ALTRUM Focus Newsletter Volume 10 Issue 3
The Checkered Flag

In this Issue:

  1. Five Tips for a Healthy Belly
  2. April ALTRUM News — Recharge Your Mental Power
  3. Price Adjustment Effective May 1

Five Tips for a Healthy Belly

The gastrointestinal tract takes on a lot of stress. Processed foods require a lot more work from the digestive system than whole foods. Eating food on the run (rather than chewing mindfully and allowing your saliva to help break down food) means that your pancreas has to work harder.

Extra work and unnatural material in the gut can lead to a poorly functioning GI tract, that leads to inflammation, depression and fatigue, according to Eva Selhub, M.D., an expert in the fields of stress, resilience, mind-body medicine and working with the natural environment to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

Selhub is a lecturer in medicine at Harvard Medical School and a clinical associate of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Her article on how to improve the intestinal tract was published in MindBodyGreen, an online health resource, in April 2015.

Selhub offers five rules to help improve your gut, which can improve overall health.

  • Remember, food is meant to nourish, not to manage emotions. Important things to ask oneself before eating can include the following questions:
    • Am I truly hungry?
    • Will this food nourish me to be my best, happiest, and strongest self?
    • Am I really just thirsty?
  • Some foods that can burden your digestive system:
    • Sweets
    • Baked goods
    • Fatty foods
    • Alcohol
    • Excessive caffeine
    • Too much dairy
    • Anything processed

What are the foods to eat? Stick to fruits and vegetables, fish, grass-fed meats and such grains as quinoa, gluten-free oats or rice. Whole foods provide the natural multivitamins and antioxidants the body needs and the digestive system requires for healthy functioning.

Eat foods that support “good” bacteria. A healthy gut means having trillions of good bacteria living, digesting, absorbing and promoting a healthy immune system and a happy mind. Increase intake of food groups that contain live cultures of such bacteria as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, as well as the foods that help feed them. Foods that help the natural flora of your gut include onions, garlic, leeks, legumes, asparagus and artichokes. Fermented foods mean foods that have been “cultured” and support the “good bugs.” These include: pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir and miso.

  • Eat the rainbow. Since the gut makes up a large part of your defense system against disease through its physical barrier, its friendly bacteria, and the immune cells that live there, you want to help your gut along by living an “anti-inflammatory” life.
  • By consuming colorful fruits and vegetables such as kale, raspberries, string beans, sweet potatoes, avocado, spinach, apples and cantaloupe, you provide your body with necessary antioxidants. Cherries, blueberries, tomatoes and squash are high in antioxidant content and may protect against inflammatory damage in the gut.
  • Manage stress. New research around the microbiome indicates that your gut and your stress levels are connected. Aim for emotional balance with positive social interaction, as well as times for rest and relaxation. Find sources for stress reduction, such as spending time in nature, meditating, speaking to a counselor, or spending time with your pet. In addition, work on getting adequate sleep.
  • Slow down in everything you do. A hectic lifestyle can have negative health consequences, especially in your gut and your mood. In the long run, you may want to practice slowing down (which includes a good night’s sleep or naps).

Recharge Your Mental Power

ALTRUM Memory Focus supports thinking power, sharp mental focus and vibrant memory. And it protects your brain’s function with proven nutrients in a powerful nutritional formula.

This issue of ALTRUM News spotlights the proven memory-supporting ingredients in Memory Focus, an ALTRUM best-seller.

Ultra Probiotics

Ultra Probiotics is a powerful probiotic formula that delivers 26.5 billion live cells^ featuring nine strains of healthy bacteria to help maintain overall health. Probiotics naturally support the digestive system, to encourage intestinal balance and may contribute to a healthy immune system.*

May Help:

  • Improve digestion and absorption of vitamins*
  • Manufacture vitamins needed by the body*
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that cause digestive stress*

Ultra Probiotics





Wholesale Price

Retail Price



(1) 60 ct.






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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Please check with your physician when using prescription medication in combination with food supplements.

ALTRUM News brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and how nutrition helps maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility — plus much more. 

ALTRUM Price Adjustment Effective May 1

Effective May 1, ALTRUM Ultra Multi, A.J.’s Ultra Multi and Memory Focus each will undergo a price adjustment in the U.S. due to increased raw-material costs. A price adjustment affecting all ALTRUM products also will be implemented in Canada on May 1, with increases for some products and decreases for others.

ALTRUM products are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients available; each formula provides the nutrients to supplement a healthy diet. Ultra Multi provides more than 86 life-sustaining ingredients in each tablet, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs, amino acids and more. Compare ALTRUM Ultra Multis to the best multi at any health-food store. You won’t find a comparable formula anywhere for less than $60.

Adjusted prices will be available in the ALTRUM online store, in the ALTRUM Dealer Zone, in the May ALTRUM News and in printed ALTRUM price lists May 1.

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