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Confidence by Peeta

by Peeta

Manuel di Rita aka Peeta is an Italian artist born in a small town near Venice, Italy. In the early 90's he took on the moniker Peeta within the Italian graffiti scene, as his craft evolved, he joined the Paduan EAD crew and became one of the area's most well respected artists.

"Confidence" is a great example of Peeta's style. The colors create a bold, vibrant image and Peeta's use of shading and shapes creates the illusion of 3-D sculpture occupying a 2-D space. The illusion he creates with paint is something only a master could accomplish. Peeta's work intersects the line of beautiful, fine art, and gritty street influences. The reproduction of "Confidence" explodes on the paper as perfect sample of Peeta's talent.

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Taxali book and print combo
Luna by Jason Limon



by Gary Taxali

Signed book & Gocco combo!

About making his new book, Taxali commented that “seeing them in all in the early draft versions [of the book] made me realize how every gallery exhibit I have had is a mere chapter in the larger book of my life’s work.”

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by Jason Limon

Don't shoot for the moon in Jason Limon's haunting work, Luna. Your eyes will rest inevitably on the moth perched on our hero's right hand - and it is THIS symbol that serves as the thematic motif. Limon, a master of surrealism, has created a dark wedding cake of detail. Start at the bottom where black waters have [...]
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Is It My Body
Yumiko Kayukawa
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Deep Forest Walk
Michael Page
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Kyle Hughes-Odgers

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