Recent Ministry of Labour enforcement blitz finds 83% of workplaces in violation of the ESA!
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Recent Ministry of Labour enforcement blitz finds 83% of workplaces in violation of the ESA!

Figures show that workers need better and proactive enforcement


On April 1, the Ministry of Labour announced the results of their enforcement blitz that ran from September 1 to November 30, 2014. 
The blitz focused on sectors where workers are at higher risk of experiencing employment standards violations, and checked compliance with certain core employment standards, including:
  • public holidays
  • vacation pay
  • minimum wage
  • record-keeping
  • payment of wages 
The Ministry inspected 206 workplaces. It found 171 of these in violation. That means 83% of employers inspected were found in violation of employment standards.
The most common monetary violations were for public holiday pay, vacation pay, and overtime pay. As a result of the Ministry inspection, the Ministry was able to recover a total of $175,390 for 1,406 workers. 99.9% of monies owed to workers were paid voluntarily by the employer. 
What does this mean? These results show that violations of employment standards are widespread, and that proactive inspections are a key strategy for enforcing the law.
Ontario workers need employment standards to be better enforced. As the government embarks on its "Changing Workplaces Review" and looks at how the laws can be improved to better protect workers, better and more proactive enforcement needs to be among the key priorities for change. Read more in the Workers' Action Centre report, Still Working on the Edge: Building Decent Jobs from the Ground Up, and share widely in your communities and workplaces! Check our website regularly and get in touch with us to find out how you can get involved in creating decent work in Ontario.

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