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        Newsletter #24 - October 2015

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M238S -  Lotus Q
Featured Entry Pulls
Designer - Javier Lopez
Design - Clean Lines
Featured Products
In Focus - New Celegon Door Systems

We are proud to show you our Architectural Newsletter for October 2015.

In this issue we highlight clean lines, and are excited to release our new Celegon Door System. This new product range comprises of two distinct product sets, the Ergon Living and Compack Living. Both of these products are specifically designed to give back lost space within a room by reducing the amount of space an open door takes up.

This system is perfect for use on Bathroom doors and environments where space is at a premium. Used extensively already throughout Europe, we now introduce this to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Commercial offices, Aged Care facilities and apartments blocks will find that this system can assist to maximise space and make for better functionality of a door. 

For more information, please contact us on 03 9571 5666 or email us at

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Bellevue Architectural
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M238S "Lotus Q" by Javier Lopez

Madrid, 1978

Javier López was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1978. After graduating in interior architecture and industrial design, he moved to Milan, collaborating with various prestigious international design studios.

In 2011 he opened his own studio in Milan, where he works on projects from architecture to product design. In the same year he began working with Agape and launched his first product “Plus“, which garnered him a nomination for the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014 Award.



client feedback

"I have been dealing with the team at Bellevue for many years. My loyalty to them is not for their flawless level of service to me, it is because they continue to exceed my client’s expectations during hardware selection, construction phase and long after a building is complete. 

Recently, on a large project in Albert Park, having already selected all of the hardware, the client decided to review every part of the specification. Bellevue were more than happy to meet all of us at their showroom and run through each item…most of which was changed to other products within their range. I personally particularly like the Adamant Handle from Olivari. Having included them in my own home and living with them for a few years I am delighted with the quality."
Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Murray Architects




featured products

This month we showcase the:
  • The stainless steel S1530 handle by Siro of Austria is slim-line in design with smooth edges and comfortable shape to complement any cabinet style. Available in six sizes from 134mm to 454mm. 
  • The P195S knob by Olivari of Italy is the perfect accompaniment to the M195R lever handle by Luca Casini available in polished chrome, SuperInox satin and SuperInox brass (both of which come with Olivari’s 30 year finish guarantee ideal for coastal environments, far exceeding 316 marine grade stainless steel as it will not pitt, t-stain or tarnish). This knob can also be customised to match your project colour theme.
  • The L206 Olivari of Italy entry pull complements square profile handles. Available as straight or offset, with or without a rose. finishes include polished chrome and Olivari's SuperInox Satin with it's 30 year finish warranty.
  • The unique BL001 magnetic tube latch by Bonaiti of Italy allows clean lines to be achieved with no visible striker plate or latch tongue protruding. Available in a wide range of finishes the BL001 will blend to provide seamless integration to the door.
  • The S2027 cabinet handle by Siro of Austria allows a square profile to fit comfortably in the hand with beautifully rounded edges. Available in chrome and satin nickel as well as three sizes.
  • The minimalistic UT261 door stop by Elmes of Japan provides a functional yet aesthetically pleasing finishing touch to your door. Measuring 90mm length and available in silver anodised aluminium with black rubber.
  • The BI4250 flush slide pull by Didheya of Spain allows complete integration with the door providing functionality even with fully recessed and cavity sliding doors. When the door is open, the grip is easily accessible, when the door is closed, the lip on the pull provides a solid purchase on the door to once again open. We can custom design this flush pull to fit any door thickness in satin stainless or polished stainless steel.
  • Ceam of Italy's BAC2010 concealed hinge is the perfect way to upgrade your doors. Designed to allow a door to open and close as would any other hinge but with one difference, you don’t see it. Made from stainless steel and industrial strength nylon, suitable for doors up to 60kg ion weight and with a 180° opening swing. With a price point of $16.95 + GST per hinge, the BAC2010 is ideally suited for any size project, it’s hard not to consider.
Featured entry pulls by Elmes of Japan
  • Elegant, Sophisticated and Breathtakingly Beautiful. There are literally dozens of other adjectives which could be used to describe the T2304 but we believe that a picture speaks a thousand words. Constructed 100% in Japan by Elmes, it is made from the highest quality brass. Its form speaks volumes of the craftsmanship involved to create such a stunning piece. Elmes entry pull handles convey the warmth of the creator and the Japanese traditional sense of beauty while being impacted by Western modern design. Ideal for glass or timber doors of any thickness. Contact Bellevue Architectural for more information.
  • The G1101 utilises an amalgamation of stainless steel and Uni-Wood, an anti-bacterial wood that possesses outstanding functionality combining durability, strength and water resistance. Available in 250mm and 600mm lengths and hairline & polished stainless steel, white Uni-Wood & polished stainless steel, and pale scotch Uni-Wood & hairline stainless steel combinations.
  • The offset T8630 stainless steel entry pull combines hairline and polished stainless steel with an 800mm length making it the perfect size to provide a functional and stylish entry point.  

    Due to the combination of both a polished and satin finish, you get the best of both worlds; the beautiful look of polished stainless with the practicality of satin stainless.
  • The T8050 handle utilises aluminium and employs natural colouring via a special finishing technique called Uni-Well. Due to the unique crystallisation pattern and colour tone, slight differences arise giving each handle it’s own character. Available in dark and light finishes and measuring 452mm in length. Ideal for glass or timber doors of any thickness. 


Design - Clean Lines

To achieve clean lines is a thing of beauty. Up until now, lines around the door have been interrupted but with the range of products from Bellevue Architectural we can help achieve this. 

BL004 - Invisible Handle by No-Ha of Belgium:

Designed to be used for swinging internal passage doors where a smooth surface is envisaged between the wall surrounding the door and the door itself, the BL004 allows a door to be opened and closed simply by pushing on the plate and using the contoured inside handle to open the door cleanly. Used in conjunction with the magnetic latch, this completes a seamless door to wall integration.

BL001 - Magnetic Tube Latch:

With the BL001 magnetic latch, there is no visible striker plate when the door is closed, giving a clean door and jamb. When the door is open, there is no unsightly latch tongue protruding - a clean look. The latch itself is quiet and engages only when the latch comes across to the cup, providing reliability and functionality. Privacy latches, rebate kits, striker plates to suit steel framed jambs and a wide range of finishes are available allowing complete integration to all applications. 

Tested to over 400,000 cycles and comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. Suitable for timber doors. Screws supplied. Compatible with 7.65 or 8mm spindles. 60mm backset hub. 

Concealed Pivot System by FritsJurgens of the Netherlands:

The FritsJurgens “System” pivot stands out from other pivot systems in that all the technology is in the door not the floor or ceiling. This makes the interface with the wall, floor and the ceiling subtle and stylish. No recessing into concrete slabs, no imposing floor plate to diminish the visual attraction of the door or floor - a beautiful slim-line system integrating perfectly with the floor & ceiling.

With 3 different models to choose from, FritsJurgens “SystemOne, 3 and 4” offers choice in applications. Certified to carry a door up 500kg in weight and up to a 4000mm wide door. They are available with Hold-Open, Self-Open and Self-Close functions, your choice of 360 ° swing or traditional 90° or 180° swing, the FritsJurgens “Pivot System” is nothing but flexible.

CEAM Concealed hinges from Italy:

Designed with aesthetics in mind, the concealed hinge range is ideal for all doors that need to blend in with their surrounding walls. Its design allows for a full 180° opening which provides a beautiful clean sophisticated wall like look. With a wide range of models available from non-adjustable to a 3D adjusable hinges. With the adjustable models, you can  adjust the door in all 3 dimensions (up-down, left-right and in-out) but you can also take the door down without having to remove the hinge from its rebated housing in the door and jamb. Designed for residential and commercial timber doors up to 120kg in weigh, they are guaranteed for 150,000 opening and closing cycles.

E4010 cabinet lip pull range:

The E4010 lip cabinet pull range, with their soft, comfortable grip and minimalist design are considered a must for your next project. Low profile yet functional in design. Available in polished chrome and satin nickel, they are available in 3 difference sizes with either square or round edges.

To view more from our range, be sure to visit our website at


In Focus -  Celegon Door Systems

Bellevue Architectural is proud to release the “Ergon Living & Compack Living” door systems by Celegon of Italy. Maximising usable living space is a challenge; we all want bigger rooms and more space to live in. Doors when open, can take up a large proportion of living space, due to their opening arc; typically close to 1 metre of usable living space is lost - more for wider doors. The “Ergon Living & Compack Living” door systems have been designed with this specific issue in mind. 

100% made in Italy, these two revolutionary door systems cut door clearance requirements in half, maximising the usable living space within an environment. Areas around doorways can now be redesigned to utilise this space. It does this by reducing door volume, (the opening arc of the door is 50% smaller) thus increasing usable living space by 50%. 

Both systems are ideal for WC doors, WIR & Cupboards, pantries, bathrooms, office environments, assisted living centres, doors to narrow hallways, small apartments etc, anywhere where space is at a premium...  Imagine the difference an extra metre of living space could make, with both the “Ergon Living & Compack Living” door system, it’s achievable; even in the smallest of environments.

Two systems are available:

Ergon Living:
Designed to maximise living space by reducing the opening arc of a door by 50% the Ergon Living system shares the door width between two rooms, increasing the usable living space by up to 1m; even more for wider doors. Supplied with a soft open function, the door movement is quiet and smooth with a cushioned stop. The Ergon Living system allows you to open a door in single or both directions. While opening and closing, the simultaneous rotation and translation movement of the door cuts swing space in half.

Compack Living:
When open, the Compack Living system folds in half, reducing space needs by 50%. The absence of a track, the use of a traditional door handle, and the possibility of either a 90 or 180 degree rotation are decisively innovative developments in folding doors. 

While one configuration allows the door to fold back at 180 degrees against the wall, another allows it to sit at 90 degrees out from the door, so no matter what application you will have a solution. Able to be configured to symmetrical or asymmetrical to allow for handles or flush pulls.

Available now from Bellevue Architectural. 


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