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The power of customising your user journeys is no secret. Custom journeys resonate better, are well-timed, and convert at higher rates.

Segmenting your email list is more effective if you do it right from the start.

We've all been exposed to tailored advertising based on our demographics and behaviours, but where this gets really powerful is when the personalisation continues *after* you sign up.


Our Forms auto-route signups into different groups depending on where they signed up, what information they gave, or from a whole bunch of custom events. These Smart Groups then trigger different onboarding campaigns to nurture your leads through to conversion.

If you'd like to try out Forms for yourself we are offering Unlimited Forms to anyone who signs up this week. You can give us any feedback and find out more over on Product Hunt.


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Find us over on Product Hunt and ask us a question!

– The GoSquared Team

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