Minimum Wage Increase October 1st, 2016
Is it enough?

Ontario's general minimum wage goes up from the current $11.25 to $11.40 on October 1, 2016.  Of course, for most of us, any increase in our pay is a positive thing.  But, we know that as long as our minimum wage remains well below the poverty line (even with the increase), families and communities will continue to struggle to survive. What we really need is a raise that actually lifts us out of poverty, not keeps us in it. We believe that we need a $15 minimum wage right now.

Building Decent Jobs from the Ground Up

This week,  the Workers' Action Centre released our response to the Changing Workplace Review Interim Report together with Parkdale Community Legal Services. This new report, Building Decent Jobs from the Ground Up, calls for sweeping reforms to our labour laws that are creating precarious and low waged work.  The Changing Workplace Review is the government's biggest review of our labour laws in decades.  

What can you do to improve wages and working conditions?

1) Write a letter. We've prepared a letter that you can edit to reflect the struggles faced in your community and call for structural reforms. Please submit this letter to the Special Advisers by October 14. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2)  Rally for Decent Work! Join thousands on Saturday October 1st at Queen's Park to demonstrate for $15 & Fairness.  Meet us at 12:00 pm (noon) at the Northwest corner of University Avenue and College Street to kick off Decent Work Week actions together. Click here to RSVP and share on Facebook.

3) Join an action as part of World Day for Decent Work.  Check out some of the events here

This is truly a historic moment to push for changes to our labour laws that will make life easier for so many workers. It is our chance to stand together in solidarity and call for comprehensive changes to our laws, and not settle for band-aid solutions.  Please join us on Saturday or call us to find out how you can get involved.  
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Do you want to see a $15 minimum wage?

Do you agree that all of us need at least 7 paid sick days?

Do you want to stop wage theft?

Then join us!  

Rally for Decent Work!
October 1st at Queen's Park.1pm

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