option]

Advanced Shamanic Training & Vision Quest

with Dr. John Broomfield, 29 October 2020 – 2 November 2020
This is a rare opportunity for intensive practice with a senior shamanic teacher. Exploration of shamanic cultures from around the world will lay the groundwork for our own practice of advanced techniques. Read more.

Garden of Mindfulness Family Retreat

Alice in Wonderland Edition

28 December 2020 – 4 January 2021
This year’s Garden of Mindfulness is based on the themes in “Alice in Wonderland”, including by special request a focus on the Fool archetype via The Mad Hatter, and the rivers of creativity flowing through Sarasvati via Alice. Read more.

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