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John Muir Middle School

Nov. 11-13
Alpine Officials Clinic
Quality Inn

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Warren Miller Movie
Grand Theater


Ron Lawrence
Head Coach


Alpine Officials Clinic

Dear Parents, Adult Racers, GPST Board Members and GPST Athletes:
The Granite Peak Ski Team (GPST) as of right now has 95 USSA members and will be well over 125+ members before the end of the ski season.   We are the largest club in Central USSA Region II and hopefully, someday we will be the largest team in all of Central USSA, but we have very few parents/volunteers that truly understand what we need to do to run a quality race at Granite Peak and other areas around the “Central Nation”.  To put on a USSA race we need 35+ parent/volunteers.  Our GPST Board discussed last Tuesday night the need to have more trained parent/volunteers to help run our own local races which includes the Badger State Games in January 2017.  Only a few have that knowledge. 
On Friday, November 11th, our Central USSA Leaders (Brewster McVicker – USSA Alpine Athlete Manager, John Manderfield – Central USSA Alpine Sport Committee President, and Eric Gee – Central USSA Region 2 President) will be present at the Quality Inn in Wausau for a “Meet & Greet” pizza party (7PM-9PM) with our GPST Parents and Athletes to explain the goals for our US Ski Team, explain and answer questions about USSA and challenge us as a Club to be the Best We Can Be!
On November 12 & 13 at the Quality Inn of Wausau, we have our leadership in Central USSA coming to help us understand all the aspects of running a quality race.  This training will also help us run our smaller local races better.  This is a great opportunity for our TEAM.
Finally, each season for the past 40 years, I have had to spend time explaining the rules to my athletes.  I would like as many of our top GPST athletes to sit in on the training for the two days.  This will help them understand the “rules” and what it takes to put on the race that they are racing in.  I am hoping at least 20+ of my athletes will attend also.
I need you to read the ATTACHED materials on what it takes to be an Alpine Competition Official.  GPST needs your help! Please fill out the last page of the attachment and bring it to the Clinic.
I need you to register at the link listed below so we can plan for space needs and food.
I am looking for a great turnout and hoping that we can show USSA how much our Team is committed to Excellence!
Contact me if you have any questions,
Ron Lawrence
Program Director/Head Coach
Granite Peak Ski Team
8752 South Cedar Trail
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

USSA Membership

Early Bird Membership Deadline is Sat. Oct. 15th.  Rates go up after.  CLICK HERE

Region 2 

Registration is now open to all athletes that plan to race in a USSA Central Region 2 race.


To volunteer, contact:

Tara Schneider • 715-302-5608 •

For the latest info, see the calendar at

Please forward to interested skiers to help make GPST a success.
Thank you!
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