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Honouring the Unseen Hands

By way of editorial, I'd like to just take a moment to honour all the unseen hands that keep the Wangapeka alive and well, in ever-changing and often challenging circumstances. In the midst of a world in tremendous tumult, where things are so tenuously held together, somehow Wangapeka keeps happening. I can't help but feel it to be something of a miracle! This month I'm feeling moved to acknowledge our incredible Board of Trustees, Caretakers and all the willing members of the community who are continuously stepping up and going beyond to keep this precious place going. This goes on behind the scenes every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who keep the wheels turning, and for the unseen forces of support, the field of blessing, that inspires so many beings to carry on this work, for the benefit of all beings. 

This Newsphere shares some delightful "behind the scenes" projects going on -  Louise Petzold is researching the Whakapapa of Wangapeka, Iain Verigin has been creating Wangapeka e-Books, our new Board members are learning the ropes, and much generous hard work went on at the recent Maintenance Week on the land. 
All is blessing,
Chani (Editor)

September Kumanu 

Compiled by Elli Yates

Welcome to the first Kumanu report from your new BoT. It was exciting to acknowledge in this hui the opportunity we have as a new configuration of people to review processes and make sure people’s needs are being met, as well as meeting our legal obligations as a Board. Here’s what the Board members and Caretakers covered, Zooming in from Motueka, Wellington, Ōtaki and Auckland. In this Kumanu you'll find updates on Caretakers, Advertising new Positions, BoT Processes, Cooks and Volunteers, and the Year of Clear Vision Retreat in December. 

Read here for the full report

Joining the Wangapeka BOT

By Hadleigh Tiddy 

My nomination to the Wangapeka Board of Trustees was as surprising and unexpected as an optimistic kereru crash-landing on a kōwhai.

I had come to the centre as part of the team organizing the annual Hui, and my intention had been to learn more about the mysterious inner-workings of the centre I felt so drawn to. The Hui was fantastic, and the sunrise from Omahu on the Sunday morning was worth skipping breakfast for. During the AGM coffee break, I sat on the couch outside the hall and was enjoying the sun when Cashy Yates joined me. Knowing we only had a few minutes, she quickly unveiled her vision for my future: moving to Nelson, co-buying an eco property, and ushering in the next generation of tamariki alongside my dharma-friend Elli. As the gong rang for us to return, she concluded by asking if she could nominate me as a member of the Board. I was surprised: even by then the idea hadn’t occurred to me, but once she mentioned it, it seemed like an excellent thing to do.

So, like the Kereru and the kōwhai, I launched out and landed on the Board with little understanding of its structure or weight. The branch has been bouncing ever since that sunny Sunday in July, and through each meeting I am learning something new. It is a wonderful opportunity to be working with wise, compassionate, aspiring people, who are willing to spend many hours on emails and zoom calls, doing work needed to keep the centre flourishing for the awakening of all. My perspective continues to widen, as I come to appreciate the vast network of beings, actions, words, thoughts, and lineages that coordinate and coalesce around the centre.

As the world unfolds into futures unknown, may we skillfully apply all of our energies for the benefit of all living beings.
Elli Yates and Hadleigh Tiddy - our fresh new Board Members!

The Whakapapa of the Wangapeka Whenua -
a process of discovery! 

By Louise Petzold

Have you ever pulled in through the gate at the Centre and deeply exhaled? An incredible feast meets the sense doors, the whenua, the land, alive with sounds, movement and smells. It always makes me smile as the whole organism seems to breathe a sigh of relief.
An intrinsic part of being at the Wangapeka Retreat Centre, is feeling deeply into the support and connection with the land. So many of our community have expressed how that connection has been felt from first stepping foot through the gates. We are supported and we support. We are connected whether we know it or not. So many weavings have created the land to be as it is, and continue to provide us with the
support and nourishment we so obviously feel by being at the Centre. But what of the human weavings? How has the land been passed from one human collective to another? What has the whenua been used for? How did the whenua pass from Mana Whenua to Pàkehà? What is the whakapapa of the Wangapeka Retreat Centre whenua? In these times of great global challenge and change, gaining deeper understanding and greater clarity from these questions seems important as each piece of information has the ability to feed our present day actions.
With these musings, earlier this year, I began the initial stages of discovery.....

Read more here
Map of Goldfields 

Making Wangapeka e-Books

By Iain Verigin

I’ve been having a great time converting Tarchin’s books into full digital editions that can be sold on Kindle and Kobo. So far I’ve completed Daily Puja, Foundations of Mindfulness, Walking in Wisdom, Breathing, and Natural Awakening. I’m hoping to have Growth & Unfolding and True Refuge completed by end of this year. These have been published via Wangapeka books, and the profits are being donated to the Wangapeka Centre. The pricing theme is — make them available — that is they’re all less than $10 USD and Natural Awakening is $4 USD.

The motivation to do this has been percolating for a few years. I first learned how to make an e-Book in 2017 when I pieced together a personal Blog collection. Then I documented the Q Mind 2018 program, tinkered with Bonni’s Blog Collection, and History of Sayadaw U Thila Wunta. I also took a stab at Tarchin’s Daily Puja and Foundations of Mindfulness, thought about putting them on Kindle, did a preliminary conversion of each, and then dropped it.

And then “2020 A Year of Clear Vision” came along, and Bonni had this idea of Namgyal Legacy Videos. That idea resonated with me because I had the experience of purchasing Bokar Rinpoche’s Chenrezig book on Kindle because it was out-of-print. Then it hit me, someone needs to preserve NR influenced books to keep them available. And it would be good to build the capability of e-Books for new NR influenced authors.

It became apparent that I was the one to do this and that Tarchin’s books could be a good place to start.

Read more here....

Taking Care of the Land 

Photos from the Maintenance Week and recent retreats

Send in your Stories! 

We welcome contributions to Newsphere anytime. If you have photos, stories, reports, reflections, poems, art, songs or videos you'd like to share with the community please send them to

2020 Programme

Coming Down to Earth

At Home in the Body, At Home in the World

with Chani Grieve, 15 – 21 October 2020
Our journey to freedom starts with the body. It offers a down-to-earth and
immediate way to connect with ourselves and align with what is real. Our
bodies show us exactly where we are, and also the next step we need to take along our path. In this retreat we will explore through movement,
meditation, and creative enquiry, the intimate relationship between healing
ourselves and restoring our world. Read more.

Note -- [Fully booked, Wait List option]

Love for Land and Centre


Working Bee and Remembering Namgyal Rinpoche

with Community, 23 – 26 October 2020

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to our 2020 Labour weekend working bee!
And Remembering Namgyal Rinpoche.

To remember his passing we have invited two Wangapeka Elders who were deeply influenced by Namgyal Rinpoche, Keith Rowan and Bonni Ross, to have a conversation together. Korero will be free flowing between Bonni and Keith and will touch on themes relevant to us all as we try to live well in these uncertain times.

Everyone is welcome.  Read more.

Advanced Shamanic Training & Vision Quest

with Dr. John Broomfield, 29 October 2020 – 2 November 2020
This is a rare opportunity for intensive practice with a senior shamanic teacher. Exploration of shamanic cultures from around the world will lay the groundwork for our own practice of advanced techniques. Read more.

Bodhi Seeds Retreat 2020

7 days at the Wangapeka

with Jaimie, Juliana, and Andy, 18 – 26 November 2020

Tools for The Great Turning. A deeper dive in meditation and community for young adults (age 18-35).

Why come to this Retreat? We are facing the collapse of the natural environment and challenges to our old social and economic structures. There is a need for active hope to participate in and support wholesome communities, where integrated and mature human beings contribute for the birth of an interconnected, response-able culture. Read more.

Young Adults Retreat (YAR)

The Courage to Question

with Elli, Dan, and Chani, 13 – 20 December 2020

What does it feel like to be in a state of question?
What would it be like to embrace the mystery of the universe, to take shelter in the heart? 

What tools could we resource ourselves with to meet the discomfort of not knowing? How can we find ways to explore creatively in the face of challenge? Could we allow ourselves to open to the power of not knowing? If we can learn to open ourselves to vast, collective fields of intelligence and support, then perhaps we can find extraordinary capacities for compassionate action in the face of uncertainty.This annual retreat is an opportunity for young people to develop and deepen a meditation practice within the supportive context of the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. Read more.

Garden of Mindfulness Family Retreat

Alice in Wonderland Edition

28 December 2020 – 4 January 2021
This year’s Garden of Mindfulness is based on the themes in “Alice in Wonderland”, including by special request a focus on the Fool archetype via The Mad Hatter, and the rivers of creativity flowing through Sarasvati via Alice. Read more.

2021 Programme

Beginning Now!

An Introductory Meditation Retreat

with Chani, Kath, and Mark, 7 – 12 January 2021

Where do I start?
I’ve never done a retreat before.
There is so much going on in the world. How can meditation really help me and others?
I wish my busy mind could be more quiet and calm.
Silent for 5 days- how could anyone do that?

Read more.

A Glimpse Through The Keyhole

the Preliminary Practices of the Diamond Vehicle

with Bonni Ross, 15 – 29 January 2021

The Individual Vehicle is like walking to India.
The Altruistic Vehicle is like driving to India.
The Transformative Vehicle is like taking a rocket ship to India.

– HH the Dalai Lama

Read more.

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