This is the ECF Newsletter dedicated to the Velo-city Conference 2015 in Nantes. These are the highlights from the first day.

We’re thrilled to present you our first news round-up from the Velo-city 2015 conference in Nantes, France!

To keep you up-to-date on all the most relevant news from the world’s largest cycling convention, we will be sending you one edition with daily highlights each day for the rest of the week. This is a news digest – click the ‘more’ links if you’re looking to follow the action more closely on our special Live website and, naturally, on social media.

ECF has several networks that work to pomote cycling in their own areas of expertese. On the opening day of the Velo-city we organised seven different network side events that each gathered the members of its respective network to discuss, learn and exchange ideas and experiences in their fields. Altogether more than 200 people attended these events. This first Velo-city round-up includes news from the ECF side events. 

Here is a selection of what happened on the first day of  #velocity15:

Charter of Nantes

During a reception at the City Hall, ECF president Manfred Neun and Nantes Mayor Johanna Rolland signed the Charter of Nantes. This charter addresses the global stakeholders in climate change and especially the COP21 summit in Paris later this year.

Scientists for Cycling Annual Colloquium 

The Annual colloquium of the global network Scientists for Cycling, co-organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation and the French network GERI-Vélo (IFSTTAR) focused on new developments in cycling research. Bringing together academics from numerous disciplines, the colloquium allowed participants to discover and discuss the latest research results in different areas.

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Pro E-Bike Meeting

Replacing motor vehicles with bikes and cargo bikes saves money, time, space, and has many other benefits. It's proven and going mainstream across Europe. Experts presented a Pro E-Bike workshop for businesses, decision-makers, and fleet managers to demonstrate how much businesses can reduce costs by switching to E-bikes. 

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EuroVelo National Coordinators Meeting

EuroVelo is a network of high-quality cycling routes currently comprising of 14 routes that conect the whole continent. This annual meeting presented an opportunity for the National EuroVelo Coordination Centers and Coordinators to network with each other and share experiences and best practice. ECF also presented the latest developments in the central coordination of the EuroVelo network.

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National Coordinators Meeting

In the Transport Health Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) Paris Ministerial Declaration adopted in Paris in April 2014, the 56 THE PEP Member States decided as one of the priority areas of action to develop a pan-European master plan for cycling promotion. To this end, the new THE PEP Partnership on cycling was launched to develop this Master Plan. This Partnership met for the 4th time in Nantes on 2. June.

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Keep in touch!

You can find ECF booth in the expo or visit our dedicated live page for latest news, our flickr album for photos or of course start the conversation online via twitter or Facebook.

Cities for Cyclists Annual Meeting

Annual meeting of the ECF's Cities for Cyclists Network was held on 2. June. In the meeting the network's forerunner cycling cities from around the world got together to take a closer look at the mobility policy of this year’s Velo-city host, Nantes, and exchanged best-practice with other Network members to improve their own cycling strategies.

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Create and Manage a CycleLogistics business

Research has recently shown that 25% of trips transporting goods in urban centres could easily be done by cargo bikes instead of motor vehicles. The CycleLogistics workshop was aimed at businesses that wish to develop their cycle logistic capacities.

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Organisational Developement Workshop: Lead by example! 

Being a part of the community means sharing with others, providing and receiving knowledge, supporting and feeling supported. In this workshop participants were encouraged to be a leader and a learner at the same time. This year, ECF asked its members to focus on what they do best and share their knowledge with others. 

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ADFC presents German Cycling Embassy at Velo-city

Inspired by the Danish and Deutch examples, Germany has started the creation of a cycling Embassy.With this platform, Germany’s leading role in cycle tourism and the bicycle industry is to also be strengthened and better marketed internationally.
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Meet the ECF networks in Nantes!

You can also meet many of our networks during Velo-city. 

We are happy to see that our Cities for Cyclists Network is well represented in the Velo-city conference program with many speakers coming from the Network's member cities and regions. Here's an overview of their sessions. 

We have also put together an agenda with the most interesting sessions on industry related topics for our Cycling Industry Club members. If you are interested in cycling industry and want to meet our members join us for these sessions. See the angenda here.

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