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  • October Big Day is only a month away
  • Preventing bird-plane collisions using eBird data
  • eBird's 2021 Taxonomy Update is now complete
  • The purpose of dark facial markings on Peregrine Falcons
  • Apply for the Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Your September eBirding can win you Zeiss binoculars and a Cornell Lab raptor identification course
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October Big Day—9 October 2021

October Big Day is only a month away. Wherever you are on 9 October, take a few minutes to join the world of birding by submitting eBird checklists. What new birding heights can we reach together? Every list counts!

How to participate in October Big Day

Preventing Bird-Plane Collisions with eBird Data

Bird collisions with planes may cost up to $1.2 billion per year worldwide. A recent study looked at patterns in airport bird strikes, weather, and eBird reports to predict when and which bird species were at greatest risk of collision with airplanes. Their results, together with your eBird observations, can help airports save time, money, and possibly lives.

Reducing hazards to birds and aircraft

2021 Taxonomy Update Complete!

Observations in the eBird global database now reflect the most current ornithological knowledge. This year's taxonomy update resulted in an increase of 103 species to a global total of 10,824 bird species. Many changes are the outcome of years-long investigations involving museum specimens, genetic data, and possibly even your eBird checklists and media contributions to the Macaulay Library. Thank you!

Did your life list change? See the full list of taxonomic updates.

Photos Reveal Purpose of Dark Facial Markings on Falcons

Peregrine Falcons are found on almost every continent but their appearance can vary dramatically. Why do some Peregrine Falcons have darker facial markings than others? Researchers turned to photos from the Macaulay Library to test different theories about the facial markings of Peregrine Falcons and found support for an age-old hypothesis.

What do falcons and athletes have in common?

Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellowshop

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology invites applications for our Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellowship. Multiple awards support innovative research by early career scholars from any field of inquiry. Applications due 4 Oct.

Learn more and apply

Win a free raptor identification course

Just in time for migration, each eligible checklist that you submit in September gives you a chance to win Bird Academy’s NEW Be a Better Birder: Hawk and Raptor Identification course, packed with powerful practice tools.

Learn more

eBirder of the Month

Develop your sound recording repertoire. Submit 20 eligible checklists with rated sound recordings in September to be in the running for eBirder of the Month and free Zeiss binoculars.

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