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Levels of AFB and EFB are Highest Recorded in N.Ireland

The latest bee disease outbreak map was uploaded in .jpg format and be found here

As planned inspections have now finished, it is expected that this will be the final update for 2015. The total for AFB is 39 apiaries and EFB 5 apiaries, with one apiary diagnosed with both.

In many cases beekeepers are not finding these diseases often resulting in the movement and trading of infected Hives/Nucs. The levels of AFB and EFB are the highest recorded in N.Ireland since, Tom Williamsons' (Regional Bee Inspector), records commenced in 2004. AFB  is significantly higher than any previous year and EFB has now been recorded for two years running. For a detailed report please go to  the BBKA Members Area for further reading.

The latest bee diseases outbreak map was uploaded last week in jpg format and can be found here.  As planned inspections have now finished, it is expected that this will be the final update for 2015. The total for AFB is 39 apiaries and EFB 5 apiaries, with one apiary diagnosed with both.
In many cases beekeepers are not finding these diseases often resulting in the movement and trading of infected Hives/Nucs. The levels of AFB and EFB are the highest recorded in N. Ireland since, Tom Williamsons' (Regional Bee Inspector), records commenced in 2004. AFB is significantly higher than any previous year and EFB has now been recorded for two years running.  For a detailed report please go to the BBKA Members Area for further reading.

BBKA have put this forward as an agenda item for the forthcoming Bee Health Advisory Forum on 10th December, to be attended by Dr David Aston & Tim Lovett. Questions being asked will be about the level of inspection resource and beekeeper training. Outcomes will be reported.


Over the last twelve years BBKA membership has grown significantly from 8,463 to 25,572 members. In that time Beekeeping interests have changed -in 2003 most were interested in honey production.
Like many organisations that have grown rapidly, our structure and ways of working need to adapt. So, the time has come to ask some questions to enable us to move forward.

The survey is only open to BBKA members and is anonymous. To participate you will need to log into the members area of the BBKA website.

If you have problems doing so please contact the administration team for assistance - 02476 690666
You are a member of the BBKA, have your say now!




A large crowd formed around the base of Fortnum & Mason’s expansive circular staircase as the auction began of the first honey jars collected from the eau de nil and gold leaf hives.

Numbered, dated and intricately illustrated with unique golden crowns to reflect the identity of the different Fortnum’s hive locations – Piccadilly, Hoxton and Bermondsey – each jar is a sort after elixir and to some a collector’s item. After a red jacketed, velvet gloved Fortnum’s employee presented the three nectars to the crowd.

With Bill Turnbull’s skilful auctioneering and relentless quipping, the jars fetched in excess of £100 each. So it was smiles all round for the selected charity, Bees for Development, and smiles too for the lucky winners who now owned a product made by the capital’s noblest bees.

The rest of the London batch is available at the Piccadilly store, but in limited supply, so get there fast. Also on sale are the twenty-four other Fortnum’s honeys. Twelve from hives located across the country - Buckinghamshire to the Isle of Purbeck. And twelve, sourced globally, hail from hives in such exotic places as the treetops of the Miombo Forest along the Zambezi River and the Monchique Mountains in Portugal.

British Holiday Parks & Homes Association Pledge to Support the Honey Bee

The British Holiday Parks and Homes Association (BHHPA) members have partnered with Friends of the Honey Bee to support the honey bee and raise awareness of their importance within the environment.

Parks from Northumberland, Argyle & Bute, Berkshire, Bridgend, Cambridgeshire, Ceredigon, Conwy, Cornwall, County Durham, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, East Lothain, Essex, Fife, Gloucestershire, Gwynedd, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Highlands, Isle of Anglesey, Isle of wight, Kent, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Peebleshire, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Shropshire, Somerset, South Ayreshire and Yorkshire have all committed to take the Friends of the Honey Bee Pledge.

The outcomes of the pledge are monitored by the assessors of the David Bellamy Conservation Award. 2015 was the first year of the scheme in partnership with the BHHPA and the David Bellamy Conservation Award and can only go from strength to strength to strength in 2016.  Holiday makers will benefit from more beautiful surroundings, our bees will benefit from improved forage and there will be opportunities for local beekeepers to become more involved throughout the years, should they so wish.

For more information about the scheme please go to the website for a list of participants or contact Jane Moseley 


Replacement Materials Available

Individual Learning Plan (pad)- £3.00
Satisfaction Survey (pad) - £3.00
Practical Record (pack 25) - £3.50
Keeping Honeybees (pack 25) - £3.66
Individual Learning Plan (pad)- £3.00
Satisfaction Survey (pad) - £3.00
Practical Record (pack 25) - £3.50
Pollen Colour Cards (pack 10) - £5.10
Laminated Swarm Cards (set of 3) - £3.66
Individual Learning Plan (pad)- £3.00
Satisfaction Survey (pad) - £3.00
Practical Record (pack 25) - £3.50
Individual Learning Plan (pad)- £3.00
Satisfaction Survey (pad) - £3.00
Practical Record Part A (pack 25) - £3.50
Practical Record Part B (pack 25) - £3.50
Plus a charge for P&P

First come first served basis, once it’s gone it’s gone!
Contact Julie to place your order 

Thank you Lindsay Smith of Monmouth for sharing news about this amazing project !

The Beehive Fences are simple and cheap, made with no cement and using only locally sourced materials. Hives, or dummy hives, are hung every ten meters and linked together in a specific formation so that should an elephant touch one of the hives, or interconnecting wire, the beehives all along the fence line will swing and release the bees.
This innovative beehive fence project protects rural African & Asian farms from crop raiding elephants.  Protecting crops from elephant encroachment and helps support farmers with a much needed community honey harvesting vehicle. 
Elephants tend to crop-raid at night time, and farmers confronting elephants in the dark are often left with no choice but to throw stones and fire crackers or shoot bullets into the air to try to scare them away. This confrontation leads to heightened aggression and some elephants will charge and attack. These negative incidents often lead to terrible injuries or deaths of both people and elephants.

Why not take a look?


Tim Lovett has stepped down from the role of Spring Convention Chairman after ten years in the post.  This is an important position to ensure the continued success and development of this event which is one of the BBKA’s crown jewels. 

A full and experienced committee exists to manage the various aspects involved in mounting the event under the guidance of the Chairman. Tim is currently keeping the project moving forward and it is important to ensure that continuity exists as we approach the key period of preparation and finalisation of the 2016 event.

Ideally interested parties will have some sort of event management experience but above all enthusiasm and commitment to the Spring Convention.  Tim has undertaken to assist the new Chairman in coming to terms with the task. Now is the time for the new Chairman to take up the reins as preparations for the 2016 event are finalised. Please contact him directly, if you would like to find out more about the role.


In recent years the public profile of the BBKA has grown notably aided by considerable press and broadcast media interest. Our current Press Officer, Gill Maclean has resigned after four successful years in post and we now seek an equally professional, energetic and effective replacement.

The Press Officer is an important member of the Public Affairs team and is the point of first contact for the media. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate relevant experience in the area of media relations, having the ability to assemble and disseminate press releases and statements. There is both an active and reactive element to the job and thus the Press Officer must be able to monitor press enquiries and be easily contactable on a daily basis. 

The role is part-time, home-based; a modest monthly fee is payable with expenses incurred.

Interested?  - Please contact Tim Lovett to discuss the role and its responsibilities.


BBKA News, News Editor – Ian Campbell

Last summer I joined the team of BBKA News to help provide stories for the News in Brief section of the magazine.
I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and keep around a dozen colonies in a range of rural, allotment and urban rooftop apiaries. I work with the Newcastle and District Association where I am an apiary manager and vice chair. My former career was in television news, working for a range of broadcasters including the BBC and ITN.
My aim in BBKA News is to provide a wide range of short topical stories from the world of beekeeping. Even as a novice I’m aware how beekeeping is changing and want to reflect that in the stories we cover, in order to do that I would really like to enlist your help. The BBKA’s associations and divisions represent a fantastic potential network and source of information and stories. If you feel you have something interesting for the readers please do email me at

Take part - EU’s SUPER-B 10 minute Survey, with Reading University

One of  stated aims is to provide policy makers with a comprehensive overview of the kind of plants, crop or otherwise that beekeepers (both hobbyists and professionals) actually want to use and what changes they would like to see farmers and policy makers make to help them support thriving and healthy colonies or expand the numbers that they keep. Take Part
The BBKA office will be closed from noon on 24th December until 3rd January 2016 inclusive.
Wishing you best for the festive season and 2016!

January 2016
9: ADM
11: Spring Con Tickets Live
16: EC Meeting
26: Swarm List Return
10: Final Literature Orders - collection at Spring Convention
11-13 Edible Garden Show
12:EC Meeting
30:Capitation List Deadline
31st: Year Book Return
8-10:Spring Convention
30:Capitation Invoice Due
7: EC Meeting
16-19: Gardeners World Live
18: EC Meeting

Literature Orders

Each local association/branch will be entitled to 100 leaflets +pnp at cost. All orders over 100 will be charged at £10 plus pnp at cost. Orders can be collected at the Spring Convention if preferred.
Order forms can be downloaded from the Members Area of the BBKA website - Information for Beekeepers.
Crocus in bloom

Bare Root Trees, Orchard Packs, Bulbs and Seeds
80 BULBS  NOW £7.95

Policy Update

Throughout 2015 all existing policies were updated and new ones introduced. An annual review of policies is undertaken each year by Governance.
Additional policies are currently in development and like those that have been reviewed they will be available on the BBKA website shortly.
for this Christmas
Please note that the verification certificate for the forthcoming year is now online and available to download from the BBKA Members Area of
NEW BOOK  suitable for adults & children - raising funds for BBKA
We are pleased to announce that we are now working with London Fire Brigade on providing sites for Hives.
If you are in the London area and have an interest in a site within the M25 please email us to register your interest with your post code and contact information.
Sites are only open to those who hold the BBKA Basic Certificate.

Contact by Email

For bulk orders please 
contact us for rates and delivery costs.


18th November 2015 Chaired by former BBKA President and current Director of public affairs Tim Lovett.
The LBKA sent along their Forage Officer Mark Patterson to participate in the discussion. For Marks' full report click here.
A solo exhibition by award winning artist Tara Winona is now open at The Gallery Print Centre, 81 Endell Street, Covent Garden London WC2. Open 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri  until 15th January 2016.
A donation from the sale of bee watercolours will be made to Friends of the Honey Bee


The experiment at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool, also sees them look after birds of prey and has been hailed a success in reducing aggressive behaviour. More..
Last Orders 18th Dec for
Christmas delivery.
Save up to 20% on gifts & experiences, plus savings at John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams & House of Fraser holidays and more. Passwords etc can be found on the reverse of your membership card. Click here for info at


Experts involved in a European initiative calledSmartBees, including scientists from the University of Aberdeen, hope they can provide previously unattainable insights into the immune system of honeybees. More...


8-10 April

30 Lectures
50 Workshops
Trade Show
Partner Programme
Tickets on Sale
11th January

Thank you to all supporters & volunteers that made the social media campaign a success.
Don't Kill Our Bees! Immediately Halt the Use of Neonicotinoids on Crops.
Petition debate 7th December, 4pm
BBKA were in attendance, represented by Public Afairs Director - Tim Lovett.. A full report to be posted as soon as possible on the BBKA website and will be published in February BBKA News and Beecraft.
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