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LLR Ombudsman
An ombudsmanombudsperson, ombud, or public advocate is an official who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or a violation of rights.

LLR matrix; Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW, is now actively working with the guidance of "Trouble" (aka Dylan Alter) who is a lawyer with an expertise in restorative justice. Reverend Ciacchi & Trouble met when they attended Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence 2017. Reverend Ciacchi asked Trouble to be on the Guardian Team at EcoSex: Celebrating Lover Earth 2018. Trouble agreed to become the LLR Ombudsman in December of 2018. Trouble invited Reverend Ciacchi to participate in their Stonewall Reconciliation Project, which is designed to build bridges of allyship in both directions between older queer and lesbian women and younger trans and non-binary people.

Dylan Marie Alter is a white passing, Jewish, Choctaw, non-binary lesbian lawyer & teacher. They have been practicing mediation and restorative justice for over fifteen years; from creating dialogue and repair between Israeli & Palestinian girls, Bolivian Water Revolutionaries,  Direct Action Activists & Police, to mending factions within the ACLU, and participating in the Federal Prosecutors & the Innocence Project, as well as many smaller individual issues. They have also taught restorative justice at the Peralta Community Colleges in Oakland, California. They are currently the lead mediator for The Stonewall Reconciliation Project, and a moderator for Better Angels. To contact them directly, visit

Read their curriculum vitae here

About LLR

Living Love Revolution® is a community of people who see embodying love* as an essential value in their daily lives and who come together to create temporary autonomous zones which allow a new culture based on pleasure activism, consent, and Ecomagicks® to emerge.

LLR is also the life work and spiritual calling of Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW. Her work & calling are a form of integrated social change activism which results in classes, workshops, events and personal healing sessions that ask individuals to love* themselves, love* each other love* the planet and form sustainable communities based on a love ethic*.


*A Working Definition of Love (as used by members of Living Love Revolution)

An essential part of embodying love is coming to a clear definition of Love. One excellent resource for contemplating love is bell hooks’ book All About Love in which she considers several definitions of love and finally settles on M. Scott Peck’s from his book The Road Less Traveled:

Love is “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth and development...Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”

To this definition, hooks expands upon the idea of love as a verb which necessitates behaviors that show seven qualities: care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, trust, and open and honest communication.

All intimate relationships bring up the presence of love. Love creates a field of energy that heals. All unresolved upsets from past relationships with peers, lovers and close friends as well as our family of origin issues will arise in the hope of receiving healing.

Interdependence & Autonomy LLC . ( I & A LLC )

In Nov 2016, I was notified that I had been admitted to the Mercy Corps NW IDA grant program.
I completed the program and founded my LLC on July 1, 2017, receiving a matching grant of
$4k that made it possible for me to purchase a new computer and printer among other things. 
I was also able to file trademarks for my intellectual property and begin a new set of offerings
under the LLR umbrella. As it says on the business card above: Building Consent Culture & 
healing Conflict through Education, Facilitation and Legal Advocacy.

Since it's founding, I have had my hands full creating policies and procedures for agencies and
individuals to create trauma aware somatic solutions for bringing consent practices into every
conceivable social context. Whether you are holding a music festival, dealing with non-profit or 
for profit workplace socialization, or teaching children in your own home; I can discuss relevant 
issues and scenarios for how to bring consent to the center of your relationships. I researched 
definitions of consent until I felt confident I could find and adapt a meaningful and accessible
definition of consent  for the events produced by LLR.

I successfully brought consent definitions and protocols into every event and training that I produce. Soon, even people connected to the venues I was using to host my events began to request sessions in how to have more equitable and consensual interpersonal dynamics in their lives.
This quickly led to my adding legal advocacy to my work as several of my clients and then, suddenly, my self and my husband were being sued by perpetrators of consent violations. I have had a crash course in legal self-defense and client advocacy.

In 2017 I spent a total of $12,000.00 preparing for court, establishing Intellectual Property
and paying for legal advice. At this moment (3/20/19) I have an accrued debt of $5,000.00 in legal expenses for 2019.

If you would like to have a consultation about how to bring consent into the center of your communities, through
teaching, individual sessions or group trainings, let me know by calling 206-612-3511

Free 30 min consults available. 206-612-3511

I & A LLC Legal Defense Fund

As I mentioned above, I have incurred $5K in legal expenses defending my clients (and my own) rights to their bodily sovereigntyand their intellectual property. If you believe, as I do that " Consent is worth fighting for! " and would like to make a contribution to the Interdependence & Autonomy LLC Legal Defense Fund, so I can keep providing legal advocacy and pay my own legal expenses
I would be deeply grateful.

I do not have a non-profit yet, so unfortunately I cannot offer a tax- exempt receipt for you. I can, however, put together a set of experiences, classes, events or sessions that are to your liking. I can provide "perks" such as handmade original art, tarot readings and other items. I will continue to research various funding platforms until I am satisfied with their platforms. I am also continuing to research the right non-profit structure and I will update people on this research in my newsletters.

Feel free to get in touch by phone 206-612-3511 with any questions or concerns you might have. If you want to contribute through Paypal,
( as a friends and family offering my LLR Church status allows for that designation) , please use the email: and add
a note that says "legal defense fund". I will send you a receipt. If you prefer to use a CASH app, you can use this code to put the $ directly
in my I & A LLC account at Rivermark Credit Union:$TeriCiacchi  I also have a Clover Go account and app that accepts credit and debit card payments over the phone. You may also write a check or give me cash the next time we are in person together. I promise to track and provide receipts for all $ donated. I am paying taxes and have a great accountant and bookeeper to keep everything ewell sorted and accounted for.

Thank you in advance and again, I am happy to make a tea date or a video session to discuss any and all of your questions and concerns about legal advocacy specific to consent violations and my own lived experiences.

LLR Services
Teri and the LLR Teaching Collective invent and teach workshops and events where people learn how to understand and love themselves, counsel each other, and treat each other with respect and reverence.

In addition to the classes and events given in this newsletter, the following services are available by appointment at individually negotiated rates. Free 15 min consultations.

Call 206-612-3511 for your free 15 min consult today!

  • Aphrodite Priestess® Training
  • Sacred Sexuality Education
  • Natural Burial Ceremonies & Funeral Rites
  • Ancestral Resonance Healing
  • Event Production, Networking & PR
  • LLR Teacher Training, Mentoring & Development 
  • Group Facilitation for Timely Effective Meetings
  • Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Wise Witnessing for 2 or more
  • Holistic Healing Sessions for Individuals, Couples, Triads and Families of choice
  • Daddy Doula Service
Healing Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Small Groups
I offer my healing services to individual adults, couples, poly groups of all configurations, and adults in chosen families. I provide loving witness, high quality attention, and clear effective communication skills to all of my clients.

I am committed to human liberation and empowerment. I specialize in providing services to marginalized people who are members of "alternative communities" including people who identify as queer, trans/gender-variant, poly, pagan, kinky, sex positive, or otherwise intentionally non-mainstream. I am a great counselor for people of all genders and sexual orientations who want nonjudgmental listening about sexually explicit or alternative sexuality issues. I am an ideal counselor for people who work in the sex industry. I am trained to work within sacred sexuality contexts.

Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training
Would you like to become a Transpersonal resource of Love for your communities? Join 13 others in monthly classes on Magick and altar making, daily devotional practices, invocation and sexual empowerment. The first step is attending an Aphrodite Temple.
Click here for more information.

LLR Aphrodite Temple Website

Other LLR Links

LLR Podcasts

Events Calendar

LLR Aphrodite Temple Website

Ecosex: Celebrate Lover Earth 2018

(206) 612-3511
Or respond to this email
LLR 2019 Spring Equinox Newsletter
Spring Renews Us, Loving Community Restores Us

Blessed Spring Equinox!
Crocuses are blooming in the front yard of Song of Stardust House's new location. It's been awhile since I've published a newsletter to catch up a bit, click on the picture above to read a blog, you can also check out the side bar on the left to see some new offerings & services



Ecomagicks  Community Organizing Meeting
Thursday March 28th  
  6:15 -7:15pm     
Song of Stardust House | Zoom Video Link 

Many people have expressed interest in continuing a yearly event with others who attended the various Ecosexual events that LLR has co-produced from 2012-2018. If you would like to camp together at the Skalitude Retreat in Twisp, WA July 25-29th and you are interested in helping to organize this experience, please come in person to Song of Stardust House or use the Zoom link about to participate from a distance. This hour long organizing meeting is open to those who have already attended, ( any or all of the ) 2012-2018 LLR EcoSex events and are in a space of loving and clear communication with Reverend Ciacchi.  Reverend Ciacchi is committed to stepping away from the work of organizing the event and having those of you who are inspired to create a collective and make it happen. Our nascent idea is to have a reunion of some kind and it is up tho those who attend the meetings and do the work to determine what other components will be created. Benjamin Pixie is graciously holding open the dates July 25-20th at the Skalitude Retreat Center but a decision needs to be made and a deposit paid by May 1, 2019.

Love, Peace & Kindness are centered here.
Parts of our overlapping communities have become divided over unresolved, (and quite possibly unresolvable),  interpersonal conflicts. Open & honest communication, mediation and trauma-aware restorative justice policies, agreements and practices are in place within the LLR Community.  If you are a person who feels they have been harmed while participating in LLR events or offerings, please contact the LLR Ombudsman (see sidebar) at Trouble. Esq who is available to receive information, feedback and commentary about your experience. 


Living Love Revolution® Yardwork Party
Saturday April 6th  
Song of Stardust House 
| SE PDX  206-612-3511

The Song of Stardust House backyard needs to prepare for its' debut as an outdoor venue. If you have skills with gardening, landscaping, carpentry and/or creating outdoor living spaces; please consider helping us create a Temple Lounge area, a composting toilet and solar shower area in our new backyard. Dinner will be served at 5:00pm to express our gratitude and at 6:00 or so several of us will be departing for the Ayla Nereo Concert at Star Theater



Anchoring: Grounding Group Activities
with Oakry & Liz/Leslie March
Saturday April 20th  
Song of Stardust House | SE PDX location given after registration

Cost: $40- $100 sliding scale based on your ability to pay

Learn how to stay securely centered in your body during magical workings!

Want to consistently create a group environment that is emotionally resonant and magickally protected?

Learn how to help others drop into their own depths. Improve your own ability to take in whatever learning you have come to get.  Grounding generates inner spaciousness and the ability to remain neutral and energized in the face of anything.
Anchoring is a basic energy practice, frequently used by people who are Priestessing and facilitating group magicks. This ritual technique focuses on grounding a group or room in order to keep unwanted energies out and foster an embodied, and nurturing environment. It encourages embodiment and helps to facilitate learning by improving people’s ability to be present. It is a preliminary practice for all group magick and psychic work in the Living Love Revolution community.

Space is limited to 12, so advanced registration is required.           Register Here

   Read More Description Here


Beltane Observance & Birthday celebrations
Wed May 1st  
  7-10 pm   
Song of Stardust House | SE PDX 

Come join earth-lovers and poetry weavers alike in a delicious evening of ritual, art making and joyful birthday celebration for our Beltane birthday Bulls. BYOB & Other celebratory substances, poetry and party favors. Presents for Mark Welch are optional but always delighted in.

LLR Aphrodite Temple® of the Infinite Rose 
May 3rd-5th  
☽ Start Friday 3rd, 1:00 pm to Finish Sunday 5th, 1:00 pm 
Song of Stardust House | SE PDX location given after registration

Registration is open!  for returning Temple participants Click Here  

New to Aphrodite Temples? Send an email  request for screening interview 
Spring is in the Air and Aphrodite Sings to us through the blossoming flowers and warm breezes.
Feel the sun on your face and follow the bees to the entrancing smells of earth's re-awakening.

Living Love Revolution® Aphrodite Temples® are Aphrodisiacal Education Weekend Retreats designed as Sacred Sex Magick Rituals dedicated to the experience of Transpersonal Love and creating sex-positive, consent-oriented, queer-centric, and poly-normative sacred space.

Aphrodite’s Rose is a portal, a gateway that connects us to the source of erotic life-force that flows through all of us and spreads throughout the mycelial mat of our bioregion and beyond. Our individual rose is our own beautiful budding or full glorious bloom of ecstatic, erotic self-expression that is connected to the other roses in the garden of life. We are one garden, with many roses. We will sink back and down into our own bodies and selves, accessing the portal to the infinite within us.
Learn More Here:


Exploring Psychedelics Conference
 Thursday, May 23 - Saturday May 25th 
Southern Oregon University | Ashland, Oregon

Exploring Psychedelics Website

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi & Ian Mae will present:
Queer Ritual & Consent Protocols for Group Sex Magic & Entheogen Use
So you want to have a gender fluid consensual group experience that involves sex & drugs? How can you do that successfully in a safer/braver container, with everyone’s fully informed enthusiastic consent? We begin with a few premises: 1) there are essential ritual protocols that must be put in place in order for a sacred set and setting to be present 2) group sex magic & group entheogen explorations are both portals to evolutionary, transformational societal change. We will share some of our group dynamics processes for creating queer-centric, poly-normative Temporary Autonomous Zones for rituals. We will discuss why and how ritual containers help humans stay “right sized” while traversing the unseen worlds and liminal realms brought to us by merging with entheogens. We will share our understanding of the potency and potential of group work as differentiated from working in 1:1 dyads. We will share the definitions of consent and the safer/braver space protocols developed and used by the Living Love Revolution® Aphrodite Temple® system. We look forward to sharing our embodied expertise on these topics and are open to vibrant respectful exchanges about your 1st hand experiences.



                                                             Fairy & Human Relations Congress

                                                                June 27th-July 1st ,    6-11pm   
                                                                         Skalitude Retreat | Twisp. WA

                                                                           Reverend Ciacchi will be presenting 

                                        EcoMagicks: Working with the Land, The Ancestors and Deities


☾Saturday April 19th, Full Moon  ☽ Intimate Conversations Dinner & Salon  ☽  7pm-10pm  ☾  $10-$20

☾Wed July 25 - Mon July 29th ☽ Ecomagick event at Skalitude Retreat Center  ☽  $150 - $350

☾August 1, 2019 ☽ Lammas Celebration & Birthday Observance 

☾August 9-11 ☽ Summer Aphrodite Temple in Newberg, OR ☽ $700 - $500

If you are not generating as much culture as you are consuming, you’re in trouble.” ~ Antero Alli

Books & Podcasts featuring Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW


Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries
published April 2, 2018

In a wide variety of pagan paths, many forms of modern magic and mystery hold an expectation that all parties are heterosexual, cisgender, and, in many cases, white. In Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries, Lee Harrington and Tai Fenix Kulystin bring together a diverse and passionate collection of authors and artists who break out beyond that belief and explore how being LGBT+ is not just acceptable when exploring magic, but powerful.

Using the diverse tools of queer activism, education, and storytelling, through academic essays and first-person narratives to comics and poster-style art, this intersectional group exposes a world beyond what so many magical practitioners have presumed is "normal." The reality is that magic, whether in Wicca or Vodou, Heathenry or Polytheism, has been fueled by people and systems beyond the binary for millennia. For many within, magic and queerness are not separate, but deeply entwined pieces of identity, worldview, and culture experienced together, always.
Drag queen magic, Inclusive witchcraft, and magic for healing and survival. Gender transition in Rome, possession practices, and DIY divination. Social justice, queer black tantra, and polarity beyond gender. Honoring ancestors, fluidity of consciousness, and reimagining the Great Rite. Queer sex magic, power sigils, deities that reflect diversity... and more.​

Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender, agender, genderqueer, or some other queer orientation, or you are curious about tools to access magic beyond what is often discussed, this book is for you. Each piece is a unique and passionate chance to look into your own relationship with magic, break out of the tales of what your practice "should" look like, and expand your awareness into the queer magic as well as your own power beyond boundaries.

Feel free to read my essay here, it is called:
Golden Waves & Priestess Bodies: Establishing a Queer-Centric, Poly-Normative Aphrodite Cultus in Cascadia 



Tantra Punk Podcast with Teri Ciacchi live from Orcas Island
May 5, 2018​

"In this episode I’m blessed to be joined by Revered Teri Ciacchi MSW a leader in the eco-sexuality and sacred sexual healing movements. Teri takes us on an adventure through a colorful playful personal narrative that weaves together a beautiful tapestry of initiations and revelations. Teri’s deep, rich, and diverse array of offerings are a great pleasure to explore and I have to say that Teri’s work in the area of facilitating safer/sacred group sexual healing ritual with best practices in mind is the most comprehensive and thorough I’ve yet discovered, I salute and bow down to Teri’s great works." - Tantra Punk


The Weekend Superheroes Podcast: Interview with EcoSexual Reverend Teri Ciacchi

July 11, 2017

The amazing Reverend Teri Ciacchi teaches the superheroes on what it means to be an ecosexual. Listen now, and see how to go from Mother Earth to Lover Earth. Teri is introduced at time signature 12:15 and she begins speaking at 13:05.

The Weekend Superheroes Podcast is kind of like an organized train wreck. It's a crass yet witty internet radio station starring some of the wackiest, nimble witted yinzers in Pittsburgh. Filled with unpredictable topic discussions, insane news stories and special celebrity guest appearances that will keep you coming back just to see what they come up with next. So if you're tired of the same old boring podcast, grab your favorite drink and strap in for ride you won't soon forget.

Warning: Explicit Content 
Intended For (Mostly) Mature Audiences


Pavini Moray’s Bespoken Bones podcast: Using the erotic to heal sexual abuse, dominator culture, ancestors and the Earth

Sept 2017​

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, Creatrix of Living Love Revolution, speaks on her personal and professional commitment to embodied healing & sexual wellness, and how she works with her ancestors to decolonize the body and restore goodness to the Earth.


Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love
Ecosexuality the Book 

Published 2015

This book, co-edited by Lindsay Hagamen and Serena Gaia Anderlini D'Onofrio, is filled with essays by people we know who are the leaders of the EcoSex movement. Enjoy works by Teri Ciacchi, Veronica Monet and Charles Eisenstein and many more.

Is Eros the untapped renewable energy of our time? The first world wide collection of writings on this topic, the book explores the relationship between sex, ecology and social change. It integrates seductive, inspiring and practical approaches to creating a loved-based, sustainable culture. Ecosexuality brings together the voices of 30 leaders to converge the multiple energies of the ecosexual movement, its versatility of styles and diversity of genres convey a compelling variety of perspectives on this emerging social movement. Can we make love the ecology of life? Can we treat the Earth as the revered lover we all share? Can we truly create a love-based, sustainable culture. Ecosexuality addresses these and more engaging questions in this first world-wide collection that gives voice to the ecosexual awakening. 

Other Essays by Reverend Ciacchi

From Roots to Shoots: The Sex Positive Foundations of The EcoSexuality Movement 

From the upcoming 2020 book "Sex Positive Now!" edited by Allena Gabosch & Jeremy Shrub.


The Line, The Cross, The Circle: How Magick Begins 

From Casandra John's Journal Numen Naturae , Volume I The Magician's Wand Sept 2016
Casandra edited and did the graphic design for the book under her business House of Hands Press. You can buy a copy of this book for $30 here.


Linda Montana's "Earth Cake"

Mother Loving 

From Radical Fairy Digest (RFD) issue on Rewilding published Spring 2015


The Origins of Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence LLR PODCAST

With Reverend Teri Dianne Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen on April 24, 2013​. 

In this episode of Living Love Revolution, Reverend Teri Dianne Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen talk about their upcoming event “Surrender – An EcoSexual Convergence”, held June 21-23, 2013 in the Columbia River Gorge​.


Living Love Revolution Podcasts 2009-2015

Listen to hours of sex positive and ecosexual content on the LLR Podcast from years 2009-2015​.

Mycelium, Bees and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution
You can listen to some of my understandings here in this podcast: 

Mycelium Bees and Stardust: Looking to Nature for Our Humanity


Living Love Revolution Affiliates
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