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Volume 3 Number 5

Our Sing, Stomp, Strum & Swing Music Festival is in full swing!
We welcomed Dan Berggren on Tuesday and Smokey Greene on Wednesday. The concerts were fantastic and there are many more to come! Check the schedule and stop by over the next 2 weeks to see Dan Akstens; John Krik & Trish Miller; John Roberts & George Ward; Chis Shaw; and John Kribs.
In addition to our concert series, we are hosting a variety of musical classes taught by many of the performers! Sign up today for classes in banjo, percussion & folk songs.  These workshops & concerts are the school's major fund-raising event - your support is appreciated!  

In case you missed it- the Adirondack Folk School was featured on North Country Public Radio on Tuesday! Click here to listen to the interview and share with others who would like to learn more about the school.

Great Classes for Any Level!

Build the Sagamore Chair: Over one hundred years ago, the famous Sagamore hotel was built as an exclusive resort on Lake George in the Adirondacks.  Its luxurious and spacious accommodations attracted the millionaires of the day and continues to draw clientele from around the world. In this class you will create a bit of history, as you build a Sagamore chair with patterns struck from one of the original chairs. Instructors Larry & Dave have carefully taken the original chair apart and made all the forms and patterns necessary for you to learn how to steam bend local Adirondack Red Oak into the graceful forms that created this one of a kind chair which is not only beautiful but comfortable as well. Some prior woodworking experience is helpful, but beginners are welcome too! This three day class begins August 1st.

Adirondack Pack Basket – Large: The Adirondack Pack Basket is one of the most iconic symbols of the Adirondacks.  These versatile baskets were used to carry just about everything the guides, hunters and trappers took with them into the woods.  Create your own pack basket patterned from the traditional Adirondack Pack Baskets.  Join us for this two day class August 4th & 5th.

“Cobbler College”: Cobbler’s are as American, as…well, as apple pie. Make a good cobbler and you can win hearts, love, and admiration. You’ll become a hero with your family and friends. This is a learn by doing class on August 6th. For first timers, Dutch oven basics will be covered and the art of the cobbler explored. Be forewarned, this is an eat dessert first class! 
Creative Clay Construction for Kids: For kids age 8-80, come and explore what can be made with clay on August 7th.  After class, the clay pieces will be fired in a kiln and then picked up at the school a week later, so it can be finished at home (painted, stained, etc.). Prepare to get dirty playing in the clay...bring an old shirt or smock to wear. No experience is necessary.

Our third annual Bountiful Bowl Benefit will be held on Sunday, September 2nd from 3-7 pm.

At this unique fundraising event purchase a hand-thrown bowl from the school in advance or on the day of the event.  Bowls will be filled with soups, salads & dessert. The price for members is $20 and $25 for not-yet-members. Please join us for a great cause—proceeds benefit AFS & the local Maxfield Community Food Pantry.
Calling all past & present AFS students!
We will be holding an AFS Student Exhibit during our third annual Bountiful Bowl Benefit on September 2nd and we would like to put your work on display!
Please notify us if you would like to showcase your work at this event by calling the school at 518-696-2400. Just provide your name, project description, instructor & date of the class during which you made your item. The deadline to drop off work is August 25th.
The Exhibit will be set up and displayed during the time leading up to and during the BBB III. Don’t miss your chance to share your hard work with family, friends and others! 


AFS thanks all its wonderful volunteers!
You too can help with projects big & small...
Please call if you would like to help!

Partner with AFS & We'll Both Save!

Did you know…you can support AFS and lower your electric bill?

AFS has partnered with Ambit Energy, an energy supply company, to save money on our electric bill.
If we can get 20 additional supporters, AFS will get its electricity for FREE! It’s a great win-win opportunity for you & the school.
You also will save up to 10% on your electric bill!  So whether you have a year round home or camp in the area, switching your electric provider can benefit AFS! 

Changing your supplier is easy, costs nothing and there is no service interruption.
Please help to support AFS. For more information please call Mary Stevens at 518-564-2400.

Sign up early for our August classes!
8/1-3 Build the Sagamore Chair
8/1 Adirondack Folk Song Traditions
8/2 Painted Table Runner
8/3 Adirondack Gathering Basket
8/3 "Spit polish your stage skills...Adirondack Style!"
8/4 Traditional Braided Rug
8/4-5 Hand Cut Dovetail Joinery
8/4-5 Adirondack Pack Basket- Large
8/5 Folk Art Family Tree
8/6 "Cobbler College"
8/7 Creative Clay Construction for Kids
8/8 Inkle Weaving Workshop
8/9-10 Caned Canoe Seats
8/10-11 Shaker Oval Boxes
8/11-12 Classic Shaving Horse
8/11 Intro to Frame Loom Weaving
8/11 Fly Tied Earrings & Accessories
8/12 Make a Knot Bracelet
8/12 Intro to Rug Twining
8/12 Adirondack Floral Arrangements
8/13 Intro to Ancient Grains & Baking
8/14 Creative Clay Construction for Kids
8/15 Build a Mini Adirondack Chair
8/15 Inkle Weaving Workshops
8/16-18 Build AFS Blacksmith Shop
8/16 Painted Table Runner
8/17-18 Canoe Paddle Making
8/17 Intro to Paper Making
8/18-19 Birch Bark Picture Frames & Mirros
8/18-19 Hinges, Hardware, Latches & More
8/19 Soap Making
8/20-22 Capturing Nature with a Bic Pen
8/21 Creative Clay Construction for Kids
8/23 "Doctorate of Dutch Ovens"
8/23-24 Relief Carving
8/24 Repair a Bamboo Fly Rod
8/25 Traditional Native Kayak Paddle
8/25 Hooking Sampler
8/25-26 Blacksmithing Hammer
8/25 A Stick & a Hike
8/25-26 Digital Photography Workshop
8/25-26 Beginning Calligraphy
8/27 Hammer & Axe Handles
8/27-31 Warp & Weave Week
8/29 Adirondack Twig Sign
8/31 Intro to Sourdough & Wood Oven Baking

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