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  1. Probiotics May Play Significant Role in Managing Prostatitis
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Probiotics May Play Significant Role in Managing Prostatitis

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria and microflora that reside in the gut. These yeasts and “good” bacteria normally reside in balance with other bacteria in the intestinal tract. Taking probiotics for prostatitis is recommended to help restore this balance, according to an article published online by the American Prostititis Association.

Probiotics are considered a natural and alternative treatment for chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) and are also especially helpful with bacterial prostatitis, especially following a course of antibiotics. Probiotics work well for managing prostatitis, especially when they are combined with other specific supplements, according to the article.

The largest group of beneficial bacteria found in the gut are those in the genus Lactobacillus, followed by Bifidobacterium. Each of these two groups has scores of species and subspecies, and researchers are still exploring the traits and benefits of these microorganisms.

Probiotics are beneficial to men’s health in several ways. The following includes the benefits of the two main types of “good” bacteria:

It can be beneficial to provide your body with both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species of probiotics on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to prevent prostatitis from developing is to keep the immune system in optimal condition. Providing the gut — which controls 70 to 80 percent of immune function — with a probiotic supplement on a daily basis can help meet that goal.

If the population of beneficial bacteria in the gut is reduced or compromised from illness, stress or the presence of toxins it’s important to replenish the levels of good bacteria and restore balance to the intestinal tract.

  • Lactobacillus, as well as the genuses Streptococcus and Lactococcus, are known as lactic acid bacteria. These beneficial bacteria help break down food, and in the process form lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This in turn helps eliminate bad bacteria and helps restore balance to the gut. They also are critical in promoting digestion, nurturing immune system function, boosting the synthesis of B vitamins and aiding in the absorption of nutrients (including calcium).*
  • Bifidobacterium species also produce lactic acid, but they can be beneficial in different ways. Generally they support the immune system, aid in digestion, help reduce cholesterol levels, fight allergic reactions and infections and may have some anticancer properties.*

Probiotics for Bacterial Prostatitis

Urinary tract infections, epididymitis and urethritis are among common causes of bacterial prostatitis. The bacteria that cause these infections, which can result in prostatitis, may be held at bay or eliminated if the gut is well populated with probiotics. Therefore, daily ingestion of probiotics can assist in preventing the development of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis by fighting both inflammation and the possibility of infection.

Although prevention is a goal, it is still possible to develop prostatitis, and that’s when probiotics can help with management.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for bacterial prostatitis, sometimes for several weeks, or even months, placing men at risk of developing antibiotic-associated conditions that may be difficult to manage.

Good health depends on a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the gut to offset the negative effects of the harmful microorganisms that also reside there. Maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora is important not just for managing prostatitis but every day. Even though you should take steps to correct occasions when your beneficial bacteria levels are jeopardized, it’s also essential to maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria all the time. As a group, probiotics play a critical role in maintaining overall health, including prostate health.

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Why You May Need a Multivitamin

While no supplement or multivitamin can take the place of a nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet, taking a well-designed multivitamin and mineral supplement can be an important contributor to good health. Learn more about the nutrients you may be missing in your healthy diet in the March ALTRUM News.

ALTRUM Supplements for Prostate Health


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