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Beloved Friends and Community members,
On April 17th, 2017, I received a letter in an email that was sent anonymously. The letter was forwarded to me by rain crowe, and signed “With Love and faith, Your Students”. The letter outlines quote “specific patterns of harmful behavior we have experienced and observed you enacting”. The letter requests that I attend to and address these behaviors in very specific ways. If you would like to read this letter in its entirety, it is available through this link at your convenience:

In order to both make a sincere and earnest attempt to address these concerns and, as requested, take care of myself personally, I am doing the following:
  • Continue to attend regular professional paid therapy sessions with my therapist.
  • Continue weekly peer counseling sessions with Betty Martin, and do mini sessions with many others in my Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling network as needed.
  • Consult with my accountability team (rain crowe, Tai Kulystin and Oakry Welch) to guide me through the process of responding to the letter and all of the requests it makes of me. (They have accepted this request and been in communication, but have not been able to meet with me as a group yet.)
Things that I will not be doing from May 1, 2017- May 1 2018:
  • Teaching new classes.
  • Teaching old classes including CHPC or any other class, workshop, or event now written up on the LLR website.
  • Taking on new counseling, coaching, or spiritual mentor relationships.
  • Sending out monthly newsletters, blogs, or other LLR promotional media.
  • Holding public LLR Aphrodite Temples.
Things that I will be doing:
  • Sharing the letter I received with current students, friends and community members if they request that I do so (made available through this link to anyone that would like it:
  • Keeping my agreements to fulfill my leadership roles and responsibilities at Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence 2017.
  • Having individual conversations with all current members of the LLR Aphrodite Priestess body to explore its evolution, end, or transformation.
  • Discussing with current students if any of them want to be trained to facilitate the classes I have taught in the past and making clear agreements around that process.
  • Continuing to create a new small business focused on Transformational processes for healing and resolving group conflicts with the grant and training I am receiving.
  • Taking the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner training from Daniel Foor at the end of August 2017, who I have already shared this letter with as part of my application for his training.
  • Answering personal phone calls and emails requesting information about my experience in engaging with this anonymous call out/call in process.
  • Sending out a monthly email to students from the 2017 CHPC class list who specifically requested that they receive monthly updates concerning the fact that I received this letter and will be doing my best to address the requests made of me and the concerns it raises around working with conflicts in groups
  • Posting a monthly public blog with the same update as above on

As stated above, I will not be sending out LLR Monthly Newsletters until Beltane 2018, but I will be sending out monthly updates to those interested in my progress and personal work in response to this letter. If you would like to receive these updates over the next twelve months, please send Tai an email with the subject line "Community Accountability Update" indicating your interest to (who is taking on compiling the email list as part of their role on my accountability team).
Thank you for reading this email and being aware of my community accountability process. Thank you to the anonymous students who dedicated their time to writing this letter to me, calling me in, and helping me to grow and slow down.

I also wish to express gratitude to the following beings: my Ancestors and Family of Origin, the Gods that I worship, my Protectors and Guides, all the members of the Aphrodite Priestess Body, Daniel Foor, Mitch and Lori Stargrove, Lindsay Hagamen, Mark Welch, Madeline Adams, Chelsea Rabourn, Remedy Fallow, Tracey Brown, Casandra Johns, Oakry Welch, Tai Kulystin, and rain crowe.

Bright Beltane Blessings upon you, and I hope your year to come is fruitful.

With love,
Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi

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