German cycling solutions, Velo-city announcements, and a call for action from our President Manfred Neun... this may be our first newsletter of the year, but it doesn't mean we can't pack it full of news. Enjoy, and keep on cycling during these cold winter months!
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ECF Talks To The Guardian

Woman cycles in London traffic
Thanks to the hard-work from our British members, CTC, political attitudes are changing when it comes to cycling. ECF had a chat to the Guardian newspaper about what the country should do to get more people on bicycles. 
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Nantes (France) To Host Velo-city 2015 

France's first city to allow cyclists legally to turn right at red lights has been awarded Velo-city 2015. Is France on its way to becoming a cycle friendly nation? 
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Cycling Is A Solution: Word From The President

As the world fails to come to an agreement on how to tackle climate change, there are cycling solutions that can be implemented right now, explains ECF President Manfred Neun
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Cycling Visionary Awards: Velo-city 2013

Cycling Visionaries
Velo-city 2013 in Vienna is offering 20 free tickets and a chance to speak at the world’s largest cycling conference. If you're a young visionary, here's your chance to shine! 
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Czech Mate: Cycling Infrastructure Needs An Upgrade

Cycling in the Czech Republic. Credit: RADKA ZAKOVA
Cycling fatalities have increased in the Czech Republic in 2012. Bicycle advocates say that cycling infrastructure is failing to keep up with demand.
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Cycling Solutions: Why Germany Has All The Answers 

Germany’s fast becoming one of Europe’s most impressive (and largest) cycling nations. Time for bicycle advocates to take a trip across the Rhine, explains Fabian Kuester.
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Industry and Advocacy: We're Stronger Together

The bicycle industry and advocacy groups must unite if they want more people cycling. ECF's Director of Development explains why. 
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Interesting links
  • A video from the BBC about "glow in the dark" bike lanes in the Netherlands. 
  • A great infographic about cycling through red lights in London. 

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