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Newsphere Newsletter

Warning : Bumper issue! It's been a colourful, changeable, wonderful summer, full of life, comings, goings, and beings. 

In this edition of Newsphere you will find :

Appreciation for and from our summer volunteers and land caretaker
Welcome to our new caretakers, Hadleigh and Malu
Wangapeka Contact List
Current Vacancy on the BOT
Kumanu - News from your Faithful Board of Trustees
Wangapeka Books - Changes and a Lasting Legacy
Open letter concerning Wangapeka Books from Tarchin and Mary
Retreat reflection by Sarah Baldwin

We hope you can sit down with your favourite cup of tea, and enjoy the treasury of offerings here. 
Wangapeka Communications

Notes from a Summer Land Caretaker

by Paul Woodward

You have arrived.
Yes I have, but how will I leave? 

Coming to the Wangapeka community could be a described a bit like being thrown into a polishing machine for stones.

You go in and you are somewhat polished and changed by what you experience.

A refuge from our troubled world of Corona and many other world turmoils: climate, recession, world figures our climate and environment in peril.

Not always so as these remain in one’s presence but without the daily bombardment in which one can be still and find the truth for oneself and the greater all.

The wonderful Wangapeka has been polished lovingly for many years, just going back through old photos, 30-40 years plus, revels what it once was, bare, treeless! What vision and belief and determination those early Sangha had, and to see it today : beautiful paths, retreat huts and a place encompassing peace and love.

Read here for Paul's full article 

Above : Paul (L) and Ramon (R) enjoying the log splitter
Below : Ramon (L) and Fred (R), our long term summer volunteers

Thank you Ramon and Fred! 

by Tim Leyland

The Wangapeka Board, our caretakers and the maintenance team want to express their appreciation and thanks to all those who volunteer at the Centre.
Our thoughts are particularly focused on Fred Mackie and Ramon Lavia at this time. Fred and Ramon volunteered at the Centre from December 2020 to February 2021. We have been extremely fortunate to have had Fred and Ramon helping us to bridge the gap when the outgoing caretakers left and they held the centre together beautifully along with Paul. Fred and Ramon arrived in November and Paul started early December. They arrived when there were no substantive caretakers, and Board members and volunteers were keeping the centre operating. Fred and Ramon brought tremendous support. Both have specialist skills. We thank Ramon for his energetic land care, repair and maintenance. Fred has provided much needed systems and maintenance advice. We look forward to using the caretakers manual he has been tirelessly working on. We thank him for his wonderful generosity, and wish him well on his journey to Europe. We look forward to continued contact with them both. 

Welcome Hadleigh and Malu! 


We are delighted to welcome Hadleigh and Malu onto the Wangapeka land as our new Caretakers. They have hit the ground running, starting their time with Tarchin's 2-week retreat, which included navigating a change in Covid Levels in the middle of it. Malu has stepped into the Centre Caretaker role, which includes the no-small-task of managing our kitchen operations and keeping us compliant with the required regulations there. Hadleigh is in the role of Land Caretaker, with all that that entails. They are a wonderful team who support each other to ensure the smooth operations at the Centre. We wish them a richly rewarding time living at Wangapeka. 

Faith Downey is continuing on as our Offsite Office Caretaker. She takes care of our general and registration enquiries and administration needs, remotely from her new home in Nelson North. We are very grateful to still have Faith's experience, skill and expertise in this essential role. It also frees up precious time and energy for our Onsite Caretakers to attend to what's needed on the ground. These changes are part of the BOT's commitment to supporting our valued workers to live sustainable, rewarding lives in service to the Centre. 

Wangapeka Contact List 

On our website you will find a contact list for the people offering service as caretakers, and trustees on the Wangapeka Board of Trustees.

Here are their email addresses so you can stay in touch:

Contact List 

Sometimes our emails will go into the 'Social' or 'Promotions' tab in Gmail accounts so do periodic checks there, too. If you find one of our newsletters there, you can move it to your Inbox - then your email should get the message that you want to receive future correspondence there :)

Vacancy on the BOT


There is a NEW vacancy on the Wangapeka Board of Trustees now that Hadleigh has taken up the job of Land Caretaker.  His contribution will be missed and the Board would like to replace him immediately rather than waiting until the AGM in July. If you have ever wondered about how the governance of Wangapeka works, and serving on the board has perhaps crossed your mind, then please email secretary TIm Leyland who will be delighted to hear from you. The email address is

Kumanu Wangapeka -
News from your Faithful BOT

Kumanu - verb. to tend carefully, foster, attend to, care for, cherish

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes running of the Centre, here you will find reports on what the BOT are attending to, what they are requesting help with, and what they've been up to over the summer months (lots!). 

Kumanu January

Kumanu February 

Wangapeka Books - Changes and a Lasting Legacy

by Kath Mitchell on behalf of the BOT
It is with great appreciation that we honour the immense and pioneering work of Tarchin Hearn, Mary Jenkins and all who have been involved in Wangapeka Books. 
We recently received a beautiful letter marking the end of Tarchin and Mary's involvement with Wangapeka Books and invite you to read it (link to full article).  It speaks of generosity, they offer donations and plant seeds for further publishing with “Immeasurable Publishing” (Jaime Howell and Juliana Griese) and the “Wangapeka Educational Trust”. The letter describes their journey from the first booklet in the 80s to today. They talk about the myriad of skills and generosity required to make a book and the Dharma fruit that grows and ripens with each book. 
I received my first copy of “Growth and Unfolding” by Tarchin Hearn, from my mother in 1988, and a hunger took hold of my heart. I suddenly felt my life come into focus and soon attended my first retreat at Wangapeka, and with Tarchin.  
Recently the Wangapeka Webmaster, Iain Verigin, has been inspired to develop Kindle versions of titles from Wangapeka Books.  For some time now Graham Sandlant has been the point of sale for book orders and will continue in this role.
We intend to continue exploring how Wangapeka Books may flow on from here.  Please feel welcome to get in touch and watch Newsphere for more details in the future.
The Wangapeka Educational Trust community bows deeply to Tarchin, to Mary and to the dedicated Sangha who have offered clear minds, hands and hearts to bring Wangapeka Books into being.  Svaha!

An Open Letter Concerning Wangapeka Books

from Tarchin and Mary, January 2021

Dear Friends

This is to let you know that Mary and I are winding up our involvement with Wangapeka Books.  Now in our 70s, we'd like to complete this while we have the energy and faculties to do it well. 

.....It has been a rich and full journey since printing our first booklet on a hand powered 'Roneo' back in the early 80s.  At that time we called ourselves 'Sphere Publications'. 'Wangapeka Books' was born when the Sphere Group of NZ was renamed the Wangapeka Educational Trust.

.....Wangapeka Books was born in generosity and has continued in this spirit.  It takes a surprising amount of work to publish a book.  People seemed to serendipitously show up with the skills we needed at just the right time: software skills,  hardware skills, typists, artistic talents, early draft readers, proof readers, drivers and shippers, editorial skills, and general encouragers. The rippling of these efforts, given freely by so many people, is still fanning out around the world. 

.....May the wholesome outflows of all these creative giftings of talent and energy continue to support meaningful nourishment in the lives of countless beings.
with love and good wishes
Tarchin and Mary

We invite you to read the full letter from Tarchin and Mary here

Experiencing the Moon

by Sarah Baldwin

New moon. Arriving. New faces and dear friends. Settling, softening, curious, held. Footsteps on pine needles, generously supportive, familiar ground. 

Waxing moon. Wild weather, within and without. Pain, resistance, perseverance, diligence, allowing the support and kindness to self. Breakthrough. Sweet and whole. The shimmering colours of rainbows, a heart shaped leaf on the path and the soft pink of dusk cradling a blossoming moon. 

Full moon. A rebirth back out into the world. Another ending that gives way to a beginning. Feet feel firmly on the ground, guided by heart. A new flavour of fullness. The path continues to unfold.....

2021 Program

21 Tara Practice

with Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche, 12 – 19 March 2021

Embedded in the teaching and practice of Tara is a practical way to a life of love. It covers all the trainings of the Six Paramitas and reveals the profound Vajrayana view of Lama, Yiddam and Khandro. In short Tara is an explanation of an expansive view of compassion and wisdom.

Rinpoche has studied and practiced the 21 Taras all his life starting in childhood. This is a good opportunity to engage in this practice.

The course is intended for those who have some experience and familiarity with the Buddhist path and in particular for those who feel a connection with Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche. For those newly curious about Buddhism, this isn’t the best place to start.

Read more.

Creative Awakening

with Dharmasphere Nelson, 31 March – 5 April 2021

This community led retreat is a chance to explore aspects of our individual and collective creativity on the path to healing, opening and freeing the heart. It is suitable for those new to meditation and those who already have some experience.

Read more.

Advanced Shamanic Training and Vision Quest

with Dr. John Broomfield & Dr. Dawne Sanson, 8 – 12 April 2021

This is a rare opportunity for intensive shamanic practice with two experienced teachers. Exploration of shamanic cultures from around the world will lay the groundwork for our own practice of advanced techniques. The wilderness locale of Wangapeka Centre in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps enhances the power of the practice and provides the perfect setting for the two-day solo fasting vision quest which is heart of the workshop.

Read more.

Inner Wisdom and Penetrative Insight

The Practice of White Manjusri

with Bonni Ross, 16 April – 14 May 2021

To those whose motivation to awaken for the benefit of all beings is strong and determined, this practice of the inner wisdom manifestation of Manjusri, the Bodhisattva embodiment of Transcendent Wisdom, is offered.

Read more.

Harp Meditation and Intuitive Development Retreat

with Annemieke Harmonie, 21 – 24 May 2021

A blissful, nurturing, heart opening and fun three day retreat with live harp music and deepening exercises to strengthen your relationship with your authentic self.

A journey of light, remembering and insight, embracing the parts of us that are needing us most. The sounds of the harp interwoven with words and intention will take you deeper into yourself, where you can safely explore while being held by the soothing sounds of the harp.

Read more.

The Mindful Teacher Weekend

with Jaime Howell, 4 – 6 June 2021

An introduction to the effortless practise of open hearted mindfulness for educators.

This weekend offers teachers a nourishing chance to pause and re-connect to the source of calm and creativity. We spend time exploring mindfulness in all postures building a bridge between personal and professional life.

Read more.

Saraswati & Athena: Goddesses of Wisdom Retreat

with Mira Riddiford, 7 – 13 July 2021

For the seventh annual mid-year Western Mystery retreat we will be focussing on the wisdom teachings of the Eastern goddess Saraswati and the Western goddess Athena.

This retreat is an opportunity to unplug from the busyness and demands of everyday life, to reconnect with nature and your body, and to safely process your emotions. It’s a way to sit with and heal from the difficulties of life, and to go deeper in your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Read more.

Foundations of Samadhi: Düntün (Seven-day) Retreat

with Jakob Leschly, 20 – 27 November 2021

This retreat is held under the auspices of Tibetan Buddhist master Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche with Jakob Leschly as his resident instructor.

The practice of Buddhist meditation allows us to uncover and experience our natural heritage of wisdom though cultivating insight or vipashyana. It is to establish a peaceful space of presence and mindfulness, allowing us to awaken a calmer and wider appreciation of our reality.
Read more.

Garden of Mindfulness Family Retreat

Star Wars & Lucid Dreaming

28 December 2021 – 4 January 2022

This year’s Garden of Mindfulness is based on the archetypes in “Star Wars” and “the Mandalorian” – including Baby Yoda/Grogu, with whom so many of us have fallen in love. By special request we will also be exploring Lucid Dreaming (and symbolism in dreams), which has captured the imagination of so many older kids right now. Journey through the mindfulness looking glass with us! Nurture the wild creative within and enhance your and your family’s wellbeing through play and nature exploration. Read more.

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