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Community Accountability Process for Teri D. Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution
Monthly Update: June 1-9, 2017

What this communication is: Part of a transparent public accountability process. Here is a recap of what has happened so far and a definition of terms. Below this recap is the actual update of events/ activities from May 1-June 1 2017.



On May 1, 2017 Reverend Ciacchi published a letter she received from “Anonymous Students” which contained called out a long list of harmful behaviors and requests for changes in those behaviors. In order to respond to this letter, Reverend Ciacchi has done her best to set up a transparent community accountability process. If you are receiving this communication it is because you: 1) you requested to receive this blog by signing up during the 2017 beginning Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling class 2) you requested to receive this blog by communicating with Tai Fenix Kulystin after reading last month’s blog 3) You are a member of Teri’s Accountability Team 4) you wrote a public response to the “Anonymous Students” 5) You are on the Living Love Revolution newsletter list

PLEASE NOTE: This will be the last community accountability update sent to the regular LLR mailing list. If you would like to continue to get monthly updates about this process, please click here to sign up for a separate list. (Those of you who emailed Tai after last month are already on there. If you did not email them, you can check to make sure you are signed up through the link above as well.) Thank you!


Defining our Terms here:

For the sake of clarity, in this context “transparent” means: accessible to the general public because it is being posted on the internet. Transparent also means that she receives feedback from her Accountability team composed of rain crowe, Oakry and Tai Fenix Kulystin, on the Community Accountability Process blog before she posts it.

In this context “community” refers to the Living Love Revolution Community: people who either are self defined as a part of the Living Love Revolution community because they interact socially with Teri Ciacchi in person; or people who have had first hand in body experiences with the Living Love Revolution programs because they have attended workshops, sessions or events. Teri is not trying to be accountable to people she has not met, or people who have only interacted with her in the virtual realms of the internet. 

In this context the term “accountability process” is embedded in anarchist and feminist social framework and is part of the history of grassroots social remediation processes. “Call out” culture developed as a vital form of resistance; a response to the larger systems of oppressions that have resulted in the deeply destructive and harmful forms of racism, classism and misogyny. One place to learn more about the frame and history of call out culture is the zine Accounting for Ourselves.


Teri’s complete response to receiving the anonymous student call out letter was outlined in the 1st posting of what is now this monthly ongoing Community Accountability Update blog.



Point of Clarity about decision to take 1 year Hiatus

I want to take responsibility for the fact that it was/is my choice to go on Hiatus from teaching from May 2017-1018. It seemed useful for me to take time off and sincerely contemplate if my schedule and pace were truly beneficial to myself and my community. I did think the call out letter was asking me to stop teaching at first, but that was part of their requests and I am the sole being responsible for all of my behaviors.

Community Responses to Blog post 1

I received more than 20 personal responses to the posting of Community Accountability Process blog 1. Most of the communication was private and I may make an attempt to briefly and anonymously categorize those responses in a future blog. I also received phone calls and participated in video meetings with several peers who had questions and concerns about my decision to engage in a community accountability process.

Three People contacted me asking for my consent to send direct communications to the anonymous students. I consented and, after reading the letters, asked the authors to forward them to rain crowe so she could send them to the anonymous students. I will not publish the letters here as they were intended for the people making the call out. If you would like to read them you can contact me privately. I will share the identity of those people here and links to their websites so you know who they are.

 On May 5th 2017 Pavini Moray of Emancipatng Sexuality sent a letter.

 On May 6th 2017 Christiane Pelmas of The ReWilding sent a letter.

 On May 2oth 2017 Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine sent a letter.



As I reported in the first blog, I initiated the creation of an accountability team to midwife me through this Community Accountability Process. The members of this team are:

The accountability team has meet twice and is committed to meeting monthly until May 1, 2018.

In our meeting May 31, 2017 the following updates:

New communications from anonymous students

Rain crowe reported that two of the anonymous students, have come forward to express the desire to meet with Teri in person. Teri is willing to meet with them. We agreed that rain would notify the students and that this process would need to occur after July 1, 2017 due to our previously arranged commitments.

Teri Ciacchi’s progress keeping her commitments from Blog 1

  • I have turned down several requests for spiritual mentoring, new counseling clients and opportunities to teach or present at public events and told the people making the requests about the accountability process I am actively engaged in. I have referred the people making inquiries to other practitioners.

  • I cancelled the May 2017 LLR Aphrodite Temple and have had individual conversations with each person enrolled in the Aphrodite Priestess training about the accountability process. I am actively engaged in seeking feedback with each of these people.

  • I am moving forward on a small business which is now named “Interdependence & Autonomy” with the tag line: skills for building consent and approaching conflict”. She has received a grant to create this small business and she will be keeping her commitment to that process.

  • As part of my commitment to participating in Surrender:The Ecosex Convergence, I rewrote the entire Event Guide to reflect upon and integrate the “Safer Braver Space” policy (SBS) written by rain crowe and edited by myself and adopted by the event creators, (Teri Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen). This policy requires that all participants in Surrender read, understand and abide by the SBS policy. The SBS policy provides an opportunity to allow participants who have been authors of acts of harm and are participating in an accountability process to notify the Guardian and Hearts & hands team members of the event of that fact. I am following this process. I notified the trainers and co-ordinators of both the Hearts & Hands Team and the Guardian Team of the letter I received and the processes I am engaged in. I will also be communicating the fact that I am in an accountability process to all attendees of Surrender during the plenary session on Thursday afternoon May 15, 2017.


As part of my holistic self care, I regularly participate in the following activities:

  • I receive professional therapy sessions with Eric Dillio LPC a minimum of 1x per month and a maximum of 4x per month. I have been attending these sessions with Eric since Dec 2014

  • I do weekly Reevaluation Counseling style peer counseling sessions with Betty Martin. I have been doing this for 9 years. I will also continue peer counseling sessions with other members of the CHPC peer counseling community which I have taught and stewarded since 1997, (for 20 years).


To ensure I have all the support I need to adequately address the concerns of the anonymous students I am also going to:

  • In July I will begin monthly coaching and supervisory sessions with Amara Karuna who taught me RC in 1991 and then mentored me in taking “Wholistic Peer Support” training from 1993-1995 until I developed the Holistic Peer Counseling course in 1997 from Amara’s original materials and then created the Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling curriculum in 2012.

  • I will engage in session work with Veronica Monet who specializes in anger management beginning in July

  • I have consulted with Melissa Rosenberger about formalizing my spiritual mentoring programs.

  • I am consulting with Helena Palmqvist & David Kohler who will help me create a clear certification and affiliation process for training LLR students who wish to teach LLR classes in the future. This consult will happen in person this August and via video this fall.

  • I will continue consulting with rain crowe to ensure I understand and am doing my best to embody the foundational understanding she taught in the Trauma Aware Conflict Transformation class I took from her in Jan 2016.


In closing, I am deeply grateful to my community for calling me out and calling me in. I have had many fruitful realizations and revelations. My community inspires me to be my healthiest most integrated Self. I will end with this quote that is kept on an altar in my kitchen and which inspires me to stay engaged in this process when I find it depressing or irritating or otherwise inconvenient:

“To warrant devotion and service, a teacher must genuinely embody the teachings”



Teri D. Ciacchi

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