Ceramics Now Magazine - New interviews and review, April 2012: Steve Belz - Artist of the month, Ruth Power - New artist, Residence of Growth review by James Romaine - Allison Luce at the Zentrum für Keramik-Berlin, Jenni Ward and Cindy Billingsley - Spotlight, and Suzanne Stumpf - Techniques, interactive sculptures.
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New interviews and review on Ceramics Now, April 2012

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Steve Belz on Ceramics Now

Steve Belz, Artist of the month

"I spend several weeks working on one piece, often jumping between other pieces while I wait for one to dry enough. I rarely build my work in the position that it will rest. This does two things. It makes it easier to move the piece around to work on it and it keeps the orientation of the object open until the end of the building process. I can have most of the form completed and then cut and dart areas to modify the form. Once the main form is completed I smooth and refine the surface. This step is very meditative for me. It has a rhythm and fluidity that I enjoy."
Ruth Power on Ceramics Now

Ruth Power, New artist

"I have identified with being a feminist for many years now and these subjects have been of huge importance to me. I had researched and discussed those topics for quite some time before merging them into my artwork, when I was in Third/Fourth Year. I wrote my thesis on a very similar subject (how pornography is influencing mainstream trends). In Second Year, we focused on skills and techniques and thus, did not get the chance to incorporate much of our own expression. It wasn’t until Third Year that we were taking on self directed projects and had the opportunity to entirely immerse ourselves into our own fully developed concepts."
Residence of Growth - Allison Luce, by james Romaine

Residence of Growth, Allison Luce at the Zentrum für Keramik-Berlin / Review by James Romaine

"Ceramicist Allison Luce, who lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), participated in a residence at the Zentrum für Keramik-Berlin between May and July 2010. Inspired by a city with such a tumultuous past, Luce was amazed at the beauty and resiliency of life that was Berlin. This residence allowed her to experience the city in a different way than previous trips that were characterized by quick visits to the main tourist sights. By taking bike rides along the Mauer Weg, following the path of the Berlin Wall, she was able to weave between the former East and West Berlin in a way that was impossible for 30 years and experience where the wall divided the city."
Suzanne Stumpf on Ceramics Now

Suzanne Stumpf - Interactive sculptures, Techniques

"This interactive component of my work is quite important to me. I feel art should move the viewer away from a type of isolation that has been brought on by the abundance of “personal” technology that has come about during our time. In the evolution of my work, the questions that have guided me (at times, subconciously) have been “what inspires connectedness?” and “what can most powerfully engage our attention?”. Thus much of my work is intended to draw the audience out, either in the questions it poses or the interaction it invites."
Jenni Ward on Ceramics Now

Jenni Ward, Spotlight

"I feel that if I say I’m a ceramicist, people either don’t know what I’m talking about or they assume I throw pots, so I feel that introducing myself as a sculptor who works with clay is a more precise description of the work I create. Right now I’m working with organic forms that have holes cut into them and those forms have other ceramics pieces that are trapped inside. This process of trapping forms has manifested itself into multiple series of work. I’m conceptually playing with the balance between trapping and protecting an object and simultaneously exploring abstract ways to express that in clay."
Cindy Billingsley on Ceramics Now

Cindy Billingsley, Spotlight

"I have always been more interested in capturing the spirit of an animal or its essence than making an exact model of an animal. Clay freed me up to be able to do this, with quick clay marks here, and strokes of clay there. Clay has that wonderful freedom to it. And Clay sometimes has it’s own ideas about how a piece will come about, that I might not have thought of until I was in the middle of sculpting it. I am drawn to the less familiar animals in my sculptures, like the blue ring octopus, Okapi or fruit bats. These animals fascinate me."
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