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Decent work, decent lives

This spring, we have the chance to pass legislation that could ensure a brighter future for hundreds of thousands of Ontarians.  Because communities around Ontario have spoken out about low pay, exploitative temp agencies, and abuses faced by migrant workers, there are five different bills before the Ontario legislature right now!

Working together we have the chance to:
  • pass tough new laws that crack down on temp agencies 
  • give Ontario's lowest earners a raise every year 
  • ban recruitment fees for all migrant workers and require recruiters to be licensed 
  • give new protections to Ontario workers to stop wage theft
  • make it easier for workers to form unions and have a voice at work
This is a moment we have not seen in a long time. Each bill needs important changes to give Ontario workers the strongest protection possible.  That's why we are calling on you - can you join us and help us get these bills strengthened and passed?  Working together we can lay the groundwork for decent work and decent pay for workers across Ontario. 

These bills are important first steps, but are only part of a broader vision for decent pay and decent work.  We will be updating you on a new campaign Decent Work, Decent Lives by the Workers Action Centre and the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change in the coming weeks. 

Take action!

Are you concerned about temp agencies, low wages or precarious work in your community?
  1. Call us or email us to find out how you can make a deputation and help get these bills strengthened and passed.
  2. Join us at International Women's Day as we march for a $14 minimum wage!  
  3. Organize an action in your community on April 14th - a provincial day of action for decent pay and decent work.
  4. Find out more about the issues:
New bill pushes government for better protections of temp agency workers
What's in Bill 146?
New bill to index minimum wage to cost of living 
Migrant workers respond to proposed Ontario law

Film Screening: Becoming Ourselves -
How Immigrant Women Transformed Their World

Join us for an inspiring evening learning from the Asian Immigrant Women Advocates and their amazing work!

Film Screening: Becoming Ourselves - How Immigrant Women Transformed Their World
When: Monday, March 3 -- 7pm
Where: Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto

New documentary film about how a social justice organization based in Oakland, California -- Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA) -- focused on building longterm collective leadership of limited-English speaking immigrants, and empowered women and youth to become powerful agents of social change.

AIWA has inspired hundreds of low–wage immigrant garment, electronic and healthcare workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. AIWA's Community Transformational Organizing Strategy (CTOS) has been a model for many immigrant organizations. After 15 years, Young Shin is taking CTOS on the road to foster a broader dialogue with local communities in Canada and the U.S. about the importance of grassroots leadership development in community organizing.

More info

International Women's Day

Join us on March 8th!

Saturday March 8, 2014
International Women's Day
Women Taking Power!
Start Location: OISE Building (252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON)

$14 Minimum Wage Now!
Public Services are Women's Services!
GenSqueezed: We Demand our Future!

Rally: 11am (252 Bloor Street West, OISE Building)
March: 1pm
Fair: 1:30pm (55 Gould Street, Ryerson University)

More info:

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