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  • What's that bird song? Try Sound ID in Merlin
  • Second annual Black Birders Week celebrates and inspires
  • Thank you for supporting eBird
  • Behind the scenes of Merlin's new Sound ID feature
  • Report birds faster using 4-letter Quick Find Codes
  • Your July eBirding can win you Zeiss binoculars and a Cornell Lab gardening for birds course
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New Sound ID Feature in Merlin

The free Merlin Bird ID app can now help you identify the sounds of 400+ birds that occur in the United States and Canada. Hold up your phone and record bird sounds, and Merlin will help you identify the birds in real time! Merlin's results are powered by the thousands of audio recordings and bird observations submitted by the eBird community. As Merlin continues to learn from more recordings, more bird species will be added.

Try Merlin's new Sound ID feature

Second Annual Black Birders Week Celebrates Black Joy in Birding

Thousands watched, shared, and birded as part of the second annual Black Birders Week (May 30-June 5)—a series of social media events highlighting the experiences of Black people in nature. Day 5, #BirdsOfAFeather encouraged birders of all skill levels to explore nature nearest to them and submit eBird checklists, as well as participate in live-streamed and in-person bird walks.

Explore archived events from Black Birders Week 2021

Thank you for supporting eBird

We thank everyone who contributes to eBird—your bird observations and financial contributions keep us moving forward. eBird Monthly Supporters get early access to exciting new features like Sound ID in Merlin, plus a Cornell Lab membership, Living Bird subscription, yearly calendar, and the knowledge that their gifts help make eBird's continued success possible.

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Behind the scenes of Sound ID in Merlin

What's so special about Sound ID in Merlin? Peek behind the curtain and learn how this breakthrough technology was built, how it works, and how it manages to be so accurate. The first in a series of articles looking at the design and development of Sound ID in Merlin.

Discover what sets Sound ID in Merlin apart

Report any bird using just four letters

Quick Find Codes are a simple way to report birds to eBird using just four letters—no memorization required! If you know a bird's name, you also know its code. Quick Find Codes work for scientific names, too.

Learn the 4-letter code for your favorite birds

Win a Cornell Lab gardening for birds course

Create a welcoming outdoor space for birds. Each eligible checklist that you submit in July gives you a chance to win Bird Academy's new Gardening for Birds and Nature course.

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eBirder of the Month

July is one of the least-eBirded months of the year, but an interesting time for bird movements! Submit 31 eligible checklists in July to be in the running for eBirder of the Month and free Zeiss binoculars.

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