In this issue: More to explore in Merlin Bird ID

Check out 1,500 new sounds

We are always working to make Merlin Bird ID the best birding companion for you in the field. Our latest improvement adds more sounds for birds of the US and Canada, including more regional dialects and alternate songs for 359 species, all available for free by downloading new packs or updating packs you already have. Read more.

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Pack updates for everyone

Each summer, Merlin updates to reflect changes in the global bird list. Check the Bird Pack screen in Merlin to update your pack. Learn more about these changes.

Bird ID tips

Follow @MerlinBirdID on Twitter to get daily identification tips and be challenged by weekly quizzes!

Learn about Life Lists and eBird

eBird, Cornell Lab's bird sightings database, powers the Merlin Bird ID app. Now Merlin lets you see what birds are on your eBird life list. Learn more about the eBird and Merlin integrated features.

Learn all about eBird, including how to keep track of the birds you've seen with the eBird essentials course. Discover how eBird can enhance your passion for birds and how your participation helps us better understand them.​ Get started with the free eBird Essentials course today.

New Regions!

Packs for Hawaii, Nicaragua, Panama and Bogota (Colombia) are now available.

These bird packs are free to download in Merlin.

Merlin Tips

Local bird names?
Merlin has Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, UK English, and many more options from the Settings screen in Merlin.

ID not working?
Sometimes during phone updates, Bird Packs can disappear from your device. If you see odd results, simply delete and reinstall your Bird Packs to get the latest content.

Have any other questions? Contact support.
Photos in this newsletter
Northern Flicker © Matt Davis/Macaulay Library (ML20417471)
Canada Jay ©Evan Lipton/Macaulay Library (ML66802191)
Palila ©Jacob Drucker/Macaulay Library (ML30861741)
Evening Grosbeak ©Bellemare Celine/Macaulay Library (ML120277281)
Cerulean Warbler ©Andrew Simon/Macaulay Library (ML57482791)

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