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Today’s Activity: Reach Out to the People Around You

Our last email covered how to add photos to a map. The Habitat Network is meant to inspire a movement of people, like you, working to change the way we landscape. This week we ask you to do something simple: visit your map, zoom out, and look for the map nearest to you. Check it out by clicking on the site icon. What kind of site is it? Is it a neighbor? Is their map complete? If you are feeling brave leave them a comment, let them know you are a part of this effort too.

If you are ready to take-on a leadership role, providing a place for people in your community to gather to map, encourage one another, exchange advice, and, maybe even, work towards shared goals for your neighborhood then consider making a neighborhood group using our Groups Tool (articles #1 & #3). If that doesn’t fit your current schedule, consider browsing the group’s tool to find a group near you, or of interest to you (article #3).

Too complex to cover in these short emails, we invite you to check-out our series of articles on the topic:
#1: We introduce the groups tool in this article
#2: Show you how to join a group at this link
#3: Talk about how to create a groups in this one
#4: And reveal the secrets of the Group’s Visualization Tool in this one.

Phew, the good stuff is always a little complicated.

See You in a Group,

The Habitat Network Team


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