Saving Elephants - China's Promise
China's Promise
Greater Sage-Grouse by Gerrit Vyn

CHINA’S PROMISE (see the call to action below)

In a time of global uncertainty and increased tension, elephants have just been given their best chance of survival since the start of Africa’s exploitation centuries ago. China’s president Xi Jinping has followed through on an agreement with Barak Obama to commit to a timetable for reducing the brutal demand for ivory that is wiping out Africa’s elephants. 

China has promised that it will have stopped domestic trade in ivory by the end of 2017. If the bottom drops out of the market, the incentives to kill will drop too.
As WildAid said so well:

“When the buying stops
The killing can too”

This is intervention on a scale that will make a difference.

We need to recognize that ending trade will be very difficult, and it is important to empathize with the many artisans who will lose jobs, but while it is our responsibility to recognize positive steps, we also must raise our voices when needed so that the promise is kept.

The bar has been set

Thank you China

Watch "Saving Elephants"

ELP Community - we have pushed out an awareness campaign with the above text and the fantastic video linked above, but we need to try to really get this viewed widely. My hope is that by lodging the tag 'China's Promise' and the hashtag #chinapromise in lots of people's heads, we can reach a really big group when we need to put pressure on China and other 'non-compliant' countries to keep the promise (e.g. joining petition campaigns).
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And Thank You.
- Peter
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