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© Blue Jay by Cody Bassindale | Macaulay Library

Winter Bird Feeding Live Q&A On Nov. 16

Winter is on its way, and backyard birds will soon be flocking to feeders for an easy snack as temperatures begin to drop. With so much information out there, it can be hard to decide how to approach feeding our feathered friends. That's why we're bringing in the experts to answer all of your winter wonderings about bird feeding!

During this one-hour live event, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Project FeederWatch Leader Dr. Emma Greig and Project Assistant Heidi Faulkner will offer top tips for winter bird feeding and share how how you can get involved counting birds for science with Project FeederWatch this season.

Mark Your Calendars: This Q&A session will happen live via a Zoom webinar on November 16 from 2–3 P.M. ET. Register for the webinar to access the link, get a reminder, and receive a recording in case you can't make it. Also, be sure to enter any questions that you'd like to see answered live by the experts! Register now

Whether you're a seasoned pro or planning on setting up your first feeder, you'll be sure to come away with some interesting insights from the Cornell Lab crew!

Watch a highlight of Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder.
Watch Evening Grosbeaks flock to the feeders on the Ontario FeederWatch cam. 

Colorful Finches Lead The Way In Ontario

Speaking of winter bird feeding, have you checked out the Ontario FeederWatch cam yet? We've already welcomed massive flocks of vibrant Evening Grosbeaks and a handful of their colorful cousins—Pine Grosbeaks—to the cam in Manitouwadge, Ontario. See who stops in next! Watch live

This fall marked another first for the cam when a female Northern Cardinal began visiting on Halloween weekend! This bird may be common to some, but it's rare for this species to range this far north. In fact, Tammie Hache (cam host and long-time participant of Project FeederWatch) shared that this cardinal is only the second bird to visit her backyard since 2004, when she first set up her feeders. 

Carole Ludwig, winner of the Ultimate Fall Birdwatching Bundle, photographing birds at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Stroudsburg, PA.

Fall Birdwatching Bundle Winner Announced

Congratulations to Carole Ludwig—the grand-prize winner of the 2022 Ultimate Fall Birdwatching Bundle! Carole will be receiving a package of prizes including binoculars from ZEISS, feeders from Perky-Pet, and birding resources from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

As a resident of northeastern Pennsylvania, Carole is excited to use her new binoculars to watch Bald Eagles that nest nearby at the Delaware Water Gap. She also shared that, "Right now, the fall colors are a great backdrop for some of the small lakes and ponds in my neighborhood where there are always ducks, geese, and sometimes herons to watch." 

Carole also enjoys photography. This weekend, her feeder was dominated by Tufted Titmice, and she was able to snap a shot this photogenic individual. 
Enter to win a new hummingbird feeder.
Tap above to share your favorite hummingbird and enter to win a Perky-Pet feeder.
© Rivoli's Hummingbird by Jason Vassallo | Macaulay Library

Tell Us About Your Favorite Hummingbird 

Hummingbird migration is winding down on the West Texas feeder cam, and Bird Cams is offering up one last chance to win a brand new feeder from our sponsors at Perky-Pet before we make the switch to suet and seeds this winter.  

Don't delay! Share your favorite hummingbird species from the cam this season and why it takes your top spot by the end of the day today, November 7, for a chance to win a feeder. We'll randomly select four winners from all participants and will be in touch by the end of the week. Enter now

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