FUTURITY TODAY: 6 ways phones can make us anxious, sleepy, annoying, distracted, vulnerable, and lonely.

JANUARY 10, 2015                                      
iPhone 'withdrawal' really makes people anxious

woman on a bike using a phone
People are so attached to their iPhones that the authors of a new study advise keeping them handy for important tasks, like meetings and testsREAD MORE...


Smartphone night owls are more sleepy at work

iPhone bedding
You might be less productive at work during the day if you use your smartphone to get work done at night. READ MORE...


Texting in meetings likely bugs coworkers

woman texting at work
Young professionals may be doing themselves a disservice by using smartphones during meetings. Older colleagues, who often make decisions about career advancement, may find it annoying. READ MORE...


Phones in class drag down everyone's grades

hand on a laptop
All students, regardless of intellectual ability, had lower exam scores the more they used the internet in class for reading the news, sending emails, and posting Facebook updates. READ MORE...


Your phone is the perfect surveillance tool

guy holds a phone over one eye
Surveillance is a fundamental part of the cellular network, writes Stephen Wicker in his book Cellular Convergence and the Death of Privacy. But Wicker says there are ways to change the system and to reclaim privacy. READ MORE...


Can 'screentime' ruin relationships?

man uses his phone to take a picture of a woman
Researcher Brandon McDaniel coined the term “technoference” to describe the negative effects phones and other devices can have on romantic relationships. He offers some tips on how to set boundaries. READ MORE...

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