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  1. Inflammation Causes What?

  2. May ALTRUM News: ALTRUM Program Helps Sales Manager Stay Active

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  4. April ALTRUM News: ALTRUM Manager: ‘Eat Right, Live Right, Take Your Supplements

  5. New AGGRAND Testimonial Brochure Available

Inflammation Causes What?

Inflammation is the body’s normal response to injury and infection. It is a major component of healing. The redness, warmth, swelling and pain that characterize inflammatory reactions all are evidence that the immune, circulatory and hormonal systems are working to boost the efficiency of the body’s defenses and speed repair of damaged tissue.

Wide-ranging Effects of Chronic Inflammation
When inflammation continues beyond its normal limits, however, it wreaks havoc throughout the body. Often, it is an unwelcome feature of autoimmunity. Inflammation also is a major component of musculoskeletal problems. 
Some of the causes of inflammation
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sun during the winter
  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic infestations of viruses, bacteria, yeasts or parasites
  • Hidden allergens from food or the environment
  • Mold toxins
In addition to being a predictor for potential serious health problems that affect all of the systems of the body, research also shows chronic inflammation can trigger major depression. In fact, evidence is mounting that suggests chronic inflammation causes depression that appears suddenly and without warning, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, nationally-recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer.

Get a Handle on Inflammation
A major step toward conquering depression and reducing the risk of many other problems is to get a handle on inflammation.
A primary cause of inflammation is a diet high in N-6 fats, which suppress natural immunity while dramatically increasing inflammation. Reports estimate that Americans eat 50 times the amount of these harmful fats as needed for health, mainly at the recommendation of the government. The question remains: Is your diet rich in inflammation enhancers or busters? 
Inflammation enhancers: 
  • N-6 fats, including corn, safflower, sunflower, canola, peanut, and soybean oils.
  • Excessive meats consumption, which are high in iron and glutamate.
  • Soybean products.
  • Trans-fats.
Inflammation busters: 
  • Some white meats, such as chicken and turkey.
  • A diet rich in vegetables, which provide phytonutrients, along with some fruits.
  • Nutritional supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and flax seed, as well as systemic enzymes.


May ALTRUM News Online Now

ALTRUM Program Helps Sales Manager Stay Active

The May issue of ALTRUM News features Western Regional Sales Manager Steve LePage’s experience with ALTRUM Joint Formula. Read his page one story to learn how the nutrients in this popular supplement helped LePage keep his active lifestyle.
Pages three and six carry important information about the benefits of using Ultra Probiotics and the unique combination of micro flora in this superior ALTRUM formula.


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ALTRUM News brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM nutritional supplements and how good nutrition helps maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility – plus much more. Visit the ALTRUM website at to review past issues of ALTRUM News. *

April ALTRUM News Online Now

ALTRUM Manager: ‘Eat Right, Live Right, Take Your Supplements

The April issue features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at ALTRUM. Manager Greg Sawyer talks about his background in the science of nutrition and gives Dealers a preview of some of the things they’ll learn at AMSOIL University, the annual training event that brings Dealers from across the country and Canada to company headquarters in Superior, Wis. More than 400 independent Dealers will gather at the DECC across the bridge in Duluth, Minn. for a week of intense training on all things AMSOIL, ALTRUM and AGGRAND. The event kicks off Sunday, May 20. ALTRUM personnel will be available for discussion and will be seeking testimonial information during the presentations throughout the week.

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As a bonus for your submission of an ALTRUM testimonial, you may be eligible to receive a free six-pack of your favorite supplements. Send your submission by email to or mail hard copy to 925 Tower Ave., Superior, WI 54880. Be sure to include complete contact information for a follow-up interview. If your story is featured in the ALTRUM News, you will receive a six-pack of your favorite supplements as a gift from ALTRUM.

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New Testimonial Brochure Available

The new AGGRAND Testimonials Brochure (G2986) is eight pages of personal stories of success using AGGRAND products. It gives Dealers the power of word-of-mouth advertising.
“Word of mouth is the best because it is one person telling another about a positive experience with a product or service,” said Central Regional Sales Manager Tim Golden. “If you don’t have your own personal success story how can you effectively and passionately tell others? The answer, of course, is you can’t.”
Golden encourages Dealers to journal their experiences with AGGRAND so they have an informal record of how the products work for them to share with customers and other Dealers. “Get it down on paper and see the benefits in your confidence and in your sales,” Golden said.
The booklet includes a range of examples from large commercial growers to small home gardens and lawn care.

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AGGRAND News Online

Fall 2011 AGGRAND News

AGGRAND News is a quarterly publication that offers detailed information on AGGRAND fertilizer use and application. It is available online at in the “Articles” section of the website. Access the AGGRAND archive back to 2001 through the "Updates" section. Most issues include testimonials from Dealers and customers and information on how they applied AGGRAND fertilizers. You’ll also find helpful growing tips and general horticulture information.

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