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Garden Forage
Rebecca with her bees
Healthy Bees
Secure Sites for Hives!
Honorary Treasurer

We are recruiting a volunteer with a background in finance and accounting who can bring essential skills to the role and our team, ensuring that the BBKA continues to develop.

For a full job description and further information please go to the BBKA website.

Advertisement Sales Manager

The position involves selling advertising space in BBKA News, the BBKA Year Book, Members Handbook, Spring Convention Programme and on the BBKA web-site, to relevant clients. This is a part-time home-based position and is remunerated on the basis of a retainer and commission on sales.  Further details can be found on the BBKA website.

Storm Damage Survey

The environmental impact of the recent storms has been well documented in the news. We would like to gather a picture of how, if at all, it has impacted on the honey bee colonies and managed by beekeepers.

Take Part - Click Here
Contribute & Share
To include articles of interest about your association and share your local activities/initiatives with fellow BBKA members please send them by email.  The next issue of the BBKA Worker Bee will be published in April. A pdf download of this edition is available, just click the link below.
Swarm Collectors List 2014
Register NOW!

We are updating the BBKA Swarm List for 2014 and we need YOU to submit your name and details to your local association Secretary for inclusion, to ensure the maximum national coverage.
The BBKA swarm list only contains contact details - Name & telephone number of BBKA members willing to assist or provide advice about swarms of honey bees to the public. In 2013, 35,847 people used this facility, thus proving that its is a valued service. For more information read on..

Special Interest Group Updates

A BIG Thank you to all those who attended the recent Special Interest Days that have taken place at the NBC. Schools & Young People was very well attended as was the Landscape & Forage Day both days resulted in a good exchange of ideas. Working groups will be set up as a consequence of these initiatives and reports will be published in BBKA News and be available from the BBKA Members Area. Next Meeting: Varroa & Research read on....
Rebecca Mundye - Junior Member Interview
An interview with Rebecca, reveals so much about our beekeepers of the future.  How many young beekeepers do you have in your branch? Perhaps this will inspire Junior Members and branches alike. 
What do you love most about being a beekeeper? 
I love the different jobs during the year, every season brings something new. I also love going to .. Read more
Bee Health Month
Encouraging Good Bee Health

May is the BBKA's Bee Health Month. How to check your bee's health and successful monitoring and management to ensure that our bees maintain good health and therefore thrive. 
Inspiring ideas on events that can be run at your local association and practices that will help you as a beekeeper to keep your bees healthy. For inspiration and a quick refresher read on
Secure Sites For Hives
Free - with long term occupancy

Whether you are seeking a Local Association Apiary, Quarantine Apiary, Training Apiary, Queen Rearing Site or somewhere to house your own bees - we have been working to secure sites for BBKA Members. A detailed list of sites and opportunities is available for consideration on
Local Community Engagement

One of the best ways, as we all know, to raise awareness about bees and beekeeping is through local community engagement. BBKA has a number of venues seeking beekeeper presentations at both garden centres and local housing projects. We would be most grateful if you could continue the good work by taking up the opportunities presented by these interested parties and spread the word about the vital role honey bees play in the environment, their forage needs and why beekeeping is both enjoyable interesting you can also use this as a route to selling some honey and to talk about your local initiatives. Interested? Then please read on..
Time To Plan & Book
Spring Convention 2014

With over 30 lectures and nearly 40 Work Shops and Courses on offer over the weekend there is something for everyone; beginner or experienced, beekeeper or non-beekeeper.  Plenty of tickets remain but do act now as the more popular courses are filling-up. 

Booking your place is easy just go to the BBKA web-site, click on Book Events and Services for workshops and tutorials as well as accommodation and meals. But don’t forget to purchase your entry ticket (wrist-band) too!
Call for Candidates
International Young Beekeepers 2014

This year the event is to be held in Poland between the 5th and 8th June 2014. An English team will be going and a selection day will be held on 16th March to select a team of three plus a reserve from the applicants. To date 8 applicants have put themselves forward following the articles in BBKA News but there is still time for a few more if interested. All previous applicants should have received an email but if not or for any others who wish to apply please send an email to Julian Routh, BBKA Trustee for further details.
BBKA calls for more funding and research to ensure good honey bee health
A paper published in Nature today, 19 February 2014, entitled ‘Disease associations between honeybees and bumblebees as a threat to wild pollinators’ by M. A. Furst, D. P. McMahon, J. L. Osborne, R. J. Paxton & M. J. F. Brown, reviews research carried out into the exchange of pests and pathogens between bee species.
Bumblebees and honey bees will often visit the same flowers, so it is not surprising that questions have been raised about the exchange of pests and pathogens from one bee species to another. However, the research paper does not fully explain the situation and may give a misleading impression..
 read more
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