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About LLR
Living Love Revolution is a community of people who see embodying love as an essential value in their daily lives and who come together to spread love and joy.  LLR is a non-heirarchical, self-organizing, experience-based system of healing that focuses on expansion, liberation and sovereignty.

LLR is also the life work and spiritual calling of Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW. Her work & calling are a form of integrated social change activism which results in classes, workshops, events and personal healing sessions that ask individuals to love themselves, love each other and form sustainable communities based on a love ethic.

Join Us

As always the LLR is looking for consorts and playmates who want to enter into the paradigm we are generating or who find their own work is aligned with what we are creating.

What are we creating? A vibrant alternative culture based on Love, Sacred Activism, Sacred Economics/Gift Economy, EcoMagicks, Embodied Mediation, Permaculture, “Right Use of Trash” and Holistic Integration of the Self. We welcome people who are actively working on expanding the parts of themselves that are loving, spacious, and non aggressive.

Teri and the LLR Teaching Collective invent and teach workshops and events where people learn how to understand and love themselves, counsel each other, and treat each other with respect and reverence.

In addition to the classes and events given in this newsletter, the following services are available by appointment at individually negotiated rates; including gift economy barter and trades. Free15 min consultations.
Call 206-612-3511 for your free consult today!
  • Event Production, Networking & PR
  • LLR Teacher Training, Mentoring & Developement 
  • Group Facilitation for Timely Effective Meetings
  • Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Wise Witnessing for 2 or more
  • Holistic Healing Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Triads and Families of choice
  • Daddy Doula Serives
  • Aphrodite Priestess Training
  • Sacred Intimate Healing Sessions
  • Sacred Sexuality Edication
  • Natural Burial Ceremonies & Funeral Rites at Herland Natural Burial Forest
Healing Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Small Groups
I offer my healing services to individual adults, couples, poly groups of all configurations, and adults in chosen families. I provide loving witness, high quality attention, and clear effective communication skills to all of my clients.

Because I am committed to human liberation and empowerment I can provide healing to members of "alternative communities" including people who identify as queer, trans/gender-variant, poly, pagan, kinky, sex positive, or otherwise intentionally non-mainstream. I am a great counselor of people of all genders and sexual orientations who want nonjudgmental listening about sexually explicit or alternative sexuality issues. I am an ideal counselor for people who work in the sex industry. I am trained to work within sacred sexuality contexts.

Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Healing Sessions
I offer these individual or small group sessions to facilitate healing for people who have a history of specific traumatic or unsettling sexual experiences that they are now ready to resolve. Sacred space will be created, clear emotional presencing and spiritual witnessing will occur.

Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training

Would you like to become a Transpersonal resource of Love for your communities?
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Living Love Revolution
January 2016 Newsletter

Nesting and Nurturing in the New Year



Sacred Tantric Circle
"The Wilderness Within Us: Sensual EcoMagicks"
January 9th $20
Motion Massage Studio NE Alberta PDX

Connecting with our love of Nature, is part of reclaiming our inner wildness and restoring our primal selves.  We will review the foundational values of ReWilding and see how they encourage us to participate in merging with each other and the natural world. Living Love Revolution events always focus on learning to love and being physically intimate through the use of conscious negotiation, using excellent boundaries and clear explicit verbal consent.
To register go to:




CHPC Beginning Course 2016
January 11th- April 25th , 2016 

I have had an amazing number of requests to teach this class. This time the format will be to have all 12 session on Monday nights from 7-10pm every 2 weeks. So, the course will run from Monday Jan 11th- Monday April 25th. Class value is $600 payable in installments and/gift economy trades. Deposit of $100 is required for registration by first day of class. Please Contact Teri Ciacchi 206-612-3511 to register. Live class in PDX has 18 registrants, Pod forming in Seattle still needs more people.

See the Facebook invitation for the full details:

More details here at Living Love Revolution:


The Quickening: A Wild Gathering of EcoMagicks

January 15-17, 2016

"Beloved Magical Hearted Lovers of the Earth-
In this time of great change, every day our ears and eyes take in new news to inspire oceans of tears, Humans are out of sync with the wild networks that we for so long have been in Harmony with-
But Friends! Every day I see new seeds sprouting!
And I know tomorrow is bringing new beginnings for all life more beautiful and rich than my wildest imaginings.
Let us come together & forge our individual loving wills into something stronger- a spell that feeds the nonhuman world & encourages the beautiful world that we know is being born.
Let us together assist this birth & be the change we believe in.
You are most welcome to join us at The Quickening" Benjamin Pixie Follow these links to read about the event and register now. We have 5 spots left! $100-$175




January 14- January 29th 
Trauma Informed Conflict Transformation
with Rain Crowe  $35-$40 a person

Rain Crowe’s in person version of the Trauma Informed Conflict Transformation class is being hosted in my home on January 23 & 24th and has sold out at 35 people. She is also offering two separate on line versions of the class using the phone/video platform of Zoom. I urge you to create a group of 3-7 people and host a “pod” of this class on either Thursdays Jan 14, 21st & 28th or Fridays Jan 15,22 & 29th. Please see link below for full details. The class cost is based on number of people in your pod and groups of 5-7 will be paying $35 a piece for this wonderful material.
These classes are very important to how we begin to shift away from horizontal hostility and move towards co-creating a grassroots conflict resolution process that evolves beyond the triangulation paradigm of victim-perpetrator-helper. We can be moving together, with time and intention towards co-creating a form of transformative justice that includes healing the traumas we all experience growing up and living within the oppressions of this culture.




Wednesday January 20th 
Cascadian Illuminati PDX
East Portland Eagles Club #3256
 4904 SE Hawthorne   7-9pm   FREE

This month we will be exploring the concept of Tibetan Buddhist Bardo:


Saturday January 30th 
Sacred Self Care: Cleansing, Purifying & Blessing
Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi & Oakry
1-4pm $25-$50 + $10 materials fee

Are you looking for ways to be more grounded and calm? Wishing for a deeper sense of safety and protection in your daily experience? Learn techniques of ritual cleansing, protection and blessing from elders with years of expertise in personal empowerment. Increase your self care and self love by clearing your body and personal spaces of negative energy and toxins. We will spend three hours teaching you bathing, fumigation & consecration techniques. 
You will learn how to: 
Grounding and Anchoring basics, visualizations for psychic protection, working with eggs for removing negative energy,
Cord cutting, the setting of wards, burning bowls, baths for cleansing and consecrating. 
You will leave with a ritual bath salt and a consecration oil of your own making and a handout of the techniques we teach you.

We will take first 15 registrants who send $ via paypal to:

For more information go here:
FB Link:


Upcoming Events

Surrender Deadlines extended to January 15th
Check out these requests for workshop proposals and call for EcoSexual Art Work 


February 4-7th
Advanced Aphrodite Temple for Priestesses Only

For the 2nd year in a row the LLR Winter Temple will be available only to people already enrolled in the LLR Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training program.

The theme of the Temple is the morning star: Venus and the focus of the work will be engaging Priestesses in leading sections of the Temple they need to learn in order to lead Temples on their own in the future. There will be a deep focus on trance work and deity channeling at this event. Chanting, drum work and anchoring as well.

The cost of this Temple is $150-$300 sliding scale. Here is the Registration Link . You can call me at 206-612-3511 or just send registration $ to this paypal address: Many Blessings!

Friday February 19th
EcoSex Salon Series 2016
Temple I Am- Soma Lounge will feature Reverend Ciacchi speaking on EcoSexuality 8-11pm  $22-111

 This is the first in a series of 3rd Friday EcoSex salons by LLR and funraisers by Temple I Am for Surrender The EcoSex convergence. Money raised will go towards sponsoring Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens attendance at Surrender and the Surrender scholarship fund. Phoenix Aurelius's Elixir bar, poetry and so much more. 


Spread the EcoSexy with LLR & EcoSex Stickers

These awesome items are a fundraiser for LLR!

Pick them up at any of the events listed in this newsletter or call Teri at 206-612-3511

The following three stickers are available for $3 each or 2 for $5 Thanks so much to Seven Root Stevens for doing the design and ordering work! 

We also have some fabulous buttons (see image above) of Mycelium, Bees and Stardust for $2 each.

“If you are not generating as much culture as you are consuming, you’re in trouble” -Antero Alli

Looking for inspiration? Meet the authors and activists that resonate with Living Love Revolution. Check out the many wonderful links and videos compiled over the last month! Click here to read the current media stream!

More media to consume: Mycelium, Bees and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. You can hear some of my understanding here in this podcast: Mycelium Bees and Stardust: Looking to Nature for Our Humanity
Living Love Revolution Recommends
EcoSexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love
This book, co-edited by Lindsay Hagamen and Serena Gaia Anderlini D'Onofrio, is filled with essays by people we know who are the leaders of the EcoSex movement. Enjoy works by Teri Ciacchi, Veronica Monet and Charles Eisenstein and many more.

You can pick up this book at the Clinton St Theater Aug 16 or 20th during the Goodbye Gauley Mountain movie showings or hear excerpts read at Teri's birthday and during Karen Hery's performance poetry events (see above for more information about the events listed here).

For more information visit!

Rain Crowe
The Burning timers never ended: A Story of Disenchantment and Re-membering Resistance
The premise of the class is: “The pathological system of capitalism necessitates human disenchantment. Confrontation of our own internalized capitalism is necessary for the dismantlement of capitalism externally. We must stop burning each other and recognize our adversary is capitalism.”


Pixie Medicine and Honey
Are now available in Portland through LLR. 
My relatedness with Benjamin Pixie continues to grow and deepen.  $20 quarts of honey call or come by!
More details here:


Living Love Revolution Affiliates
Spiral Cult Circus - Dramatic Ritual, Educational and Community Building Events
Windward - Education and Research Center
Herland Forest - Natural Burial site at Windward
dōTERRA Essential Oils for Wellness- Teri Ciacchi’s dōTERRA Site
Biomass to Methanol - True Fan Program
Temple I Am - Kriyanna FeyaLove
Betty Martin - Sex positive educator, coach and activist and her FB Wheel of Consent page
Nekole Shapiro - Embodied Birth: Shame Free Sex Positive Education on Birth and Intimacy
Allena Gabosch - Sex Positive Educator, Sex and Intimacy coaching, Activism 
Dr. Liam ‘Captain’ Snowden - Elemental Sexology: Queer Sex Positive Education & counseling 
Robyn Thoren Smith - The Present Sense: Sex & Intimacy Coaching, Tantra Yoga
Pavini Moray - Emancipating Sexuality: Sex Education and Sex Therapy
Tai Fenix Kulystin - Embracing Pleasure: Gender & Intimacy Coaching, Educational Erotic Bodywork, & Sacred Sexuality Guidance
Christina Louise Dietrich - Blog about sexual healing and the Intimacy of being a parent
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