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  1. Prevention Can Help Reduce Costs of Health Care

  2. July ALTRUM News Online Now: Omega-3 Still Making News

  3. AGGRAND Promotional Items Available Online

  4. AGGRAND Growth Plot Study Underway for 2013 Season

  5. AGGRAND Cost, Formulation Calculator Online in AGGRAND DZ

Prevention Can Help Reduce Costs of Health Care

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
— Thomas Edison, 1902
Thomas Edison was a visionary who understood the value of self-reliance and personal dedication to one’s health. Eating properly and exercising were as important in his time as they are today.
Through the years, many people look for the silver bullet to cure their health issues. Conventional medicine keeps marketing new drugs as silver bullets, but do they really help? Increasing evidence shows that often those “silver bullets” can cause more problems and a spiral of other health issues. The Mayo Clinic recently published a report saying that 70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug. And the researchers said prescription drug spending will only increase in the future.

July ALTRUM News Online Now

Omega-3 Still Making News

July brings you the debut issue of the redesigned ALTRUM News with its cleaner, crisper format. The issue focuses on new evidence that omega-3 essential fatty acids plays an essential role in memory function, and benefit men and women differently. It is the first time research has shown that some benefits of omega-3 fatty acids differ by gender. This issue also discusses the harmful effects of unchecked inflammation in the body.

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ALTRUM News brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and how good nutrition helps maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility – plus much more. Visit the ALTRUM website at to review past issues of ALTRUM News. *

Your ALTRUM Story Could Earn You a Special Bonus

As a bonus for your submission of an ALTRUM testimonial, you may be eligible to receive a free six-pack of your favorite supplements. Send your submission by email to or mail hard copy to 925 Tower Ave., Superior, WI 54880. Be sure to include complete contact information for a follow-up interview. If your story is featured in the ALTRUM News, you will receive a six-pack of your favorite supplements as a gift from ALTRUM.

Products for Your Lifetime Journey to Health

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AGGRAND Growth Plot Study Underway for 2013

Growing crops or gardens of any size always puts the grower in a position to depend on the weather. Too much heat or cold, too much or too little rain can wreak havoc on commercial and residential crops and gardens. AGGRAND natural fertilizers are put through stringent testing each year as AGGRAND personnel work with the unpredictable weather patterns in Superior, Wis. Each year, growth plots are planted, documented and analyzed to develop long-term data of the effectiveness of AGGRAND formulations, as well as guidelines for research and development.

The 2012 growing season began with a flood, followed by drought conditions for much of the growing season. In last year’s analysis, AGGRAND fertilizers outperformed the competition.

“Unseasonably cold and wet weather this year resulted in low soil temperatures and delayed planting until the second week of June,” said AGGRAND Manager Richard Holappa. “However, recent warm and humid conditions, plus more than adequate rainfall, has seen the growth of the beans and corn taking off in all plots. The corn and beans in the AGGRAND plot are taller, greener, and more lush than the other two plots.

AGGRAND personnel will continue monitoring and sampling the plots throughout the season and the findings will be released in the annual Growth Plot Study next year.

New AGGRAND Promotional Items Available Online

New 8’X4’ vinyl banner.

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AGGRAND Cost, Formulation Calculator Online in AGGRAND DZ

The Cost Formulation Calculator, located on the AGGRAND Dealer Zone, is designed to provide Dealers with a quick and easy way to determine product cost and the amount of water necessary by selecting the total number of acres, the AGGRAND product applied, application rate and mix concentration. This tool allows Dealers to vary a number of these parameters to give customers a quick cost estimate, based on Dealer pricing, for applying AGGRAND products on crops.

“The AGGRAND Cost Formulation Calculator was initiated by several Dealers who wanted to provide quick cost estimates while in the field or on the phone,” said AGGRAND Manager Richard Holappa. “In fact, AGGRAND Technical Service uses this tool.”

Summer 2013 AGGRAND News

AGGRAND News is a quarterly publication that offers detailed information on AGGRAND fertilizer use and application. It is available online at in the “Articles” section of the website. Access the AGGRAND archive back to 2001 through the "Updates" section. Most issues include testimonials from Dealers and customers and information on how they applied AGGRAND fertilizers. You’ll also find helpful growing tips and general horticulture information.

For the latest information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and AGGRAND natural liquid fertilizers, visit their respective websites at and Check the websites regularly to get the most up-to-date information about all of the products in the ALTRUM and AGGRAND divisions.

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