//gaggarin// invites you to the expo and performance of Gaëlle Doret
Gaëlle Doret - Quatre Mains
Dear //gaggarin// friends,

A four day expo featuring the works of Gaëlle Doret, a live piano performance with Lionel Bams and a video by Valentina Calà, coming up next !

At Truc Troc BOZAR this year, Gaëlle Doret received three exchange proposals :
> Lionel Bams proposed to give piano lessons in exchange for one of her works
> Valentina Calà proposed to make a video of her work
> //gaggarin// proposed to help Gaëlle Doret to create an expo in Brussels

One year later //gaggarin// features an expo with Gaëlle Doret's work, a video about her work and a live piano performance !
A new type of quatre-mains combining the piano and the choreography of Gaëlle’s hands both live and on video.

Hope to see you next week with a nice glass of wine, proposed by our friends at "wine we like" !

open  Friday 14/12 - 13h>19h
open Saturday 15/12 - 13h>19h
open Sunday 16/12 :
Finissage with a live piano performance at 16h

click here for wine we like
Gaëlle Doret - carnet framed

square sainctelette 4
1000 brussels

just across from the KAAITHEATER

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photos © ludovic maillard
carnet de mains detail
carnet de mains detail
carnet de mains detail
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