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Lily Taylor Music

ULNA will be in
Austin, TX
Saturday September 15th

ULNA (Lily Taylor v. Darcy Neal, Noise from Denton)

HOW I QUIT CRACK (Tina, Chris, and maybe Michael doing what they do best, blacklights included) DOGS (new Harsh Noise project of Johnny Cash & Justin Fritsche)

AURORA PLASTICS COMPANY (Austin’s longest-running, most respected Noise group ft. Anne Heller, Matt Lacomette, Johnny Cash, Art Pinsof, and more)

DROMEZ (Harsh guitar and feedback loop noise)

RUTHLESS DUKES vs. PRINCESS ARMY WEDDING COMBAT (Chris Monica aka Yatagarasu doing Noise alongside Kelly Donovan, harsh with lotsa screaming I bet)

San Francisco
August 2012

YBCA for the ConVerge Series with Aaron Terry

Some Thing! at The Stud drag showcase, singing GLUE

Drizzoleto at Amnesia the bar, Love for You, album release party
SomeThing! at The Stud drag showcase. Singing FADE

photo by Eric Harvieux, LT at The Stud

Melody Ferris & Lily Taylor, sing with Karina Denike at Red Poppy Art House

Singing at Club Deluxe with Joe Wicht on keys for Little Minsky's Burlesque Showcase

Karina Denike in action at Amnesia with Melody Ferris, Lily Taylor, and Aaron Novik. Not ftd, Michael McIntosh, James Fraizer, Eric Garland

video shoot with Porto Franco singing with Karina Denike

More SF shows are being booked for November 2012!

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