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Playing the blame game

Many companies find it easier to blame the customer rather than recognize their own poor decisions.  Consumers "vote" with their dollars every day of the year, and subpar products just don't make the cut:
• "The Lone Ranger" remake tanked at the box office. Its stars blamed the critics. Industry pundits said the iconic character was unfamiliar to audiences. Bean counters bemoaned the competition with "Despicable Me 2." 
• Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and other big players in the brewski business are blaming the economy and even cooler weather for declining sales. So why have craft beers seen double-digit sales increases every year for the past four years? 
• American Airlines had one row of seats come loose during a flight. After an investigation, the airline pointed the finger at passengers because years of spilled beverages compromised the seats' locking mechanism. (Bet the cleaning and maintenance crews were relieved.) 
• A consortium of Australian mobile telecommunications providers believe that technologically challenged consumers—not their lack of customer education and poor service—are at the root of an increase in complaints. 
• A week after Wonder Bread closed their Southern California factories due to low demand for their highly processed white bread, Pepperidge Farms added three whole-grain white bread varieties to their product line. 
What downturns, threats, or shifts is your company facing? Sharp Market Intelligence can recalibrate your perspective from blaming the customer to helping you understand your customer’s new reality, leading to better decisions—before new competitors can steal both your thunder and your customers. 


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