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Dear <<Citizen Scientist Login_Name>>,

Congrats on committing to changing our landscapes a whole year ago. Whether you've been a habitat gardener for a long time or were just taking your first steps into this community, we are delighted that you are here for the long haul to join the other changemakers in doing things a little differently. 

Today’s Activity: Celebrate with a yard sign

We think one year into the project is the perfect time to look back on your map(s), take stock of what you've accomplished over the last year, and make sure everything is up-to-date.

It is also a great time to celebrate your efforts with a little yard *bling*. Donate to the project to receive a heavy-duty metal sign to display in your wildlife garden. Your gift supports Habitat Network and works to share your commitment to wildlife-gardening with anyone passing by. So many gardeners have reported what a difference a sign makes in people's perceptions of their landscape. And, because you've been around since 2017 you get TWO awesome animal stickers to "bring your sign to life." Donate $70 or more today to receive this gift in the mail.

Happy Habitaniversery

The Habitat Network Team


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#11:  Update Your Map

#12:  Reach Out to the People Around You

#13:  Research a New Plant for Your Space

#14:  Photograph Your Site, Again



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