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  1. Why an Oil Company Sells Nutritional Supplements

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  4. March ALTRUM News: Discovering the Benefits of Nutritional Supplementation

Why an Oil Company Sells
Nutritional Supplements

Many people ask why AMSOIL INC., an oil manufacturer, also sells nutritional supplements. 
“I know I have heard the question so many times over the years that I’ve quit counting,” said ALTRUM Manager Greg Sawyer. “Why indeed do we sell the supplements?
Sawyer recalled a long-ago conversation with AMSOIL President and CEO A.J. Amatuzio.
It was a revelation of Amatuzio’s personal philosophy that is the underpinning for the company, and its divisions, ALTRUM and AGGRAND.
“Al talked about how AMSOIL became an idea and then a reality,” Sawyer said. “Throughout the conversation he referred back to his career as a jet fighter pilot and the rigors of maintaining a pilot’s flight status.”
Pilots needed to pass a medical and physical examination every six months to maintain their flying status. Those requirements, and Amatuzio’s love of flying, sparked his interest in nutrition and nutritional supplementation, Sawyer said.
Amatuzio said he knew the meals lacked vital nutrients, so he took extra vitamins and minerals, as well as exercised in order to keep flying. 
“We all have to eat, so we might as well eat healthy, too,” Amatuzio said. “Our food should be grown in a healthy environment, not with that chemical garbage. That’s also 
why I came up with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.” 
It’s common knowledge now that chemicals in food, water and air are a major health concern. “Prescription drugs also are rampant — there seems to be a pill for just about everything,” Sawyer said.
According to a recent report, 69 percent of Americans take some form of vitamin or supplement daily. “This confirms Al’s vision that people want to be healthy, naturally.” Sawyer said. “So there you have it. A vision that turned into reality, on several fronts. “It was Al’s personal philosophy of wellness, and his desire to share his success with others that brought about the ALTRUM supplements line.
“Without health, nothing else matters. ALTRUM nutritional supplements help supply nutrients not provided by everyday meals. Al wanted to offer everyone the ability to maintain their health. Like the fighter pilots, Al wanted you to be healthy, so you, too, would never lose your ‘flight status’ in life.
“So the next time the question comes up about why AMSOIL sells ALTRUM vitamins, remember Al Amatuzio‘s philosophy of AMSOIL.
“AMSOIL lubricants extend the life of our vehicles. ALTRUM helps promote extended health benefits to our Dealers and customers. Al had a pretty good vision when you think about it.”


April ALTRUM News Online Now

ALTRUM Manager: ‘Eat Right, Live Right, Take Your Supplements

The April issue of ALTRUM News features frequently asked questions and answers from ALTRUM Manager Greg Sawyer.

On page three, Dealers talk about their favorite ALTRUM supplements.
Page six highlights the unique formulation of ALTRUM Ultra Probiotics, a universal probiotic formula that provides nine premium strains of probiotics to help renew and maintain healthy intestinal microflora.

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ALTRUM News brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and how good nutrition helps maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility – plus much more. Visit the ALTRUM website at to review past issues of ALTRUM News. *

March ALTRUM News Online

Discovering the Benefits of Nutritional Supplementation

March ALTRUM News

ALTRUM Manager Greg Sawyer often speaks with AMSOIL/ALTRUM Dealers who report improvements in their overall health after beginning an ALTRUM supplements program. The March issue features Sawyer's insights into the benefits  of nutritional supplementation, as well as reports from satisfied ALTRUM customers.

Page six highlights one Dealer's experience with ALTRUM Nutritional Oils.*

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AGGRAND News Online

Fall 2011 AGGRAND News

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