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November 2018

Cerulean Warbler by Andrew Simon
Cerulean Warbler by Andrew Simon/Macaulay Library.

Introducing the Free Course That Will Make You an eBird Whiz 

Are you a birder, a bird watcher, or a bird lover? It doesn’t matter—this course is for you. Whether you watch birds at your feeder, on the way to work, or travel miles for that one bird you can’t wait to see, eBird can help. Discover how eBird can make finding, photographing, and sharing birds more enjoyable, and how your participation helps scientists understand and protect them, too. Learn more and dive in to the course.

This Could Be the Winter You Get Evening Grosbeaks at Your Feeder

A poor summer for conifer seeds in eastern Canada could spell a great winter for feeder watchers in eastern North America. Already, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Purple Finches, and Pine Siskins are showing up in unusually high numbers. Evening Grosbeaks could make their strongest showing in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in nearly two decades. Get ready for great winter birding with our predictions and tips.  

It's a Great Year to Sign Up for Project FeederWatch. Fill your feeders, then count birds as often as once per week, as your schedule allows, between November and April. You'll be part of a 30+ year tradition, and you'll notice more at your feeders. Season starts Nov. 10 (but you can sign up anytime this winter). A small participation fee covers materials and staff time. Learn more and sign up for FeederWatch now.  
Mystery Bird by Charles Gates/Macaulay Library
Can you name this opulently colored tropical bird? Photo by Charles Gates/Macaulay Library.

Which Species Is This?

Our All About Birds guide covers the U.S. and Canada, but what about the rest of the world? Introducing eBird Explore Species, a free tool that covers every bird species on the planet. Try it out with this handsome black-and-blue creature, photographed in Mexico. Do you know which species it is? Check your answer with eBird Explore.

Explore Any Bird Species in the World: eBird Explore Species brings together everything we have on every bird in the world: range maps, sighting data, ID text, sounds, and photos. Give it a spin and explore a random bird species with the "surprise me" feature.
Lorena Patricio is part of the Young Birders Event

Celebrating 10 Years of Young Birders—and Their Dreams

We're inspired by young birders—like Lorena Silva, a Brazilian girl who at the age of 15 combined her artistic talent and love of birds to publish a field guide. Every summer for the past decade, we've invited a group of high-school-age birders from around the world to visit our headquarters for a long weekend of ornithology, inspiration, and bird watching. This video about Lorena is one of three we've produced to highlight some of the ways these birders inspire us each and every year.

Many thanks to Zeiss for making the Young Birders Event possible these last 10 years.

Our Massive "Wall of Birds" Mural Is Now a Beautiful Art Book

In The Wall of Birds, Jane Kim and Thayer Walker of Ink Dwell studio tell the story behind the mural that Jane spent more than 18 months painting in our visitor center. The book is out now from HarperCollins, with a special edition from Barnes & Noble that includes a free art print. Download a sample chapter and order this gorgeous book today.

Listen to Jane Kim on Weekend Edition: Jane tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about the ups and downs of painting 243 birds on one gigantic mural—and the way she balances scientific accuracy with artistic expression. 
November eBirder of the Month Challenge: Enter 30 or more checklists this month using the free eBird Mobile app, and you could win Zeiss binoculars. Details. New to eBird? Watch this video.

New Macaulay Library Home Page: The redesigned page has a new look and quick links to all the tools and tips you'll need to find photos, videos, and sounds of the natural world in our online library.  

eBird Explore Species Gets a Thumbs-Up from Audubon: Check out their review of the new feature described above, and a walk-through on how to use it

Job Openings: Come work with us at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! See listings.

Bird Events, Near and Far: Take flight to one of the many bird festivals and events coming up this season.

Create A Facebook Fundraiser to Help the Cornell Lab

Piping Plover and chick by B.N. Singh via Birdshare.

Our members and supporters are the heart of what makes our work possible. If you're looking for a way to help the Cornell Lab and spread awareness of our work among your friends, a great new way to do that is to set up a Facebook Fundraiser.

It's easy and secure to set up—we've even created an illustrated guide to walk you through the main steps. Here's how to create your own Facebook Fundraiser to help the Cornell Lab. Thank you for your support!

Evening Grosbeaks visiting the Ontario FeederWatch cam

Watch Winter Finches Live on Ontario FeederWatch Cam

While you're waiting for Evening Grosbeaks to show up at your feeder, keep an eye out for them on our live cam in northern Ontario—along with redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks, Ruffed Grouse, and many more winter thrills. Thanks to Perky-Pet for sponsoring this cam. Watch the winter action.

Cornell Lab Publishing Group November promotion

Bird-a-Day Calendars Are Here, and They're Buy-One-Get-One-Free!

Check out this special pre-holiday offer for you and a friend: Buy one 2019 Bird-a-Day Calendar and get one free! Begin each day with a gorgeous photo from our birding community, full-color range maps, bird facts, and streamable sounds. Shop Bird-a-Day Calendars here—and use promo code BOGOCAL19 at checkout.
Saltmarsh Sparrow by Ryan Schain/Macaulay Library
Saltmarsh Sparrow by Ryan Schain/Macaulay Library.

Free Access to Birds of North America Account

This charming but secretive tidal-marsh specialist lives life on the edge: it nests mere inches above the tide and is extremely threatened by sea-level rise. Get to know the Saltmarsh Sparrow with free access to its Birds of North America account during the month of November.

Birds of North America is the definitive source for information about the breeding birds of the U.S. and Canada. Subscriptions start as low as $5 for 30 days of access to more than 760 accounts.

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